Health Benefits of Sesame (Linga) Seeds and Oil

Health Benefits of Sesame (Linga) Seeds and Oil

By Apolinario Villalobos



  • Complements Vegetarian Diet – the oil has 4.7 grams/ounce of protein which is a great supplement to a strict vegetarian diet.


  • Promotes Oral Health – the oil helps remove dental plaque and boosts oral health. Swishing the oil diluted in water around the inside of mouth, aside from removing the plaque, also whitens the teeth.
  • Prevents Diabetes and Reduce Blood Pressure – The magnesium in the oil has been found to prevent diabetes, aside from lowering BP and plasma glucose in hypertensive diabetics.


  • Promotes Healthy Heart – The “sesamol” in the oil prevents atherosclerotic lesions, being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, aside from being an anti-atherogenic.


  • Protects DNA from Damage due to Radiation – The same “sesamol, previously mentioned, protects the DNA from being damaged caused by radiation.


  • Prevents Cancer – The “phytate” in the sesame seeds oil has anti-cancer properties.


  • Provides Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis – Copper, a mineral known as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant is found in sesame seeds. The mineral helps in reducing pain and swelling that cause arthritis, aside from strengthening blood vessels, joints and  bones.


  • Relieves Constipation – Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is known to pave way for a healthy digestive system and a healthy colon.


  • Strengthens the Respiratory System and Prevents Asthma – Magnesium is also found in sesame seeds, and which is important in strengthening the respiratory system, as well as, helps in preventing the airway spasms that cause asthma.


  • Promotes Healthy Skin and bones – Sesame seeds have zinc which is an essential mineral in the production of collagen that helps the skin regain its elasticity, aside from helping in the repair of damaged tissues in the bones. Externally, the oil can sooth burned skin and prevent skin disorder.




  • A drop or two of sesame seeds oil can be added to instant noodles, salads and vegetable dishes to enhance their taste and aroma.


  •  “Sesame rice” can be prepared by adding a few drops in the newly steamed rice and flavoring it with chopped onions and soy sauce to taste. The oil can also be added to fried rice to enhance its delectable fragrance as it has the tendency to overwhelm the smell of onion and garlic.


  • “Sesame seeds oil” can be prepared at home by roasting ordinary sesame seeds bought in the wet market and soaking them in olive or canola oil. Use a glass jar or wide-mouthed bottle for storage.


Lodging Options In Southern Patagonia!

If you go to “The End of the World” you can’t really expect to stay in the kind of places you are used to, can you?

DSC03809 (1)

Well, of course you can. This is a gift shop in El Calafate!

It’s quite civilized in El Fin Del Mundo.

In the two places we stayed, El Calafate home of The Glaciers National Park, and Ushuaia home of Tierra Del Fuego National Park, we stayed in two very nice places.

Every sort of lodging option is available. There are bustling youth hostels. There are a few mid range large hotels focused on the package tour traveler, the least interesting accommodation in my opinion. There are family run B&B’s and small hotels, and estancias out-of-town. There are eco-oriented accommodations, and one or two super luxury accommodations in each locale that costs a ridiculous amount daily.

But I would say the best options for staying…

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DUTERTE supporters: “Eto ang HINDI JOKE” (Expect an avalanche of BLACK PROPAGANDAS!)

Pearl of the Orient Journal

Now that ELECTION DAY is less than a month to go, expect that we will be bombarded by a lot of black propaganda against Mayor Duterte in the coming days.

At tulad ng inaasahan we have this “RAPE JOKE” video going viral.

Yes, we have to acknowledge, medyo sablay ang joke. But that will not make us forget

  • …the great thing he did as a Leader
  • …na hindi siya nangurakot at nagpayaman habang nasa puwesto
  • …That though he made it part of a joke, HE did a lot of things to protect the WOMEN and Children (even those cancer patient kids)
  • …Ang mga bagay na pinatupad niya against criminality and drug abuse
  • …And so on to name a few

And THAT should not change OUR VOTE.

Moreover, if you will watch the full video, it’s actually a mere narrative na sinabi niya dahil sa galit sa hosrage takers #biasmedia


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Rodgrigo Duterte: His Mind and Heart…unfairly misunderstood by some

Rodrigo Duterte: His Mind and Heart

…unfairly misunderstood by some

By Apolinario Villalobos


We love to quote, “do not judge a book by its cover”, but many do not seem to understand what it means, as they do not put into practice.


Rodrigo Duterte is one guy who has not been blessed with good looks and this misfortune is aggravated by his habit of venting his anger by mouthing cusses instead of banging his fist on table, punching a wall, etc. But, those who read about his cussing stop right there….at the time he lets out the unsavory statements as an effort perhaps, to prevent his anger from triggering palpitations. They just do not know the guy. And because they do not want to hear his unchristian- like cussing, they declare Duterte to be verrryyyyy bad!


