The Candid Honesty of President Rodrigo Duterte and His Desperate Detractors

The Candid Honesty of President Rodrigo Duterte

and His Desperate Detractors

By Apolinario Villalobos


The detractors of Duterte seem to be at the end of their wits on how to push the guy in the corner. Before they could think of any unbecoming act that they imagine or heard to have been done by him, the wise president is already in front of the microphone announcing to the world what he has been doing and what gifts he received in all candid honesty. Still, in desperation, his detractors use his candid honesty against him. Despite Duterte’s manifestation of honesty coupled with the Visayan witty humor, the detractors are saying that he is not serious in what he says. They forgot that Duterte is a Minadanoan with various ethic blood flowing in his vein, but brought up in a Visayan surrounding. As the detractors are blinded by hate, they failed to discern that Duterte uses humor only when he feels “at home” with his audience during which he also uses Davao-Visayan dialect.


Duterte was honest about his election campaign funds by admitting that he had a “surplus” which he divulged to be used to help the calamity victims. The story about his supposedly millions in a bank, died a natural death when he gave authority to the bank to reveal his records. He admitted to have had two wives, but today just lives only with one after having been separated legally from his first wife who remains close to him, being the mother of his grown up children. He breached the protocol by inviting the Japanese emperor to his home and showed his bedroom with all its simple furnishing highlighted by the mosquito net. He is vocal about his frugal meals, especially, ginisang monggo. He admitted to have killed rapists. Who among the government officials can be that honest, that put the people he deals with, at ease. In short, the guy is not a hypocrite, unlike SOME of the Roman Catholic “leaders” and MOST of the government officials who are corrupt and have unashamedly remained in their posts.


Trillanes and de Lima failed to pin him down with the extra-judicial killing issue which has dogged him since he was the mayor of Davao for three consecutive terms. The arrogance and intellectual pretentions of de Lima did not help her even when she was the Commissioner of Human Rights until she became Secretary of the DOJ. Trillanes on the other hand, relied on “second hand” information – all rumors. He literally pushed Matobato behind the bars when he made the latter testify against Duterte which boomeranged as his sworn testimonies of killings were used against him. And, now Trillanes is using another guy, who is likely to land in jail, too, when he duplicated the blunder of Matobato. Still, Trillanes is threatening to bring out four more “witnesses”….all desperate moves, as at this point in time, he could already feel his downfall when he steps out of the Senate in less than two years from now.


Joining the fracas is another desperate political personality whose “victory” as Vice-President is highly questionable – Lenny/Lenie Robredo. As she proved to be a poor researcher, she relied  on rumors from “friends”, especially, on the latest issue about the “palit-ulo”, literally, “change of head”, which means, if the police fail to pick up their target drug personality in his home, they simply pick another member of the family to take his or her place which is ridiculous. And to magnify this credulity, she even shares the baseless information with the United Nations, as if she is dealing with a local fiscal!. Her act is very unethical, especially, being the second highest official of the land.


The world will definitely laugh at Robredo as her statements imply her defense of the criminal drug personalities who are killed extra-judicially. Due process proved useless in the past in dealing with the drug problem in the country, thereby, necessitating, an “iron hand”. In this regard, the Filipinos saw in Duterte their hope based on his cleansing of Davao City. Robredro and her cohorts on the other hand, want the incorrigible drug addicts, drug pushers, drug lords, rapists and robbers go scot-free because “they have the right to live….how about the life of their victims that they have taken away?


This woman from Naga has not done anything about the rape victims of the drug addicts… not even for the bread winners of families who have become victims of these trigger-happy and  mentally-deranged criminals. She also joined hands with the equally imprudent old Roman Catholic bishops whose advocacy is “to stop the killing”….Christians kuno who do not even bother to explain to their Roman Catholic flock why the criminals are getting killed and who their victims are. FROM ALL INDICATIONS, THESE OLD BISHOPS ARE ASHAMED TO SAY THAT THE EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLING VICTIMS THAT THEY ARE SUPPORTING ARE INCORREGIBLE DRUG ADDICTS, DRUG PUSHERS, DRUG LORDS, RAPISTS, ROBBERS….AND THEIR VICTIMS ARE INNOCENT YOUNG GIRLS AND BREAD WINNERS OF POOR FAMILIES!