Noodle Memories from a Bali Getaway


I once went to Bali to “chill out.”

It was a difficult time in my life and I needed a change of environment. My friend Anmarie suggested that we go to a non-Christian country for Christmas, to see what it’s Iike.  Another friend recommended a trip to this fabled island of Broadway fame.  Remember the song Bali Ha’i from the musical “South Pacifc?”
      Bali Ha’i may call you any night, any day
      In your heart, you’ll hear it call you, “Come away, come away.”
      Bali Ha’i will whisper on the wind of the sea
      “Here am I, your special island, “Come to me, come to me.”

And so we flew from San Francisco to Singapore, a bucket city for inexpensive airline tickets to other Asian destinations. For around $300, we got flights from Singapore to Yogyarkarta (where we stayed a couple of days to visit the…

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