The Self-Destruction of Man

The Self-Destruction of Man

By Apolinario Villalobos

The uncontrolled greed of man is manifested in his acts of self-destruction. Despite incessant reminder that what is too much is deadly, man still goes on with his caprices for overindulgence in everything he thinks is for his comfort and survival.

Man invents gadgets, tools, and equipment. Also develops new breed of vegetables, marine foods, livestock, even concoct supposedly healthy substances in laboratories as food supplement to prevent sicknesses. Healing properties of plants are cloned to assume long-lasting elements so that they can be packed as “medicines”. Unfortunately, all the good intent has been overshadowed by man’s evil greed and desire that practically made all the aforementioned into killing devices, instead of healing resources.

The microwave oven is lately found to cause cancer because of the radiation it emits that cooks or heat food at a speedy rate. Expensive antibiotic drugs are found to impair the kidney. Even so-called helpful aspirin can eventually destroy the guts. Most drugs cannot be used at the same time at the onset of complications because of counter-indications. Some drugs do not even allow the imbibing of herbal drinks, still because of counter-indications.

It is true that misuse and abuse can cause the deadly effects of inventions of man. But because of selfishness and pride, man has totally forgotten to observe precaution. Man thinks that he is intelligent enough to know what he is doing. Man concocted synthetic drugs in laboratories to be sold to unsuspecting patients who practically gobble them up with the help of medical practitioners. Man invents gadgets that send out fatal electronic waves that destroy his brain. And, man invents instruments of destruction guaranteed to wipe out the entire population of a city!

Greed and pride push man not to be outdone by his intelligent fellow creatures. This nasty attitude spells the rule: survival of the fittest…and eventually, destruction!

Backyard Tourism Industry

Backyard Tourism Industry

By Apolinario Villalobos

I will never tire of espousing backyard tourism industry, the kind of small-scale industry that could assure steady but controlled flow of tourists, but still assure revenue for residents of touristic destinations. This is the only way by which nature and culture can be saved, with their pristine attributes maintained without sacrificing the income. This venture does not need high-rise structures, noisy establishments, prostitutes and drug pushers that follow the heels of lascivious leisure seekers.

The mistake of most governments, especially, the third world countries, lies in their misunderstanding of tourism. For them, tourism is translated into 5-star hotels and resorts even in rural areas where tourist spots are located. There is nothing wrong with these structures, even with the convention centers. But they should be situated in urban centers. Towns and villages, should be left to their laid back setting, supported only with nature-friendly facilities that are comfortable enough to satisfy the needs of visitors.

If the commercial accommodation facilities of small towns, villages and cities are not enough, what may be offered are residences of locals as “hospitality homes”. This is then, how the locals can have their direct share of revenue. The local government can come up with a list of local residents who are willing to rent out one or two rooms of their home to visitors for a minimal fee. The offering can include a package of meals and guided sightseeing tour.

What happened to Boracay should be a lesson to us. The island has been spoiled beyond recovery. When I visited the island years ago, with the late and former Antique governor, Evelio Javier, the island’s beaches were practically sparkling with powdery white sands lapped by crystal clear water. Only quaint fishermen’s cottages sparsely dotted the beaches. Coconut trees and fruit trees filled the inland. Coral reefs teemed with marine life.

Today, Boracay island suffers as marine sports facilities continue to destroy its coral reefs, seepage from septic tanks of resort facilities give life to a destructive kind of algae, and worst, prostitution and drugs that have practically overran the entire island!

With the inception of the move to encourage the movement of citizens of ASEAN member-countries within the region, by easing restrictive measures on travel, there is a need for all governments concerned to take extra precaution. Tourism is the last hope for the region to recover from losses that resulted from the WTO dream-like promises which proved exploitive at the expense of third world countries like the Philippines, and the rest of the southeast-Asian countries, as well. In this regard, the governments of the southeast-Asian countries should be extra careful in their moves. Destruction of natural attractions by unrestrained building of facilities because of the selfish desire to expedite revenue generation is like killing the duck that lays the golden eggs!