My Great Friend, Jimmy…altruistic to the end

My Great Friend, Jimmy…altruistic to the end

By Apolinario Villalobos


When we are at the lowest ebb of our life that include days we spend in bed due to an ailment, the natural thing to do is for us to exert an effort  to show our best. But there are some who make cover-ups, apprehensive that others will know their situation. By being honest, however, does not mean that help is being solicited. We can even gain respect and admiration, by showing others our endurance during such trying times. The respect and admiration, as the fruits of our effort are sweeter, than the casual reaction from others whose view of our real situation is obstructed by hypocrisy.


Jimmy was a friend who used to hold a high executive position in a trading company. Even before I started blogging, he was well-informed about my small projects in Tondo and Divisoria as he was a regular donor. We met at the Mary Johnson Hospital in Tondo many years back, where he visited a staff of his office, while I visited the daughter of a friend from Baseco compound who was confined due to dengue. His sincere friendship punctuated by his giving me his business card made me divulge to him my real identity, but implored him to keep it to himself. I explained that I do not reveal my identity to those whom I extend a little help that I could afford, so that I had been known to them by another name.


He failed to save much needed cash for his retirement because much of what he earned went to friends who sought his financial help.  To make the story short, when he resigned due to a prolonged ailment, he was left with an almost depleted savings. Every time I visited him, we would talk about his friends who became successful in their jobs. His statements were always ended with “ I am thankful that they made it…”. Truth is, he had been instrumental for their success. Some were his subordinates whom he pushed with deserved promotions and guaranteed referrals. Some were given financial assistance as a start-up for a small business.


The cancer in his bones resulted to his losing weight considerably which practically changed his physical appearance. Despite the transformation, he could still muster a smile, as if nothing had changed. He was financially handicap, but he did not cover it up.  When he became bedridden, the first to go was his car, followed by his studio-type condo, after which his nephew accommodated him in his home in Malabon. His wife with whom he had no child, left him for a Chinese boyfriend she met in a casino.


Jimmy gained much respect because of what he showed, aside from reaping admiration from neighbors and friends who visited him daily. The disease that physically emaciated him did not change his image that had been exuding an aura of contentment.  He passed away two months ago (January 2017). After his cremation, I was invited by his nephew and his wife for a dinner at their home after which an envelope was handed to me. It contained PHP3,730.00, balance of his savings and with it was his passbook. Outside the envelope was his simply handwritten note, “God be with you always in all you do”.

Pride Closes the Mind

Pride Closes the Mind

By Apolinario Villalobos



Some people think that accepting the mistake they made is humiliating. They also think that people who give them advice are intruding into their intellectual domain. Worse, these same people who are buoyed by money and intoxicated by success think that they are above the rest of humanity…and, they just cannot imagine themselves looking back or looking down to where they came from. Blame pride, arrogance, conceit.


Self-esteem should be maintained despite material gains. But it should not be tainted with

pride. Moving on is part of life and those who gain by dint of hard work should compose themselves as successes are gained along the way. Studies show that one reason why some successful people refuse to look back or cut off their relationship with former colleagues is their fear that the latter would ask for a share of what they gained. These people not only refuse to look back but they also close their mind.


Those blinded with pride may not only move on, but up – climbing the ladder of society to find a new environment where they can move with ease, thanks to their new glittering trappings and money. Among newfound friends, they open themselves up. But since money is not everything in life and relationship with newfound friends is not deeply rooted, happiness is short-lived. As these people grow old they may realize that late parties, golfing with rich buddies, weekend jaunts to first class resorts, dinners in 5-star hotels, etc. have become boring. They start to long for childhood friends, relatives in barrios and slums. But they are ashamed to make a turnaround and trace back their steps to where they came from. And, since, they cannot bring along their wealth with them when they bid the world goodbye, their death could be lonely.


