Off Gridding – Cape Breton Island


So the original plan, some twelve years back, was to build a cottage on our land in Cape Breton.  But things change, Florida happened, and the cottage plan went on the back burner – not forgotten, but paused.  We’ve owned the 4.36 acre lot on Bras D’or lake for some time now.  Over the years I did some of my own clearing, mainly to cut in a path to the lake through the dense bush.  Four years ago I paid someone to cut a road in, and although they never finished it to the degree I’d hoped, the road is good enough for now.  Once the road was in I had a 10 by 12′ shed brought in, used primarily for storage.  Because we are somewhat secluded, my fears came true last year when I arrived to find the shed door ripped open.  Anything worth anything was taken, well, almost…

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