The Covid-19 Pandemic in the Philippines by Alex Yadan Lim


By Alex Yadan Lim


I had thought I’d be able to roam freely on my birthday and the accursed covid 19 already history, But it’s now worst than when the lockdown started in March, This incompetent government is desperate, with some of the silliest ideas ever implemented, and good ones overlooked, I thought the lockdown was stupid, with a gut feel it will not control the spread of the virus but only ruin the economy, which over the next 3 months, it did., I gave it a chance and now, time has proven that an incompetent administration has implemented measures that worsened the economy, took out the jobs of millions, made life difficult, and quadrupled the cases with no end in sight.


Their desperation has prompted the brilliant nitwits in the IATF to go House-to-House to drag out asymptomatic cases on home quarantine. Like we have the facilities to house them or assume they would go quietly without a fight, This reminds me of Hitler’s Gestapo going house to house to ferret out the Jews. If this administration could not even get their list right for the SAP, how on earth will they get the list of people on home quarantine right?


Right from the start, I already have difficulty believing that slum dwellers and those barely eking out a living, including the homeless street dwellers to prioritize spending whatever moneys they have on alcohol, face masks, disinfectants, and the running water to wash their hands regularly, You look at their neighborhoods and wonder how on earth will they do social distancing when they do not enjoy the distances to do so. ,



Three months later, with millions out of job, a minuscule SAP and many not getting it, how can they continue to cooperate, if they did it in March. If they could not afford a face mask, alcohol and disinfectants in March, how can they now do so, without jobs?


The economy was enjoying a respectable 5% growth with the exchange rate settling below 50 to 1. and held to the current levels, If not for the sound economy before this, we would not have been able to raise the money for SAP and other stuff to cope with the crisis. But the admin wasted this advantage.



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