(I based this blog on the story of a couple who lives in an affluent village in Makati City, Philippines. Between the two, I could surmise that the wife should be blamed for their situation now. The wife is arrogant and obviously has the hand in all their affairs. Both of them came from Davao City where they also earned their bachelor’s degree from a prestigious Catholic educational institution in that city. They met in Manila while she was working as a secretary in a pharmaceutical firm and he was with a travel agency. After getting married, the wife resigned from her job and went into direct selling of beauty products which prospered. The husband also resigned from his job and joined his wife but expanded their line of products. They were blessed with 2 children. It was while they were enjoying the fruit of their hard work that they almost forgot about their families and friends back in Davao city. When at first, they were helping their respective family, later on they stopped, thinking that their families are milking them of their hard-earned money. Actually, the idea came from the wife who also said that those in Davao should also work hard like them (this bit of information was given to me by the husband, confidentially). In time, communication was cut off. Their two children are both in the United States now with their own families. With advancing age, he is 81 and she is 79, they are now full of regrets. I was referred to them by a friend as they want their “success”  story written down into a book. But I suggested to them that for their story to have a happy ending, they should swallow their pride and go back to Davao to mend the broken relationship with their families which they did. But whether they did it with sincerity or not, I can never tell.)

Companionship and Marriage

Companionship and Marriage

By Apolinario Villalobos


“Marriage” for the Roman Catholic Church is founded on the principle surrounding the opposite sexes and this should be respected. Those who do not agree should join other religious communities that have a different belief, But for me, the ceremony is not even a guarantee that the relationship of heterosexual couple pledging, “till death do us part” could really last that long. In this regard, legal separation and divorce have been conceived. I believe that love is the essence of the lifetime companionship that applies even to those with same sex. Marriage is man-made and sometimes, even performed for convenience. On the other hand, commitment resulting from companionship with mutual respect and understanding, is naturally developed and gets “ripe” in time between partners, hence, become deeply-imbedded in their emotion.


If the Philippine government will not legalize “same- sex marriage”, the LGBT community should not feel dejected as the members can just go on living together…nobody can stop them from doing so. Meanwhile, they have the choice to cover themselves with legal documents as regards their common properties and other expectations. It should be noted that even affluent heterosexual couples sign documents that stipulate conditions about their properties before their wedding ceremony. As regards their family that would include children later on, they can resort to adoption of blood relations, such as nephews or nieces, or even offspring of strangers, and this is where orphanages and state welfare agency, such as the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) come in.


Members of the LGBT community should open their mind to the hurting fact that not all nations understand their situation. This is the reason why same-sex couples resort to living in countries where their relationship is legally recognized. Fortunately, to date, many Filipinos recognize same-sex relationship that gave rise to many Christian Churches in the country, and which are extending utmost compassion and understanding to it.


Ceremony that would bind the relationship may still be performed to formalize the commitments of the same- sex couple, but should not include or imply anything that got to do with that of the traditional Roman Catholic Church’s, though, the Universal Lord may still be invoked, as witness.


Finally, for couples, respect to each other is most vital for a lasting relationship….love is born out of respect. LUST manifests the absence of such.


Kung Mawawala si Duterte

Kung Mawawala si Duterte…

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Kung mawawala si Duterte

Sigurarong lulundag sa tuwa si Lenny

Baka magsayaw pa sila ng Trillanes ng “watusi”-

Puwet lang ang ikinikimbot, sa itaas nakaturo ang daliri.


Kung mawawala si Duterte

Droga ay iiral uli at magiging grabe

Dahil mawawala na ang tinik at balakid na tao

Na sana ay pag-asa ng Pilipinas, may matigas na kamao.


Kung si Duterte ay mawawala

Mga naka-sotana ay sisirko sa tuwa

Lalo na ang mga obispong sa pansin ay matakaw

Na hindi malaman kung ugali’y maka-Diyos o halimaw.


Kung si Duterte ay mawawala

Anong mangyayari sa kawawang bansa?

Magdasal!…nang hindi mangibabaw ang kasamaan

Na hinahasik ng mga drug lords at ganid sa pamahalaan!



Watusi – popular dance during the ‘70s, the “shindig era”

Ikinikimbot – shake

Iiral – proliferate

Kamao – fist

Hinahasik – spread

Obispo – tagalong word for the Roman Catholic “bishop”, SOME with questionable character

Ganid – greedy



An Encounter with the Famous, World-Class and Self-made Filipino Chef, BOY LOGRO

An Encounter with the Famous, World-Class and

Self-made Filipino Chef, BOY LOGRO

By Apolinario Villalobos


Foodies who are fond of following the TV show of Boy Logro, view him as a humorous guy as he concocts dishes on the spot, handling ingredients with his bare hands. His humor is innate as he could likewise concoct jokes on the spot to jibe with those coming from his guest. Although, dialogs are supposed to be scripted as required in such kind of sitcoms, it is obvious that many of his lines are extemporaneously delivered, thereby, adding spice to any situation.


