On Being Frail and Just Being Flirt


By Apolinario Villalobos


If one is frail, he/she could be weak either in health or emotion. Being frail in health is self-explanatory, but being frail emotionally is more complicated as it concerns the heart that easily “falls” in the name of love, as well as, one’s psychological stability. To fall in love easily because of frailty should not be mistaken for just being flirt. There is seriousness in falling in love due to frailty and the person can fight for it to death. But if one changes partner as often as he/she could, then he/she is plain and simply being flirt.


Flirting is an indication that one is sexually voracious. For a woman she could be a nymphomaniac and for a man he could be a sex maniac. Pride is also involved in flirting as for a woman with advancing age, she may want to prove that she is still sexually capable which in Tagalog means, “may asim pa”. For a man who is in the same situation and wants to brag that he can still endure, means, “tigasin pa”. For being flirt, a woman can be viewed as, “biga-on”, “bigatot”, “bigatlon”, “makatol” (Bisaya: Ilonggo and Cebuano); “garampingat” (Ilocano); “badiangan” (T’boli); “batinggilan” (Karay-a); “kantutin”,  “malandi”, “makati” (Tagalog). For a man, the generic term among Bisayans is his being, “pala-utog”, “butakal”, and in Tagalog, “kantutin” or “pala-kantot”.


It is not right for de Lima to say that she fell for Dayan, her former driver because she had been frail as a woman which has a rough equivalent in Tagalog as, “sapagka’t ako ay tao lamang”. If it was love that she felt, hence, fell for him, she should have been open about their affair, but all indications point to her lack of seriousness about it. In Tagalog her act means, “tikim lang”. It should be recalled that one of the Bilibid witnesses mentioned that the “role” of  Dayan was later taken over by another guy, or that Dayan was simply “replaced” by another guy.


As an educated and well-informed woman, she should have known that as a government official before getting elected as senator, albeit questionably, having an affair with a man who is informally separated from his wife, and despite her being legally separated from her husband, is not allowed, or simply, distasteful, repugnant, offensive, revolting, objectionable, obnoxious, repulsive, etc. I CAN’T JUST FATHOM, THEN, HOW HER COTERIE OF NUNS, PRIESTS, BISHOPS, STUDENTS, “PROPER” WOMEN WHO BELONG TO CONSCIENCE GROUPS KUNO, FAILED TO SEE SUCH GLARING SITUATION.


De Lima’s incessant denial before of her affair with Dayan, but finally admitting it, proved that she is CAPABLE OF TELLING LIES with which she insulted the intelligence of the Filipinos for a long time. And, this puts her credibility in jeopardy as regards her equally unremitting denial of her involvement in the anomalous drug transactions inside the Bilibid. Who will believe her “innocence” now?…perhaps, again, the women’s groups, especially, Gabriela, the priests, nuns, students, and bishops…at least, there are some, as the rest of the nation does not. With Kerwin Espinosa home and set to spill the beans, there is no denying that the sword of Damocles is threateningly swaying over her head. She should be singing, “My Way” now…as she is doomed to face the final curtain!…what if she is sentenced after the death penalty is approved?