My Words…or Your Words (the battle of credibilities)

“My words ….or your words”

…the battle of credibilities


By Apolinario Villalobos


The Senate, Congress and even the Palace are in a quandary. With the Lacson list out in the open, funny remarks are heard from those named in the list. One stands out…the lawmaker whose name is included in the Lacson list, looks forward to the “authenticity” of the Luy list. But when rumor spread that even the said lawmaker’s name is also included in the Luy list, a loud disavowal from the said lawmaker was heard, even condemning the poor whistle blower!


All named lawmakers are one in saying that for as long as they are not proven guilty, they are innocent, that is how their nasty mind can be – filled to the brim with disgusting allegations . As expected, a battle of credibility has ensued…a case of “my words against your words”. Lawmakers against a high school graduate but “wise businesswoman” who did not know that giving commission to lawmakers was illegal…and lawmakers against whistle blowers who are not yet totally free from guilt. Poor Lacson is caught in the middle. What he thought as a rewarding effort by announcing to the world that he has a list, boomeranged and did him more damage than good…even his personality is dragged into the picture, so he fought back, calling the accuser names. What is sad is that the embarrassing fracas will be written down on the pages of our history, highlighted by the ruined personas.


Credibility is at the forefront of the hodgepodge case, the resolution of which most Filipinos doubt can be resolved just before Aquino steps down from his post. The case is pityingly jumbled that the poor Secretary of Justice, de Lima seems at a lost whether to start again or go on at the expense of the result’s credibility. There is also the question on the credibility of the lists, one given personally to de Lima and duly signed, one from Lacson which is unsigned, one from Luy’s laptop backup, and still one, to be submitted yet by Sandra Cam, president of the whistle blowers’ association. And, then, there’s the credibility of the sources – Napoles and Luy. Yet, again, there is the credibility of the named lawmakers who are denying the allegations.


The political arena of the Philippines is full of hasslers. And the country is literally going to them, and being shredded into pieces by their greed. The year 2016 is fast approaching. Will the current President stay put, as he is seemingly sure of being voted again as President, so that he can make sure that Filipinos can take the straight path towards progress? Are we seeing another Providential Act that will thwart the early decision of Pnoy not to run again? Will he follow the footsteps of Gloria Arroyo who made a strong promise not to run again, but was purportedly given a Providential sign that she had to fulfill, hence, the need for her to run for another term, an effort which eventually pushed her towards the brink of her career?


The problem with our culture is that we always swear to high heavens to prove our innocence, one senator even raising two hands for the lightning’s strike, another swearing sudden death if he is proven lying. Most Filipinos have abused God’s goodness…and, in the process, become “catlics” instead of Catholics, and “greasetians”, instead of Christians.