The Greatness of Love…for Emma Tronco

The Greatness of Love

 …for Emma Tronco

(Translation in prose of tula “Kadakilaan ng Pag-ibig”,  just in case her daughter

shall ask what the Filipino verses mean)


By Apolinario Villalobos



From the depth of our heart, love pours forth, so full of mystery, a feeling that is beyond comprehension at times. It even urged God to create mankind, first with Adam, then Eve, and when they committed the First Sin, all that God did was just drove them out of paradise…all because of the love that He still harbored for them.


The greatness of love is such that it is inestimable. It cannot be put to test, weighed and measured when doubted. Its greatness is such that it cannot be controlled by conditions that some lovers carelessly utter due to sheer selfishness and insecurity.


As long as they live, the pledge that lovers whisper to each other, as though in prayer, and finally at the altar witnessed by the priest, parents and the rest of their loved ones… should be founded on trust for each other, until they draw their last breath.


The bond of love, blessed by God should be nurtured to become stronger, and must not be broken in the face of whatever misfortune.





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