His bad joke way back in 1989 triggered by the rape and death of a young missionary woman has been “exposed” supposedly by the Binay camp. But that was the time when Duterte had barely warmed up his seat as mayor of Davao City. Besides, apologies have been made…so what’s the issue there? Long before he took the stewardship of Davao City, he was already known as a “joker”. His friends can attest to that. But his being a joker has failed to cover up his strong paternal compassion for abandoned children and exploited women, especially, those who are raped and murdered, yet. That is the reason why, he is against drugs which cause the destruction of the youth’s future. Friends in Davao can also attest to that. Those in Davao who may have unkind words for Duterte are the ones who do not want reforms in their own bad lifestyle and in the city. He may have been a “victim” of a Catholic priest when he was a student, but the incident did not dissuade him from strengthening his Catholic faith, that is why, he did not hesitate to ask the help of the city bishopric about his habit of cussing when it came to a point that all his detractors are using it in their effort to demolish him.


Catholics or just plain Christians for that matter have been presidents of the Philippines, but it was also during their time that the country STARTED to suffer from corruption that gave birth to various sufferings of the Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole. These past presidents can be seen in photos in the company of the pope, bishops, priests, but their “graceful” images did not stop the proliferation of corruption in the country. Except for President Quezon who was known to cuss with “punyeta” as his favorite, they show very “godly” image, which in Pilipino can be described as, “hindi makabasag pinggan na ugali”…very kind, soft-spoken. But, what kind of a country do we have now?


The Bible is full of these hypocrites…all temple leaders and supposedly interpreters of God’s words. But, who pushed Jesus Christ towards his doom?….THEY!


Are we assured then, that with their kind words, these loud-mouthed hypocritically promising candidates who are condemning Duterte,  give justice to the exploited Filipinos, when they win?….assuming that they will all “do all possible ways” to win?

Mga Tagpi-tagping Yugto ng Buhay

Mga Tagpi-tagping Yugto ng Buhay

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


  • Ang kaibigan kong galing sa Sunday Mass…


Nasalubong ko ang kaibigan kong kagagaling lang sa pagsimba, isang umaga ng Linggo, pero parang nilamukos ang mukha sa sobrang galit. Nang batiin ko at tanungin kung bakit, sagot niya: “Muntik na akong masagasaan ng hinayupak na jeep sa labasan”. Sana excused siya sa pagmura dahil kasisimba lang niya.


  • Ang kaibigan kong bumili ng taho…


Nasalubong ko ang isa ko pang kaibigan na pabalik sa kanyang kotseng mamahalin at nakaparada sa labas ng MERALCO dahil nagbayad siya ng bill. Filthy rich ang kaibigan kong ito, nagyayabang pang taga-Custom siya at hindi nga raw natitinag sa puwesto kahit ilang beses nang nagpalit ng Commisioner. Nagmumura ding naglabas ng sama ng loob sa akin. Sabi niya sa akin: “ang walanghiyang matandang nagtitinda ng taho diyan sa kanto, gusto yata akong dugasin (lokohin)”. Tanong ko, bakit?…sabi niya: “aba’y wala daw panukli sa pera ko, gusto yata ay i-keep the change ko”. Nang tanungin ko kung magkano ang pera niya, ang sagot: “isang libo”. Ang binili niyang taho ay halagang sampung piso…at siya ay taga-Custom…kaya filthy rich.


  • Ang paring nagmimisa at marunong ng Kastila…


Kuwento lang ito ng kaibigan ko tungkol sa paring nagmimisa daw sa chapel nila sa probinsiya. Noong kapistahan daw nila, sobrang busy ang pari, halos walang pahinga, at marami pang tao dahil pista nga. Noong hapon na, nagmisa uli ang pari pero lalong dumami ang mga tao sa labas ng simbahan dahil hindi kalayuan ay may perya. Isang grupo ng mga aso ang nagrambol kaya naghabulan at sa paghabulan ay  nakapasok sa kapilya kaya nagulo ang misa. Takbuhan ang mga tao at ang pari ay sumigaw sa mikropono: “punyetang mga aso yan…itaboy nyo nga!”. Sabi ng kaibigan ko, with feeling daw nang mag-Kastila ang pari…pero iisang salitang Kastila lang daw yata ang alam at dahil paulit-ulit siguro kung gamitin, naging malutong na ito kung kanyang bigkasin…ito ang salitang “punyeta”. Linguist pala ang pari nila!


  • Ang kumpare kong abogado at ambisyoso….


