Matamis ang Tagumpay na Matatamo kung Magsisimula ka sa Ibaba

Basahin ang tula mula sa ibaba…sundan ang mga numero…



Matamis ang Tagumpay na Matatamo

Kung Magsisimula ka sa Ibaba

Ni Apolinario Villalobos



12..Matamis na tagumpay…maipagmamalaking karangalan!

11..Maipagmamalaki dahil pinagpawisan at pinaghirapan –

10..Palaguin ang mga ito upang tumubo ng tagumpay

9…Tiyaga at pagsisikap ang gamitin na puhunan


8…Kaya habang umaangat sa pag-akyat ay ‘wag masindak!

7…Lalo pa at patungo sa itaas ang iyong mga tinatahak

6…Mga baytang ng pagsisikap na palagi ring tingnan

5…Huwag matakot sa pagtapak sa mga baytang



4…Magalusan man ang iyong tuhod, ito’y di mo na alintana.

3…Madali kang makabangon dahil nakatuntong ka sa lupa

2…Madadapa ka lang kung may matitisod kang balakid

1…Kung sa ibaba ka magsisimula sa iyong pagsikap




I had champurado for breakfast during my recent vacation in Manila. It was soooo good!

Reminded me of “those days,” when life was simpler.  Back then, we received mail through postal delivery and were contacted by telephone when the matter was “more urgent.”  There were no e-mails or text messages to check daily, or hourly, heaven forbid!  Life was slower; one could linger over breakfast, savoring warm spoonsful of champorado – chocolate-flavored glutinous rice, seasoned with sugar and evaporated milk, each mouthful counter-pointed by a morsel of salty fish, fried to a crisp.

My breakfast of champurado, seasoned just-so with sugar and evaporated milk.
and complemented by fried salted dilis (anchovies).
The fish were filleted before drying:  ka-runch and yum!

Champurrado, the genuine article, is a Mexican drink that came with the galleon trade between Acapulco and Manila. Basically, it is a mixture of corn flour and water or…

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TURON de Banana


Fusion cuisine has received much publicity in recent years, as restaurant operators try to blend the culinary traditions of various immigrant groups. There’s Tex-Mex, obviously a blend of Texan and Mexican. Pacific Rim cuisine combines specialties from various island nations in the great blue yonder. California fusion cuisine is inspired by food brought in by immigrants from Italy, France, Mexico, the Philippines, and other places.

I went to Berkeley, CA one weekend morning to purchase an electronic item that a graduating student wanted to unload before seeking job prospects on the East coast. We got to talking about food, and she asked if I knew how to make banana lumpia.

I was taken by surprise; never heard the term before. Visualizing the two words, I quickly recognized what she was asking about: the turon !

Turon (Banana Spring Rolls)Turon (Banana Spring Rolls)

Isn’t that a clever way of naming a not-so-familiar…

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