Lodging Options In Southern Patagonia!

Cindy Knoke

If you go to “The End of the World” you can’t really expect to stay in the kind of places you are used to, can you?

DSC03809 (1)

Well, of course you can. This is a gift shop in El Calafate!

It’s quite civilized in El Fin Del Mundo.

In the two places we stayed, El Calafate home of The Glaciers National Park, and Ushuaia home of Tierra Del Fuego National Park, we stayed in two very nice places.

Every sort of lodging option is available. There are bustling youth hostels. There are a few mid range large hotels focused on the package tour traveler, the least interesting accommodation in my opinion. There are family run B&B’s and small hotels, and estancias out-of-town. There are eco-oriented accommodations, and one or two super luxury accommodations in each locale that costs a ridiculous amount daily.

But I would say the best options for staying…

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