Nang minsang bisitahin ko ang kumpare kong abogado sa mansion niya, masaya niyang ibinalitang naipanalo niya ang kaso ng kliyente niyang intsik. Ang di niya alam ay alam ko na ang kliyente niya ay Chinese drug lord. Habang nagkakape kami, sabi niya: “pare, next year college na ang inaanak mo, at ang sabi ko sa kanya, abogasya ang kunin niya para kapag nakatapos at nakapasa sa Bar ay ipapakilala ko sa mga kamag-anak naming pulitiko sa norte….mabuti na yong habang maaga ay pumasok siya sa larangang iyan para maraming matutunan…aba’y diyan yumaman ang mga kamag-anak namin…kung di nga lang sa mga kliyente kong “foreigner” (mga drug lord na intsik yata ang ibig niyang sabihin), papasok din ako diyan, eh.” Tanong ko: “gusto ba ng inaanak kong pumasok sa pulitika?” Sagot niya: “aba’y oo…idol nga niya ang mga abogado ni Janet Napoles…ang gagaling daw dahil nakapagpiyansa sila!”


  • Ang kaibigan kong health conscious….


Nasalubong ko ang kaibigan kong taga-exclusive subdivision sa labasan nila, isang umaga na naka-jogging outfit at may dalang basyong shopping bag. Papunta ako sa MERALCO upang  pumila para sa pagbukas nila nang 7:30AM. Nang batiin ko, sabi niya: “Galing ako sa jogging at nagkainan kami, pare, diyan sa libingan ng mga Re……(exclusive cemetery). Hindi nga sila magkandaugaga sa pagkain ng dinala kong Bicol express na ginataang taba ng baboy na binagoongan din at maraming sili, may patang inadobo pa!….ayon, halos hindi sila makahinga sa busog, nag-aalala lang ako sa isa dahil naempatso yata”. Dahil nagmamadali, tinanong ko kung saan pa ang punta niya. Sabi niya: “Uuwi pa ako dahil kukunin ko ang niluto kong sisig at natirang Bicol express para naman sa mga nag-gym”. Talagang health conscious ang kaibigan ko at mga kaibigan niya…nagda-jogging at nagdi-gym….at ganadong kumain!

To be “In” Socially as a Cover Up for Insecurities and Inadequacies

To be “In” Socially As Cover Up of

Insecurities and Inadequacies

By Apolinario Villalobos


The objective of some people in joining a social group is usually tinged with an effort to cover up their insecurities and inadequacies, as well as, the desire to flaunt unexpected success in life. Their effort to join an organization to boost their once timid personality is commendable but they should not use their identity with an organization to an overwhelming degree of arrogance which makes them social climbers.


Those who thirst for recognition may not even need to join any organization to earn it. They missed the fact that by being alone, only they will enjoy the recognition at the proper time and opportunity. On the other hand, if they are identified with an organization that might later prove to be questionable, they will eventually get a share of the stain, too.


I have met and talked to some people who joined the “Foundations” and “associations” sponsored by a politician because they were hoping that he could help them with their personal problems later on. They joined the “Foundations” and “associations” without knowing their objectives until they found out, albeit very late, that they were being used as conduits for ill-gotten funds from dubious transactions. At the end, their membership made them parties of the politician’s illegal acts. Until now, they are still being investigated.


And, here’s a story about a friend who tremendously improved his financial status because of hard-earned wage as a seafaring engineer. In due time, he was able to purchase a house in an exclusive subdivision in Tagaytay, aside from a Porsche sports car and a Benz van. In both, he has permanently stashed expensive golf sets which surprised me because he does not play golf. He also stuck stickers of La Salle, UP, Jaycees, and Rotary at the back windshield of the van, although, he has got nothing to do with them. He graduated from Cebu and not a member of any of the two organizations. I just smiled and pitied him, for he told me himself, how he struggled hard as an impoverished clerk/messenger while exerting much effort to finish his marine engineering course and capped it by passing the board. His multi-million home in Tagaytay is a mish-mash of furnishing, resulting to an overdone eclectic interior that grossly defies harmony. Such effort betrayed his inadequate social background.


Being a very good friend, I took the risk of pinching his ego by advising him to remove the stickers and golf sets from his van and just be his real self, adding that he should have more time with his family than with his seafaring buddies who enjoy rounds of beer on weekends. And, as I felt, too, that he wanted to be socially “in”, I advised him to join a religious group that is always involved in community outreach programs. He joined two groups but failed to find satisfaction so he left them. At the end, I just gave him the opportunity of joining me every time he is free during my rounds of RAS (random acts of sharing), that he found more fulfilling, as like me, he also identified himself with those whom we share simple blessings.