Someday….. someday……

By Lani Medina
In His appointed time
Will surely come……
When the New Jerusalem
Be established
When the King of kings and
Lord of lords rules
All things, He conquered
And destroyed into
Eternal perfect state
Ages of the ages….
Infinitely forevermore.

I Keep on Dreaming


By Apolinario Villalobos


I keep on dreaming that someday

No color of skin

Shall from others

Set one apart

Nor sound and lilts of tongue

Shall raise eyebrows

But only love felt from the heart

Shall on earth

Tick with harmony

While there’s life

For as long as there can be.


I keep on dreaming that someday

Mother Nature be kind

But then, how can it be?

When all man does

Is bring havoc

To Earth, once so placid

But because of greed

So boundless, seems eternal

He even tries to mimic God

Forgetting gratitude without regard!