Most Lessons in Life Are Bitter Pills to Swallow

Most Lessons in Life

Are Bitter Pills To Swallow

By Apolinario Villalobos

It is a fact that some people who committed blunders, cannot take advices, suggestions, and reprimands with open mind and open heart, although, the mentioned tools have only one thing as objective – improvement in performance and attitude. Pride, sadly stand in the way. Add to that the deeply-rooted attitude which for long has not been given attention by affected parties. It takes a strong-spirited person or persons to call the attention of the blunderer that he or she is out of tune, not in harmony with the acceptable universal norms.

Understandably, the resulting lessons from the mentioned tools, are bitter pills to swallow. But, then, there could have been no blunder committed if only the blunderer did the right thing. That is why, we always go back to the adage: regrets always come at the end.

There is a universal practice to give the blunderer a second chance and even a third chance, all founded on the benefit of the doubt. But if the blunder has been committed for the fourth time, which is a clear indication of defiance, there is no reason why appropriate action be done, that could result to lessons, albeit, bitter to the taste.

Everybody has a blind spot and, this fact goes with the saying that unless we use a mirror, we cannot see our face. Only other people can tell us what our blind spots are. For the open-minded, this is fine, but for the proud, telling him or her about the negatives, is a no-no. The problem is that, his or her negatives affect others. And it takes a surprising instance most often, for another person, not even an acquaintance, sometimes to serve as the “big brother” or the “big sister” who calls the attention of the proud guy with an attitude.

In offices, the unbecoming attitude of inconsiderate employees has become a nagging problem to superiors. There are employees who just refuse to accept their mistakes despite mind-opening reprimands. Of course, there are ultimate penalties which could be suspension or termination, but for humanitarian reason, most offices are soft about them – avoiding their implementation as much as possible. If indeed, erring employees are slapped with them, the lessons they learned become bitter pills to swallow.

Among friends, there is always one or two that do not jive with the rest when it comes to attitude. Some friends abuse the trust and confidence given to them by their buddies. When finally, some of them could not take the contempt anymore, confrontation ensues with the barrage of truth coming out – hurting realization that indeed abuse has been committed. Of course, as friends, ill feelings may be considered as part of the past…water under the bridge. But a slight crack of distrust stays, difficult to amend.

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