A New Distraction from Writing -Detectorists


DetectoristsI recently watched the first season of  a new show on Netflix, ‘Detectorists’, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook.  I loved the show, and despite trying to space out and savour all six episodes (yes, that’s an entire season in Britain), the credits on the final episode were rolling in no time.  The show is set in Britain, obviously, and follows two pals whose hobby is metal detecting – searching for long buried Saxon gold, but usually finding only pull tabs and the occasional button.  The term ‘detectorist’ was new to me.  Throughout the show, people mistakenly refer to our main characters as ‘metal detectors’ but that’s incorrect – the hardware they use is the metal detector, they are ‘detectorists’.

I have always enjoyed Mackenzie Crook’s roles (he played the British version of Dwight in the BBC’s ‘The Office’ – I loved the US series, but Ricky Gervais’ original version is superior).  Crook also…

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