The Truth about Bloating in Recovery


Alright, truth time.

There’s an elephant in the room, and it has to do with refeeding in recovery. And that, my friends, is bloating.


This is an uncomfortable topic to talk about, because it has to do with body image. During recovery, we’re working on accepting our new body and learning to love it. We’re overcoming body dysmorphia, and #realtalk: we’re working on weight restoration.

Frankly, bloating makes progress in those departments rather difficult.

My biggest fear during weight restoration was that I was going to wake up one morning and just be massive. I was afraid that my body would just balloon out of control. There was so much anxiety about that allusive “weight range.”  I journaled about it a lot:

I am nervous and weary of how my body will be at the end of my stay [at inpatient]. I am scared that if it changes to a point beyond…

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A New Distraction from Writing -Detectorists

DetectoristsI recently watched the first season of  a new show on Netflix, ‘Detectorists’, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook.  I loved the show, and despite trying to space out and savour all six episodes (yes, that’s an entire season in Britain), the credits on the final episode were rolling in no time.  The show is set in Britain, obviously, and follows two pals whose hobby is metal detecting – searching for long buried Saxon gold, but usually finding only pull tabs and the occasional button.  The term ‘detectorist’ was new to me.  Throughout the show, people mistakenly refer to our main characters as ‘metal detectors’ but that’s incorrect – the hardware they use is the metal detector, they are ‘detectorists’.

I have always enjoyed Mackenzie Crook’s roles (he played the British version of Dwight in the BBC’s ‘The Office’ – I loved the US series, but Ricky Gervais’ original version is superior).  Crook also…

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Off Gridding – Cape Breton Island


So the original plan, some twelve years back, was to build a cottage on our land in Cape Breton.  But things change, Florida happened, and the cottage plan went on the back burner – not forgotten, but paused.  We’ve owned the 4.36 acre lot on Bras D’or lake for some time now.  Over the years I did some of my own clearing, mainly to cut in a path to the lake through the dense bush.  Four years ago I paid someone to cut a road in, and although they never finished it to the degree I’d hoped, the road is good enough for now.  Once the road was in I had a 10 by 12′ shed brought in, used primarily for storage.  Because we are somewhat secluded, my fears came true last year when I arrived to find the shed door ripped open.  Anything worth anything was taken, well, almost…

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Walk Away

Color My World

by: Buddy Resurreccion

published in The Inquirer Golf Monthly (August 2016 edition)

Buddy is a sportswriter,  an avid sportsfan, and a bosom friend with a super-creative mind. During his younger days, he was considered a major miracle worker and an upcoming golf mentor when he guided an erstwhile underachieving jungolf team of Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club to a series of dominant victories in the late 80s. Aguinaldo Golf had been a perennial non-performer in the Philippine golf circuit then, but Buddy’s Midas Touch changed all that. 

Buddy became the darling of the golfing community by the early 90s, before he decided to leave all the drudgery behind to conquer new frontiers in Indonesia. He returned after a decade of the easy life in Menado, Indonesia, and is happy professing his dynamic wisdom and eccentric, yet brilliant ideas through Facebook.

Buddy continues to delve in sports today, through his column on…

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Philippine Basketball in Review (Part 2 – The 60s)

Color My World

The 60s saw the Philippines still clinging on to basketball supremacy in Asia. We took the Asian Basketball Conference (ABC) crown in 1960, followed this up with a gold medal in the Asian Games in 1962, and topped that with another ABC gold in 1963. Among the standouts then, with Caloy Loyzaga’s exit from active cage service in 1964, were Carlos Badion, who was adjudged MVP in the 1960 ABC; the upcoming offensive machine, Narciso Bernardo; and his perennial arch-rival and defense specialist, Ed Ocampo.

However, it was now becoming clear that the taller and heftier quintets in the Asian region were beginning to learn the ropes and inching closer. Japan took first crack at the Philippines’ enviable record, upsetting our Nationals by taking the ABC crown in 1965. Philippines had earlier breezed through the Japanese squad 74-54 in the no-bearing preliminary round. In the all-important Championship Round however, the…

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Dragon Boating in Bohol

Color My World

by Michelle P. So

– from Sunstar Cebu’s ‘Caught in the Net’ (Mar 27, 2013)

dragon boat drama!!

TWO Decembers ago in Singapore, my friend Brandy Llenos brought me to a party hosted by his German friend. The guests were of various nationalities and quite a number of them were of European descent.

That party stuck in my memory for two reasons: spicy brewed wine and the toned women. The women, who were quite fond of Brandy, were members of dragon boat teams in Singapore. I had just run the marathon that morning but I felt physically inadequate among the female paddlers.

To address my physical inferiority, I helped myself to another glass of the brewed wine.

The women had upper back and shoulders that can carry the world, Atlas-style.

I bring this up because of a dragon boat race coming up next month not too far from Cebu. For the novelty of…

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‘Faster Than Fairies, Faster Than Witches’~

“All through the meadows the horses and cattle, bridges and houses, hedges and ditches, all of the sights of the hill and the plain,” (From a Railway Carriage, RL Stevenson)
The Old Town Model Railroad Depot is a 2500 square foot O gauge model railroad located in San Diego, California. It has both steam and diesel trains from the 1920’s to the modern era.
It is a miniature world brim full of towns, mountains, lakes, farms, and errr…..quite realistic businesses!
I think I may have met these attorneys…….
and these accountants!
Cheers to you from the fabulous miniature world at The Old Town Model Railroad Depot~

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Cabin Fever and The Ol’ Wild West~

Okay, this is a big log cabin! The fireplace weighs 500 tons and is 85 feet tall.
It is of course the six-story lobby of The Old Faithful Inn built in 1903-4.

I have a fever for all kinds of cabins.
They remind me of pioneers, fortitude and the American West.

There seems to be living history you can feel in the real old ones that are still in use.
tetons day 2 029
Jim loves experiencing this too.
We like to stay in cabins and imagine a simpler, more natural world.
With fire for warmth, log walls for safety and wild animals as constant companions.
At home in the wilderness…..
Can you imagine what it was like to travel like a pioneer, stake out a claim, and build your cabin?
Okay, okay, there would be no wi-fi, no indoor plumbing, no grocery stores.
Can you imagine NO WIFI…..Ever????
I can bare knuckle it…

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