Kinabuhi/ Life

Inspired by Bogz Jamorabon…

with his comment “KINABUHI” to an earlier blog about NDTC.

Kinabuhi/ Life

(Hiligaynon and English and versions)

Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Ang kinabuhi, daw sapa, nagailig

Kon padulhog gani, ini madasig

Ang katinong, ginabuka sang bato

Kag labusaw sang mga isda kag tawo.

Amo man ina ang tawo sa kalibutan

Nagalakat sa dalan nga indi matapan

Damo matapakan, mga buho kag tunok

May mga hilit-hilit pa nga makahaladlok!

Life is like a stream that flows –

Fast, if the terrain tilts or slopes

Boulders break its tranquil course

But not easing a bit its resolute force.

Man, a mere dot in the universe

Treads potholed paths – all diverse

Some are thorny, some yet, are stony

With dark corners, foreboding and dreary!

Do Not Worry About a Stained Past…the future is still stainless

Do not worry about a stained past

…the future is still stainless

By Apolinario Villalobos

Many people find it hard to move on, as they are held back by a not so encouraging past. For this, my counsel is: the past is just a third part of our life, and there are still two parts that we have to live – the present and the future. The reason why God gave us the three phases of life, is perhaps to give us the opportunity to recover whatever has been lost in the past, and strive for what lies ahead. Our present is the phase where we can make amends for a better future. We should seize that opportunity and utilize it to the fullest.

If we have to be positive about whatever happened in our past, all we do is just declare that, good or bad, it is still part of life. Others use past failures as inspirations, and some even just make a joke out of them, which psychologically, is the best attitude, because the fear of their being discovered is eliminated from their mind. What is important is the sincere desire to amend the past mistakes.

I have shared the story of the girl who became a prostitute in Avenida in order to help her family and continue her secondary studies. She was eventually adopted by a retired couple, my friends, who are now spending for her education. When I met her last month, she was transformed greatly, that I almost failed to recognize her. She told me that her classmates and teachers knew about her past, and because of such openness, she gained much respect. She is now among the campus leaders and is maintaining her fourth berth in the top ten academic ranking of her class. She is also a member of their school choir and gymnastics team.

The desire to change should emanate from the person’s consciousness. No amount of financial or psychiatric help can make transformations in a person who refuses to change. On the other hand, we must look back for inspirations and guidance on what to change. At the present time, we should do more for the better or make amends to past mistakes, if there are…so that tomorrow, we can wake up to a new day that throbs with a better life.