Moving On After An Emotional Debacle

Moving   On   After   An  Emotional  Debacle

By Apolinario Villalobos


Misfortune comes in many forms, such as financial, physical and emotional.  While financial and physical misfortunes may be recoverable and repairable, respectively, emotional devastation, if we may call it that way, is the most difficult to surmount.  Some people cannot just overcome the emotional pain that result from the loss of a loved one, broken engagement, marriage that suddenly became sour, and being jilted. Worse, it also results to loss of self-confidence and self-respect. To top it all, the so called cure is expensive, involving psychological sessions and even popping of prescribed drugs to prevent the setting in of depression and suicidal tendency.

We are supposed to be intelligent enough to make evaluations and appropriate decisions so we can move on. But, there is one thing that some of us refuse to do – accept the faults that contributed to their emotional breakdown.  Yes, some of us just don’t have the heart to do it because of pride.  Refusal  to accept faults activates our conscience, nagging us no end, resulting to sleepless nights and finally health deterioration. The faults that we refuse to recognize linger in our  mind and hinder our path.  The faults become   heavy loads that weigh down and hold us back from moving on.

For us to be able to move on, faults should be recognized, accepted, made as basis for lessons and then, left behind.  In case these faults are remembered when along the way we falter, they just serve as reminders to alert us that such should never be committed again. Remembering them does not necessarily mean dwelling on them.



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