As I am a foodie, myself, but with interest limited only to information due to my curiosity, I would view the shows of Boy Logro untiringly if I have the chance. But, my greatest chance of viewing this remarkable personality was when I encountered him at the PAL Mabuhay Lounge of Davao International Airport when both of us took the same flight to Manila. When he entered the lounge, he was with an airport security staff, so I presumed that he could be some kind of an important person, as I did not recognize him at first due to the baseball cap that he was wearing. I also thought he had no carry-on luggage, until I heard him tell the security staff to hand over the small backpack that the latter was carrying.


After doing my uploads, I approached him and unabashedly introduce myself in the Visayan dialect as I was interested about what he’s doing, especially, simple Filipino dishes done with readily available ingredients. When he learned that I plan to write something about him to inspire Filipinos who aspire to become chef, he gave me his trademark grin, complete with a twinkle in his eyes.


Boy Logro is a big contrast to other Filipino chefs with shows on TV who are using imported ingredients and use foreign names for their dishes to give an impression of being…what else, but “foreign” which is another offshoot of “stateside” mentality of many Filipinos. He is very proud about his “rags to riches” story, starting his career as a simple kitchen helper in a hotel in Manila. His profound interest could have encouraged his employer to trust him with a la carte dishes. With nothing but courage and a few pesos in his pocket, he grabbed opportunities that came his way in other countries where he became famous. A national TV staion is currently banking on his popularity to keep its viewers’ eyes glued to the screen every Sunday.


I left him in the lounge when I went to the pre-departure area to see another friend who was taking another flight out of Davao, but gave him my facebook name. When I opened my laptop to upload my blogs and check my facebook, I saw the “add request” of Pablo “Boy Logro” which I immediately confirmed. I promised him a full-length blog that I am sure can help serious researchers who access my other sites…those who are interested about “success” and “humility”.

Boy Logro



Ang Panahon ng Graduation sa Pilipinas…at pagkalipas nito

Ang Panahon ng Graduation

Sa Pilipinas…at pagkalipas nito

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Ilang buwan na lamang ay magkakaroon na naman ng mga sunud-sunod na graduation – grade school at kolehiyo…ang 4-year high school ay inabot ng kamalasan dahil sa K-12 program. Sa panahong ito, parang sirang plaka na naman ang DECS at CHED sa pagpapaalala sa mga eskwelahan na iwasan ang magastos na graduation. Kasama sa paalala ang pagdaos na lang ng seremonyas sa kanilang sariling auditorium o gym, at kung maiiwasan ang pagpapasuot ng toga ay mas maganda.


Subalit, tulad ng inaasahan, walang nasusunod sa mga paalala, at upang hindi mapahiya ang dalawang ahensiya, sasabihin uli nila ng kung ilang libong beses na, na wala silang “police power” upang magparusa sa mga hindi susunod. Ganyan katindi ang palpak na sistema ng edukasyon sa Pilipinas! Ang nagpatindi pa sa kapalpakang ito ay ang ugali ng mga mayayabang na magulang na kahit walang pera ay pilit mangungutang upang  maibili ang mga anak ng bagong sapatos at damit. Pagkatapos ng seremonyas sa Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) o mamahaling hotel at halos walang katapusang kodakan, lalagapak sila sa katotohanang wala pala silang hapunan pag-uwi ng bahay!


Pagkatapos ng graduation, masuwerte ang mga dati nang may trabaho bilang crew ng mga fastfood chains dahil sigurado na silang may kikitain habang naghihintay ng mas magandang pagkakataon. Ang mga mapoporma naman na kinunsinte ng mga magulang sa pag-akalang mayaman sila, ay naghihintay ng managerial position dahil “management course” kuno ang tinapos nila at sa prestigious pang university kuno!…aba’y kung di ba naman mga gunggong… akala nila dahil may diploma ng “management course” na sila ay ganoon kadaling makakuha ng trabaho!


