We Should Listen to our Body


By Apolinario Villalobos


While I advocate the alternative herbal medicines which are already accepted even by licensed scientific medical practitioners, the “basic” prescribed drugs which are considered as beta blockers such as the “statins” (mine is atorvastatin) and losartan are still necessary. They have their own immediate effect, while those of the herbs have their own, too. Along this line, it is a fact that factory-produced drugs are clones of medicinal herbs, but enhanced with various chemicals to extend their shelf life. As regards the stroke or heart attack, in particular, there are many natural alternatives for its prevention, many of which have already been packed in gel, capsule and tablets, as well as, made more palatable in the form of syrup.


It is important that we “listen” to our body by being sensitive to manifestations of what is wrong with our system. Our intestines, for instance, grumble if we have overeaten for the job that they could not undertake effectively, so we either have loose bowel movement (LBM) or constipation, and worse, we vomit or puke. If we feel constant pain in certain parts of our body, by all means, that particular area must immediately be examined by a doctor. If our skin shows tell-tale signs that suggest cancer, we should see a doctor immediately. If we experience regular chest pains, dizziness, numbness of any of our legs or arms, we might already be experiencing the onset of a mild stroke, etc.


For those who are fond of uncontrollably quaffing alcoholic drinks, they should minimize their intake soonest as they feel signs of high blood pressure (HBP) after downing 5 bottles of beer or more. Other indications for the inception of HBP are redness of the face and appearance of red spots all over the body, but most especially, dizziness.


For the health buffs who are fond of jogging or doing strenuous workouts, they should immediately see a doctor if they experience unusual shortness of breath and chest pain which they have not encountered before. They should not treat them as simple signs of fatigue.


To stay alive and healthy, we should shake off arrogance from our person and accept the fact that there is no perfect body, even if it is pampered by health drugs….not even by high-tech therapies, one of which is stem cell intake by injection or orally. If we have to believe what is said in the Bible, the Godly-decreed life of man is supposedly until before he reaches the age of 70. We should therefore, take care of our body to make the most out of life by being sensitive to its manifestations.




The Birthplace or Hometown and Democratic Life

The Birthplace or Hometown

And Democratic Life

By Apolinario Villalobos


The “birthplace” in case we are an indigenous resident, or “hometown” in case we are an immigrant/migrant is the only place that we can officially claim as our “place of residence”. Common sense then, dictates that we should love and respect it. We should not badmouth it, rather, if not satisfied with the prevailing situation or how it is administered politically, we have an option to move out and transfer to another place that suits us. We should not be grossly ingrate to the town, city, province, or country that provides us with a niche. It should be noted that whatever dissatisfaction develops in us points to the people who administer the locality we live in, NOT THE PLACE, so that there is no sense in destroying its image. It has got nothing to do with the proliferation of drugs, or any crime for that matter, or if developments did not happen as expected…BLAME THE CONCERNED AUTHORITIES. IF YOU SOLD YOUR VOTE DURING THE ELECTION…BLAME YOURSELF!


The place where we live permanently or temporarily is what we write down in documents required in any legal transaction as “residence”, whether we like it or not….. or whether we hate or love it…..we got no choice. Without such information, we become “stateless”. In this regard, as we are citizens of a democratic country, we live by the rule of the majority. We have the right to make protests against any act of our leaders that do not suit our taste but should be ready with options to support our stand….and, protests should be done with sanity and sense. It is our right to belong to the opposition, albeit, minority in number. But, again, we must abide by the rule of the majority….because, IT IS ASSUMED that in a democratic country, the majority rules…if it does not happen, we are bound to suffer.


The best thing that we can do if we persist on living in a certain place despite dissatisfaction is to cooperate as best as we could. For our consolation, we should look at the brighter side of our locality and not meddle in politics, as much as possible, for it may just aggravate our bad feelings. We should open our eyes and look around us to know where we could pour in our support. And, we could best do it if we are non-political so that regardless of who wins in an election, we can still wholeheartedly extend our hand without any trace of pretension.


Finally, the focus of our loyalty should be the “place” not the “people” who administer it.

Emma (tula para kay Emma P. Jamorabon)


(para kay Emma P. Jamorabon)

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Sa mga mata niyang animo ay nangungusap

Walang katapat na kasiyahan ang mababanaag

At sa matinis niyang boses, ang kausap na nagagalit

Huhupa, sa damdami’y nag-uumapaw na pagngangalit.


Mapagmahal na kabiyak, inang walang katulad

Sa mga kaibigan ay mapagbigay, kahit siya’y kapos

At handang magsakripisyo sa abot ng makakaya niya

Kapalit na pagtitiis ay buong puso niyang hindi alintana.


Mga huling yugto ng kanyang buhay na nauupos

Inalay sa mapagmahal na Inang Mariang sinandalan

Kaya kahit sa pagkaratay, hirap man siya sa paghinga

Katiwasayan ay maaaninag sa mala-birhen niyang mukha. 


Sa kanyang maaliwalas na pamamaalam sa mundo

Ipinahiwatig niyang sa Diyos tayo ay dapat magtiwala

Dahil sa buhay nati’y Siya lang ang nakakaalam ng lahat

Lalo na ang mitsa nito’t sinding may taning ….

