Discipline as Essence of Life


By Apolinario Villalobos


Man can never do away with discipline for as long he lives in this world. Nobody lacks discipline, but just vary in degree accordingly. Those who grew up in strict homes, as expected are more disciplined than those whose parents are lax. The people with whom we are associated with also counts a lot in the development of discipline. An offshoot of discipline is the so-called, “good manners” which goes with the sayings, “tell me who your friends are and I will know what kind of a person you are”, as well as, “your manners indicate the kind of parents you have”.


A “happy go lucky guy” does not necessarily mean that he lacks discipline, otherwise, he could have been dead years before his adolescence. Discipline is an important element for one’s survival so that even a pampered guy’s instinct has a bit of it. The big or little bit of discipline determines the lifestyle of people. Those who have no regards for their health, for instance, may suffer from an off-balanced discipline resulting to their lack of control in their diet, as well as, their development of vices. They know that what they are doing is bad, but what can a bit of discipline do to stop them?


Success in life depends a lot on discipline. For students with weak discipline, graduation could just be a wish if their life veers away from the right track. Those who fail in their studies have more likely given priority to short-term pleasures that resulted to their long-term regret. Finding a job could also be difficult for those whose discipline in the simple waking up early to be in time for interview, is wanting. Many graduates thought that the name of a high-end university scribbled on top of their diploma is a guarantee for a job. What establishment for instance, would want to hire a guy who has no respect for time, despite his having graduated from a high-end university?


Discipline is life…. as it makes us breathe in regular cadence for oxygen to enter our system that makes our heart beat and our brain to function properly. Most importantly, discipline makes us control our life, as well as, make us realize whatever wrong we have done, though how late such realization may have occurred, as we tread the path towards that “light”….


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