On Acceptance of Truth and Admission of Hurting Truth

On Acceptance of Fault and Admission of Hurting Truth

By Apolinario Villalobos


In blogging about attitude, there are instances in which I have to expose the negative aspect of my person that relate to what I am sharing. This is the best way I know to make me credible in what I write. I can’t blog about Duterte being foul-mouthed because he cusses a lot, without mentioning that I do the same, without denying, however, that I am making extra effort to control myself from being provoked. On the other hand, I know that nobody is excused from this fault…not even those who say “Oh, my God” which I find blasphemous. What I find funny is the effort of others to look sanitized, by using “OMG!” which makes them moronic because they pretend that God is not “All Knowing”, as He is Omnipresent.


My need to shout out what are in my mind, are misconstrued by some friends as unbecoming because I am supposed to be “educated”, a reason why I should employ restraint. But I am a blogger and as such, I would be an outright hypocrite if I keep on writing about faults without admitting that I have made similar regrettable acts. In doing so, I become the “mirror” of others as I am letting them know that they may have similar awful attitude. At my expense, I hope to open their eyes to let them know that they need to change. If they find me disgusting and realize at the same time that they are no different from me in some ways, they might change. Their advantage is that, they have no reason and need to open themselves up unlike me who must do such a thing for credibility’s sake due to my blogging. All they need to do are allow themselves to realize and admit their fault. Some may counter by saying that there are many ways to skin a cat, but I do not want to run around the bush. I want to get straight to the point that is why I prefer calling the spade a spade.


My being a “no holds barred” blogger has made many people uneasy…I know, because, while some are bold enough to make open comments about their feelings, others make use of the discreet email and facebook message outlets. I am grateful for their concern, but a sympathizing friend went further by echoing what I have been asking that those who do not want to read my “dreadful” and “unethical” blogs may just skip them as they will know by the title alone. That is the reason why I make the titles of sensitive issues long, as if they are the summary of the whole.


At this point, while I am thankful for many who have come to understand me, some have unfortunately become overly cautious in making comments. In this regard, I have already explained many times that comments about some of my blogs could be necessary for the benefit of viewers as what I share are only my own opinion, hence, presentation of other opinions, as long as they are relevant, could greatly enhance what I have initiated on various issues.


Finally, I find being too honest as some kind of an effort to unburden me of hypocrisy, but I do not want to set a trend, as I must admit that being brutally frank is not good to some extent.