Kung hanggang kaylan lamang sapat.


(Alay ng nagmamahal na pamilya, mga kaibigan at naging estudyante, lalo na ang NDTC Boys’ High School Batch ’70.)



Use the God-given Talent Properly and for the Benefit of Others



By Apolinario Villalobos


If God gave you the talent to invent gadgets, come up with what are useful to make life comfortable. If He gave you the talent to sing…make others happy, instead of singing to yourself inside the bathroom. If He gave you the talent to write and which you have discovered, perhaps, inadvertently, help others to discover theirs, and write what are relevant and helpful….do not foment misunderstanding among readers by coming up with lopsided information or exposes.


Today, the counterpart of the print media journalists are the so-called “bloggers”, those who write on the cyberspace sites, most particularly, on facebook which is the most popular. Unfortunately, many of the so-called “bloggers” use their talent for purely bashing intent. They post photos and short write-ups which most often contain or imply negative messages about a person, entity, or the government. Blogging, especially, visuals of untoward crime-related incidents could help in solving cases, but not the photos with short captions that present only one side. There is nothing wrong with posting negative comments, but such should be “balanced” with the blogger’s suggestions on how what he observed to be bad can be transformed into something good… an opinion for which he is entitled.


Many so-called bloggers have obviously are abusing the free opportunity offered by the IT sites purportedly for the benefit of humanity. Many of them feel great just because they have posted just anything to solicit attention to their site. Blogging should be viewed as an advocacy to share the good that others have done to inspire others, as well as, the bad to caution others but with accompanying precautions on how to avoid them or at the very least, suggestions based on the writer’s opinion.


If the blogger is from a small community, in all probability, there is a chance that he could get in touch personally with people who are the subject of his blogs. There is nothing wrong with introducing himself as a blogger followed by expressing his intention to help to correct what he views as wrong. If the blogger believes that he has a “mission” that is why God gave him such kind of talent, by all means, he should be serious about it. But if his intention is just to become known by bashing others, then he should be reminded by the “Golden Rule” – do not do to others what you do not want others would do to you.

China, Benham Rise (Philippines) and the World


By Apolinario Villalobos


Changing the name of the Benham Rise to a Filipino- sounding one will not give the Philippines an assured full control. What the Philippine government should do is show a tangible claim through the consistently regular patrol by the Navy and Coast Guard. But the best way is by building a permanent structure which could by possible by forging a tie up with an interested private entity for exploratory venture at this very early time.


Nothing can stop China from staking a claim in the guise of putting a mutually beneficial structure at her expense. The Chinese did this at Spratleys. The almost three months of “survey” that it conducted (if it was true), could just be their initial move after finding out the enormous wealth that lies beneath the furious waves of Benham.






What the world should do for practical reason is learn at least the two common dialects of China, especially, Mandarin. The world is undeniably moving towards Sinozation! The only problem with the bright guys of China is their tenacity to come up with fake products, including rice!



Ang Droga sa Pilipinas at Pakikialam ng European Union at Amerika

Ang Droga sa Pilipinas at Pakikialam ng European Union at Amerika

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Noong unang panahon…pinaghatian ng ilang bansa sa Europe ang buong mundo. Nag-unahan sila sa pagkamkam ng mga isla kahit may mga katutubo nang nanirahan sa mga ito. Kasama sa listahan ng mgangangamkam ang England, Holland, Russia, Germany, Hungary. Kabilang sa kanila ang mga bansa sa Mediterranean na tulad ng Espanya at Portugal na gumamit naman ng mapagkunwaring misyong ispirituwal na ang simbolo ay krus. Bandang huli na sumali ang Estador Unidos na binuo ng mga estadong nagbuklod-buklod. Ang mga “Amerikano” na bumuo ng malaking komunidad sa “New World” na ang bukana ay California, ay galing sa England, Pransiya, Germany, Holland at iba,  upang takasan ang paghihigpit at pagmamalupit ng kani-kanilang hari at reyna. Sa pangangamkam ng mga Amerikano sa dinayo nilang mga palanas at gubat ay naitaboy nila ang mga katutubo na tinawag nilang “Indian”. Ang tawag na yan ang popular na ginamit noong unang panahon sa pagtukoy sa mga katutubo ng mga kinamkam na mga isla….kasama na diyan ang mga katutubo sa kapuluan ng Pilipinas na tinawag na “Indio” ng mga Kastila.


Sa pag-usad ng panahon naging maunlad ang mga bansang mangangamkam dahil sa “industrialization” na ang pinaka-pundasyon o mitsa ay ang paggamit ng “fossil fuel” o mga panggatong na nakaimbak sa ilalim ng lupa tulad ng uling at langis. Dahil sa sobrang kasakiman ng mga mangangamkan, hindi nakontrol ang paggamit ng mga panggatong hanggang masira ang bahagi ng kalawakan na nagbibigay proteksiyon sa mundo (ozone layer) laban sa matinding init ng araw – napunit dahil sa carbon dioxide na ibinuga ng mga factory o pagawaan. Nadamay ang mga maliliit na bansang (third world countries) walang kamuwang-muwang sa “industrialization”. Sa kasamaang palad, ang mga “third world” countries na nagsisimula pa lang umarangkada ay ayaw nang pagamitin ng “fossil fuels” sa pamamagitan ng mga mapanlinlang na “treaties” o kasunduan sa pagitan nila at mga mangangamkam na malalaking bansa, upang mailigtas kuno ang kalikasan….ganoong ang mga hinayupak na mangangamkam na mga bansang ito ang sumira!


