Another Quickie in Korea!!!

Color My World

Nahh, it’s not what you think, you green-horned devil, you!!!☺️😏🤔

My wife and I had a quick up-close-and-personal tour of South Korea when we visited our daughter, Aly, last week. She had gotten a scholarship for a masteral course at the Yeungnam University near Daegu, and this was an opportune time to visit her and enjoy autumn’s pretty colors in Korea.

img_20161009_082109 Intricate Korean architecture.

At Aly’s behest, we didn’t take the traditional tours offered. Instead, she prepared a unique low-cost tour program that would make us optimize our Korean trip. In effect, we didn’t just see Korea’s modern infrastructure, we experienced a rare overnight stay in a centuries’ old monastery, enjoyed the countryside and the farms, feasted on great Korean cuisine, and learned more about the warmth and solid fortitude of a proud, yet friendly Korean people. So here goes.

We arrived at noon of a sunny day, just…

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