Why Do I Write ?

Why Do I Write?
By Apolinario Villalobos

I want to please myself, as well as, others, too;
The pent up emotions and thoughts I must let go –
So overpowering, so overwhelming, my person they engulf –
I can’t be just like a balloon that anytime can helplessly burst.

In letting go of my thoughts, I feel relieved, refreshed;
The comfort of lightness gives me such ecstatic buoyancy –
A fulfillment that one gets from a drop of water for his thirst
Or a speck of shade for his solace from the sun’s searing heat.

It is God’s will for me to write, as singing is for singers;
His plan is for everyone to have a distinctive role to play –
In a serene world, where dwells a contented bunch of humanity
As each one is foiled to fit a space to ensure a lasting harmony.