Survival and Free Will

Survival and Free Will

By Apolinario Villalobos



I just cannot help but notice that we seem to be reverting back to the days of the Old Testament….every race fighting for survival, and each having a “priest”. For the Christian soldiers, they have their “chaplain” who says Mass or whatever religious service that applies…soldiers are blessed with “holy water” or “prayed over” before they depart for battle. Islamic faithful have their Imams. And, just like in the Old Testament, hideous pagan practices have also proliferated which are viewed as part of the normal way of life.


Still, another opinion…there may not be a total cleansing of the world that will come, because, such cleansing could be happening right now – through epidemics, pockets of wars, calamities, inventions that prove more destructive than constructive, and famine. Practically, man is into self-annihilation. But, with the bad, there is the good which is about those who chose the Right Path, and who will remain standing at the end of the day!…that is how Free Will works!


Along this observation, my suggestion is that we should not compare our faith with that of others as the best way towards salvation, as it all depends on HOW we put our faith into practice. Also, we should tolerate “free will” to the fullest, for as long it will not harm anybody when put to practice by the one who made a choice which for him is right.

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