Hindi lang sa paggamit ng mga “fossil fuel” nakikialam ang malalaking bansang mangangamkam sa mga bansang maliliit lalo na ang mga nasa Timog-Silangang Asya, kundi pati na rin sa pagpapatakbo ng pamahalaan. Ang isang halimbawa ay ang pakikialam ng European Union sa mga ginagawa ni Duterte upang matigil ang droga sa Pilipinas. Ibinunyag ni Duterte na hindi na ligtas sa epekto ng droga ang gobyerno dahil maraming nagtatrabaho dito, lalo na sa hanay ng kapulisan ay lulong na rin sa droga. Ang mga barangay na siyang pinaka-pundasyon (foundation) ng lipunan ay nasa impluwensiya na rin ng bisyo dahil maraming Barangay Chairmen ay may kinalaman na rin dito.


Sa Europe ay okey lang na maglipana ang mga durogista dahil suportado ng gobyerno ang pagpapagamot, sa Pilipinas ay iba ang sitwasyon dahil gamot nga lang sa pagta-tae o LBM at lagnat ay mahal na…paano pa kung ang pag-uusapan ay mga rehab center na mga high-class na ospital lang ang mayroon…ang tinatawag nilang “basement”? Mabuti nga at sa pag-upo ni Duterte ay binigyan agad niya ang problemang ito ng pansin kaya may magagamit nang mga rehab centers sa Davao, Bukidnon at Nueva Ecija.


Malaking balakid sa pagbabago ng Piilipinas ang pakikialam ng European Union at Amerika na ang mga pinaghihinalaang “sulsol” ay mga Pilipino rin na natigil ang milyo-milyong kinikita nang maupo si Duterte!


Masasabing nagsanib-puwersa ang dalawang uri ng demonyo sa mundo – ang mangangamkam at mapaglinlang na mga mauunalad na bansa sa Europe, pati Amerika, at ang mga demonyong Pilipino na ang gusto ay patuloy na nabubuhay at pagala-gala sa Pilipinas ang mga adik, drug pusher at mga drug lords, pati mga corrupt sa gobyerno!




My Great Friend, Jimmy…altruistic to the end

My Great Friend, Jimmy…altruistic to the end

By Apolinario Villalobos


When we are at the lowest ebb of our life that include days we spend in bed due to an ailment, the natural thing to do is for us to exert an effort  to show our best. But there are some who make cover-ups, apprehensive that others will know their situation. By being honest, however, does not mean that help is being solicited. We can even gain respect and admiration, by showing others our endurance during such trying times. The respect and admiration, as the fruits of our effort are sweeter, than the casual reaction from others whose view of our real situation is obstructed by hypocrisy.


Jimmy was a friend who used to hold a high executive position in a trading company. Even before I started blogging, he was well-informed about my small projects in Tondo and Divisoria as he was a regular donor. We met at the Mary Johnson Hospital in Tondo many years back, where he visited a staff of his office, while I visited the daughter of a friend from Baseco compound who was confined due to dengue. His sincere friendship punctuated by his giving me his business card made me divulge to him my real identity, but implored him to keep it to himself. I explained that I do not reveal my identity to those whom I extend a little help that I could afford, so that I had been known to them by another name.


He failed to save much needed cash for his retirement because much of what he earned went to friends who sought his financial help.  To make the story short, when he resigned due to a prolonged ailment, he was left with an almost depleted savings. Every time I visited him, we would talk about his friends who became successful in their jobs. His statements were always ended with “ I am thankful that they made it…”. Truth is, he had been instrumental for their success. Some were his subordinates whom he pushed with deserved promotions and guaranteed referrals. Some were given financial assistance as a start-up for a small business.


The cancer in his bones resulted to his losing weight considerably which practically changed his physical appearance. Despite the transformation, he could still muster a smile, as if nothing had changed. He was financially handicap, but he did not cover it up.  When he became bedridden, the first to go was his car, followed by his studio-type condo, after which his nephew accommodated him in his home in Malabon. His wife with whom he had no child, left him for a Chinese boyfriend she met in a casino.


Jimmy gained much respect because of what he showed, aside from reaping admiration from neighbors and friends who visited him daily. The disease that physically emaciated him did not change his image that had been exuding an aura of contentment.  He passed away two months ago (January 2017). After his cremation, I was invited by his nephew and his wife for a dinner at their home after which an envelope was handed to me. It contained PHP3,730.00, balance of his savings and with it was his passbook. Outside the envelope was his simply handwritten note, “God be with you always in all you do”.