Nature’s Soul~

Some humans relax in natural places,
and are less content in human spaces.
While other’s thrive in the social whirl,
a nature’s soul will find depth of meaning,
far from the thrum of a human being.
Nature’s souls go to wild spaces,
for it is here they find their sacred places.
Cheers to you from a nature’s soul~

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The Two Things We Did in Biliran and You Probably Should Not Miss Doing Too

The Wanderlust Keeper

 The Two Things We Did in Biliran and You Probably Should Not Miss Doing Too


Don’t get too comfortable. Challenge yourself to live life away from your comfort zone. Go out. Explore outside for the world is vast. Live your life now full of adventures. Chase new experiences. After all what is life without a little risk. – Chasing Potatoes 

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Apo Reef (Occidental Mindoro, PH)

No Juan Is An Island

When you set out on your journey, pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge.” — Constantine P. Cavafy

I was excited when the month of March came. It was my birth month and I have planned a number of getaways. Days and weeks passed by only to realize not a single plan I’ve made was put into fruition. I’ve been way too busy with work and other commitments. And that made me feel terrible.


To make up for that one month absence from traveling, I made sure that April would be a different story. So, when an opportunity to FINALLY experience the world’s second-largest contiguous coral reef system (and the largest in the Philippines) came about, I immediately grabbed it without batting an eyelash.

The APO REEF NATURAL PARK is one of those protected areas in our country. Moreover, it is one of the…

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