Bea Says To-MAH-toh


It’s fun being an international student: one gets to inter-act with new friends from many nations and cultures, taste new food during banquets, potlucks, and private dinners; and learn about human nature in general.

My roommates at various times when I was in graduate school included Beatrice from Dublin, Ireland; Nelia from Manila, Philippines; Joan  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Catherine from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were all interesting ladies, but Beatrice stands out when I think about food topics.

One day, she came home and found a pot of chop suey which I had prepared a short while before. By her own narration, this is what transpired.  She tasted it and thought, “This is so good, it must have come from a can!”

Ha-ha-ha. The naivete of young ladies who can’t  or  don’t cook!

Bea and I had a long-standing “argument” about two foods. She said to-MAH-toh, I said to-MAY-toe

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