Yong ibang matatalino kuno dahil sa matataas na gradong nakuha, tamimi naman pala o mahiyain kaya halos magkanda-ihi pagharap sa mag-iinterbyu. Yong ibang sobrang bilib sa sarili kaya walang pakialam sa trapik na susuungin sa paghanap ng maaaplayang trabaho, gigising ng eksakto 7AM para sa interview na 8AM…marami akong kilalang ganyan ang ugali, kaya halos dalawang taon na ay wala pa ring trabaho…dahil hindi lang mayabang kundi tanga pa! Sa libu-libong applicants na dumadagsa sa mga job sites, hindi ulol ang mga interviewer upang hintayin ang mga tangang walang pakialam sa oras.


Yan ang masaklap na katotohan tuwing panahon ng graduation at pagkalipas nito….paulit-ulit dahil walang gustong matuto ng leksiyon, kaya hindi dapat isisi sa gobyerno lang ang paghihirap ng ibang Pilipino kundi pati na rin sa kanila dahil sa kanilang  kayabangan at katangahan.


Si Rex at ang Kanyang Pamilya

Si Rex at ang Kanyang Pamilya

ni Apolinario Villalobos


Nagkurus ang landas namin ni Rex (ayaw niyang ipabanggit ang apelyido niya) sa 7-11 store, tapat ng Robinson’s-Imus. Nagkakape ako noon habang hinihintay ko ang pagbukas ng mall kung saan naroon ang store ng computers na may magaling na technician na naging suki ko na, si Allen. Nang umagang yon, ang suot na pantalon at polo shirt ni Rex ay halatang hindi na-plantsa pero hindi naman gusot talaga, at ang sapatos na suot ay mumurahing rubberized na itim pero naka- medyas naman siya.


Napansin kong nakatingin siya sa kape ko kaya inalok ko siya, at nang tumanggi ay tumayo  pa rin ako upang ibili siya. Sa halip na inumin agad ang kape, medyo nahihiya pang nagtanong kung pwede daw akong magpasa sa kanya ng load dahil iti-text daw niya ang supervisor ng inaaplayan niyang grocery, bilang merchandiser. Papasahan ko na sana pero nalaman kong Globe ang gamit niya at ako naman ay Smart kaya hindi puwede. Binigyan ko na lang siya ng sampung pisong pang-load. Bago umalis upang magpa-load ay saka pa lang siya nagpakilala at iniwan din ang belt bag.


Nang makabalik pagkatapos magpa-load ay nag-text agad sa supervisor ng inaaplayan niya para i-confirm na darating siya.  Ipinagtapat niya na naglakad lang daw siya mula sa kubo nila sa isang bukid na malapit sa isang kilalang subdivision. Wala daw talaga siyang pera dahil ang kinita niya sa pagbenta ng ilang taling kangkong at talbos ng kamote sa palengke ng Imus, madaling araw pa lang ay ibinili niya ng dalawang kilong bigas at apat na pirasong tuyo para may makain ang dalawa niyang kapatid bago pumasok sa eskwela….siya ay hindi na nag-almusal para may matirang kanin at ulam sa nanay niyang maysakit. Ang natirang barya ay ibinigay niya sa kanyang nanay para maipon at maipambili ng gamot. Bago daw umalis ay naglaga na rin siya ng talbos ng kamote para pandagdag sa inihaw na tuyo – almusal ng kanyang nanay. Sa nabili niyang apat na tuyo, bale tig-isa sila at ang share niya ay kakainin niya sa tanghalian.


Ang pambayad sana sa pagpa-repair ng laptop ko ay ibinigay ko na lang sa kanya at sinabihan ko siyang kapag natanggap sa trabaho ay ipagpatuloy niya ang ginagawa niyang pag-alaga sa mga kapatid at maysakit na nanay. Sa patuloy na pagkuwento niya, maliit pa lang daw sila ay iniwan na sila ng tatay nila, kaya kung saan-saan daw sila tumira, pati sa bangketa ng Baclaran hanggang makarating sila sa Imus kung saan ay  nakakita sila ng matalahib na bukid. Nagpaalam daw sila sa may-ari ng lupa bago naglinis ng lalagyan nila ng tulugan – actually, tarpaulin na nagsilbing bubong. Mga karton na palagi nilang dala ang higaan nila.


