The Limitations and Arrogance of Man

The Limitations and Arrogance of Man

By Apolinario Villalobos

Lately, the series of disasters involving the “creations” of man is a manifestation that with all his limitations, he cannot pretend to be God. Add to this the human justice that is blind, and what do we get? Distress without end!

Mechanical is how man’s creations can be aptly described – relying on programs and mechanisms that have limited capability, as expected, because their “creators” are likewise with the same limitation. The latest mishap that left no trace, the Malaysia Airline disaster, is sending a signal that is supposed to jolt us into the reality that man is not a supreme being, just because he could make airplanes fly, launch satellites into space, or send robot to another planet.

On the other hand, third world countries are at the mercy of powerful ones that exploit their poverty and martial weakness. The United Nations that should have been the marshal of member countries seems helpless in the face of territorial grabbing being made by well-equipped and more densely populated such as in the case of China that has more lives to spare in the name of patrimonial loyalty and has bulkier fleets of equipment for human annihilation . As exploited small nations are beginning to bond, many doubt if peace can be maintained in the disputed Asian region even if the United States that has the habit of playing mediator will blow its whistle.

Turning on the natural disasters, with calamities happening practically in all parts of the world, those with still a bit of faith in God browse the pages in the Bible about flood, fire and others. It seems that the Armageddon that the bible says as a single sweeping act of God to rid the world of evil, is happening now, though in a series of events and in pockets of areas.

What are happening around us should be considered as eye openers, however, despite all those, the arrogance of man hinders him from accepting his limitations as a finite mortal.

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