Nakaipon ng mga kahoy ang dalawa niyang kapatid na namumulot ng junks kung walang pasok kaya unti-unti nilang nabuo ang kubo. Noon ay tumambay daw siya sa Imus market upang magkargador at magtawag ng pasahero sa termina ng jeep. Pinayagan silang magtanim ng gulay sa paligid at ang tubig na pandilig ay galing sa poso (deep well pump) ng may-ari ng lupa. Nang magkaroon ng pagkakataon ay nag-aral siya ng Refrigetation sa TESDA. Ang TESDA certificate ang ginamit niya bilang patunay ng tinamong educational attainment sa pag-apply ng trabaho bilang merchandiser. Kahit matanggap bilang merchandiser, magtitinda pa rin daw siya ng kangkong at talbos ng kamote sa madaling araw. Kung palarin, baka madadagdagan ang paninda niya ng kalabasa dahil ilang buwan na lang ay malalaki na ang bunga. Nag-usap na daw sila ng mga kapatid niya kung paano silang makatulong sa pag-ani ng mga talbos tuwing hapon na ibebenta naman niya sa madaling araw. Ang dalawa niyang kapatid ay sa isang public school na nasa tabi ng LTO-Imus, nag-aaral…naglalakad sila sa pagpasok at pag-uwi. Si Rex ay 23 years old, sinundan siya ng 9 na taong gulang na kapatid na lalaki at ang bunsong babae ay 7 years old naman…ang nanay naman nila ay 52 years old. Nangako akong papasyalan ko sila dahil alam ko naman ang binanggit niyang bukid.


Kung ang KARAMIHAN MAN LANG SANA ng mga kabataang Pilipino ay tulad nina Rex at mga kapatid niya, SANA AY WALANG GAANONG PROBLEMA ang ating bansa….

North Yorkshire Weekend

Girls around the globe

This weekend, me and one of my best friends Jamie drove up through the beautiful, picturesque Yorkshire Dales to visit our friend Zander who lives in his dad’s pub in Hebden.

The Clarendon Hotel is an award winning pub in the middle of the countryside which serves incredible food, it’s got an amazing homely feel and everyone is always extremely friendly, the service can’t be faulted. In fact, my parents have just booked a weekend away at this pub in April! It also won the coveted Oliver award for the best rural pub in 2016.

Here’s the link


Anyway, after a lovely drive through the moors singing (not very well may I add) to some absolute tunes, we arrived and went into Grassington. Grassington is a peaceful North Yorkshire small market town full of cute little cafes and some traditional pubs and fancy restaurants.

We ate an amazing three…

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Dalawang Masikap na Single Moms, Masaya at Kuntento sa Buhay…sina Hilda Ibayne at Tess Quintance

Happy Women’s Month!


Dalawang Masikap na Single Moms, Masaya at Kuntento sa Buhay

…sina Hilda Ibayne at Tess Quintance

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Maraming single moms ang naninirahan sa Maynila kung saan ay maraming oportunidad kaya nakakaraos sila kahit papaano basta masipag lang, tulad nina Hilda Ibayne at Tess Quintance.


Si HILDA ay nakapuwesto sa isang sulok ng Avenida (Sta. Cruz) at ang pinagkikitaan ay paglilinis ng mga kuko sa kamay at paa, bilang manikurista. Suki niya ang mga “Avenida cruisers”, mga nagtitinda ng aliw (prostitute) na nasa mga puwesto na nila sa kahabaan ng Avenida 7AM pala.  Php50 ang singil niya sa pedicure o manicure at kung “set” o manicure at pedicure ang gagawin ay pwedeng tawaran. Kung walang nagpapalinis ng mga kuko, nagre-repair naman siya ng mga sandal at sapatos, at nagtitinda ng kendi at sigarilyo.


Nang kausapin ko siya isang umaga ay nagre-repair siya ng isang pares na sandal. Taong 2000 pa daw siya “sapatera” halos katitin-edyer pa lang niya at tatay niya ang nagtiyagang magturo sa kanya. Nang makipag-live siya sa isang sapatero din, pinaubaya sa kanila ng kanyang tatay ang puwesto. Subalit pagkatapos siyang maanakan ng tatlo ay iniwan na daw siya ng kinasama niya at umuwi na ito sa Cebu. Sa halip na mapanghinaan ng loob, nag-aral siyang maglinis nang kuko at bumili ng mga gamit. Kalaunan ay nagkaroon na siya ng mga suki. Upang madagdagan ang kinikita sa paglilinis ng mga kuko, nagre-repair pa rin siya ng mga sapatos at sandal, at nagtinda na rin ng sigarilyo at kendi.


Ang mga anak niyang nasa hustong gulang na upang mag-aral ay pumapasok. Ang panganay niya ay 11 na taong gulang, sinundan ng 9 na taong gulang, at ang bunso ay 6 na taong gulang naman. Sa awa daw ng Diyos ay nakakaraos silang mag-iina, yon nga lang, dahil sa K-12 program ng DECS ay nadagdagan ang kanyang pasanin. Ayon kay Hilda, pinipilit niyang umuwi sa barung-barong nila sa Baseco Compound (Tondo) bago kumagat ang dilim upang makapaghanda ng hapunan nila. Kuntento siya sa buhay at walang sinisisi sa kanyang kalagayan. Ang mahalaga sa kanya ngayon ay makatapos ang kanyang mga anak maski senior high school man lang.


Si TESS naman ay nakapuwesto sa Quiapo, labasan ng shrine o luklukan ng Black Nazarene. Nakausap ko siya nang bumili ako ng underwear na napag-alaman kong sarili pala nilang gawa, subalit nilagyan lang ng etekita ng isang kilalang brand. Dahil kaunti lang nakalatag ay nagtanong ako kung sapat ang kanyang kinikita niya na sinagot naman niya ng okey lang daw. Mga tira daw ang inilatag niya mula sa mga dinileber niya sa mga kostumer na may mga puwesto. Tulad ni Hilda, iniwan din si Tess ng kanyang kinakasamang pulis pagkatapos nilang magkaroon ng 7 anak. Taong 2013 nang iwanan silang mag-iina ng kanyang asawa upang makisama sa ibang babae.


Sa simula ay hindi niya alam ang gagawin nang iwanan sila ng pulis. Mabuti na lang daw ay may nagyaya sa kanyang pumasok sa isang patahian na malapit lang sa kanila. Todong pagtitipid ang ginawa nilang mag-iina kaya pati pag-aaral ng mga anak ay naapektuhan dahil mas binigyan niya ng halaga ang mga gastos para sa pagkain at upa sa tinitirhang kuwarto. Nang maging bihasa o esksperto na sa pagtabas at pagtahi ay naglakas-loob siyang umutang upang may maipambili ng makina. Tumulong sa kanya ang apat niyang nakakatandang mga anak sa pagtahi ng mga simpleng damit pambata at kalaunan pati mga underwear ay sinubukan na rin nilang gawin. Ang mga nakakabatang anak naman ay nagpatuloy sa pag-aral.


Ang panganay niyang anak na tumutulong din sa pagtabas ay nagtitinda na rin ng mga alahas na pilak na sinasabay ang pagbenta tuwing mag-deliver siya ng mga ino-order na mga underwear. Nakakapag-deliver daw sila sa Baclaran, Pasig, Bulacan at Caloocan. Pabulong niyang sinabi na ngayong maysakit daw ang dati niyang asawa ay lumalapit ito sa kanya upang humingi ng pambili ng gamot, at binibigyan daw naman niya. Nang tanungin ko kung saan siya humugot ng lakas upang makaraos silang mag-iina, itinuro niya ang simbahan ng Quiapo. Nakatira silang mag-iina sa Taguig (Rizal).


Sina Hilda at Tess ay mga halimbawa ng tunay na pagsisikap ng tao…nagtitiyaga at hindi umasa kahit kanino, at ang bukod-tanging hiningi sa Diyos ay madagdagan pa ang lakas ng kalooban at katawan…hindi pera. Wala rin silang kinimkim na galit sa dati nilang asawa. Kabaligtaran sila ng ibang babae na kahit nakahiga na sa salapi ay hindi pa rin kuntento sa buhay, kaya upang lumago pa ang kanilang yaman ay nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan o nanloloko ng kapwa. May isa ngang babae na bukod sa nang-agaw ng asawa ay nagkanlong (protect) pa ng mga drug lord kaya sagana siya sa sustento hanggang sa maikulong. Yong iba pa ay hindi alam ang gagawin sa sobra-sobrang pera kaya kung anu-ano ang mga pinaggagawa sa katawan upang mabago ang ginawa ng Diyos, kinarma naman kaya ang iba ay tumabingi ang ilong, nagkaroon ng nana (pus) ang suso at puwet dahil sa inilagay na silicone, o nagkaroon pa ng kanser!