A Call from the Youth of the Land…Let Harmony Breed World Peace!

A Call from the Youth of the Land…

Let Harmony Breed World Peace!

By Ed Palomado


Let harmony breed peace the world over…yes!…give it a chance! That is our call, we, the youth of the land to you, our elders and parents with differing advocacies and views that have been splitting the world into segments of disparity. The world is a sphere and should have insured the smooth flow of relationship among men as there are no corners that serve as hindrances…that is why God made it as such.


We did not ask to be born into a world beset with chaos due to mere differences in the color of our skin and the diverse tongues that are supposed to bind the world together. Add to them cultures and traditions that have differing propensities.


We did not ask to be born into a world quivering on a foundation weakened by uncertainties as to what the future would bring. In the meantime, more innocent newborn are being brought forth as the hands of time tick with reminders about our hazy destiny. Where should we go from where we stand today?…yes!…where, beloved elders and parents?


Greed has pathetically overshadowed humane principles, having been fed by the unrelenting selfishness of many world leaders. And, pride has blinded the same arrogant leaders who do not give a damn while treading on the path leading toward aspired success that must be had at all cost. They failed to see the rights of others that they trampled to make their covetous desire come true. We, the youth are among the trampled, a misfortune that have cut short a life that could have made us savor what lies ahead of us.


Why must we, the youth, suffer for all of these?

Why can’t there be even a bit of tolerance for all the differences that ensued when God created humanity?

Why can’t tolerance be observed as a show of respect to what others believe in?

Why can’t there be just music instead of the cracking guns that spit forth death?

Why can’t there be love instead of hate?

And, why can’t we extend a hand of compassion, instead of one gripping a gun?


If we let tolerance prevail, there would be understanding…if we let love overcome our hate, there will be compassion….and, if we give harmony a chance, there will be a soothing and delightful tranquility, as everything would just fall into their proper places with synchrony that shall bring forth peace!


So, now I am asking again…why not give peace a chance to rule the world?


(An oratorical peace composed by Ed Palomado for a student in his speech clinic, and which I edited.)



“Work Hard in Your Youth”…a Wise Reminder from Manny Relova, PAL’s Hardworking “Salesman”

“Work Hard in Your Youth”…a Wise Reminder

From Manny Relova, PAL’s Hardworking “Salesman”

By Apolinario Villalobos

This blog is about a guy who propelled his way to success by working hard since his younger days. The name may not be familiar with other viewers, especially, those who were not connected with Philippine Airlines. What I would like to impart here, however, is his philosophy in life which is worthy of emulation, in the face of the prevailing attitude of today’s youth.

Manny Relova worked his way up the corporate ladder of Philippine Airlines which he joined after leaving his job at the Elizalde Publications, as Circulation Manager. The said company was known for their Evening News and Bulaklak Magazine. The job honed his expertise in operation and handling of people, a responsibility that he held as a young man and which became useful when he joined the country’s flag carrier.

In 1970, he joined the Marketing and Sales- International Department of Philippine Airlines which brought him to Sydney where he had a stint for two years, followed by a three-year assignment in Honululu, and one year in Bangkok. He was later recalled back to Manila to head the Sales Force, located at the S and L Building Extension Office, along Roxas Boulevard, which was considered as the “flagship” for sales of Philippine Airlines. The “S&L”, as what travel agents, corporate accounts and government offices, referred to, was so strategically located, being within the tourist belt, as well as the community of travel agents.

When Manny Relova set foot on “S&L”, he could have felt the opportunity offered by such location that he immediately embarked on the enhancement of the various services of the PAL offices at the said site. In the process, special desks were set up to serve the specific needs of the various segments of PAL’s clientele, through its “retailers” – the travel agents, as well as, the government agencies.

Aside from the regular domestic and international ticketing offices, other service outlets were Government Travel Ticket Office (GTTO), the desk for Middle East market, and, Special Services Unit (SSU) which was tasked with the computation of special fares that involved connecting flights with other international airlines. These “special sales desks” were the important sinew or muscle that made the Sales Force formidable, in the face of cutthroat competition from other foreign airlines that had the temerity of offering “bargain fares”, to undermine the effort of Philippine Airlines.

Discipline was instilled in the mind of the Sales Force, composed of young Account Officers who were trained to persuade even the most inflexible travel agents to allow their clients to savor the PAL hospitality, this despite the almost give-away fares offered by other airlines.  The exquisite PAL service that speaks of Filipino hospitality has always been the selling point of the “flagship” at S&L, and which stiff competitors and trying times failed to erode.

During the incumbency of Manny Relova, PAL enjoyed the “golden years” of international sales and marketing, such that, many thought that the office along Roxas Boulevard where the Sales Office was located, was the entire PAL itself. Those years brought to fore personalities who became synonymous with “PAL sales”, such as Rene Ocampo, Archie Lacson, Dave Lim, Danny Lim, Harry Inoferio, Elsie Enriquez, Noel Abad, Millie Braganza, Dichay Gonzales, Ruby Precila, Tesi Ona, Ginny Gotamco, Ging Ledesma, Lou Bengzon, Mona Pecson, and Jaime Lucas.

The legacy of hard work was passed on to Rene Ocampo when Manny Relova was assigned to San Francisco and London. The tradition of discipline was so instilled among the young Account Officers that it strengthened their salesmanship in the airline industry. A few years later, most of them have been promoted to higher positions such as managers and vice-presidents.

Hard work tempered with discipline can really do wonders, especially, if they are instilled at a young age….as it can steer dreams towards reality. This, however, is possible on the “leader of the pack”, whose diligence is beyond question, if one belongs to a group.

My dear, little ones…

My dear, little ones…

by Apolinario Villalobos

It pains me to see how the world

Crumbles under the weight of greed

How life buckles with the pain of despair

I am so sad that what will be left for all of you

Will be a world shrouded with the bleak sorrow.

Gone will all the birds be, that fly

Grass and flowers in the meadows

Fish in the oceans, rivers, and creeks

The butterflies and bees that seek nectar

And, so will the wind…stilled by the dire war.

All those are due to man’s greed

So ravenous are his appalling desires

But let’s not lose hope…pray, pray, pray

As the kindly Lord, to us, may again take pity

That tomorrow’s world, be blessed with His mercy!

The Senior Citizens…(a message to the the youth)

The Senior Citizens

(…a message to the youth)

By Apolinario Villalobos

Never scorn or despise the senior citizens. Without them, the world may not have been fit for habitation for your generation and of the rest to come. Without them, there would have been no bright guys running the governments. From the senior citizens seeds of humanity have been issued to bring forth different races that roam the earth.

The senior citizens toiled day and night to earn so that the youth in their care can eat decent meals and earn knowledge from institutions of learning. They sat it out all night when the youth in their care got sick. They cried when the youth in their care finally succumbed to eternal sleep because of incurable disease. The woman senior citizen carried what would become a child for nine months which is the fulfillment of her life as a mother. The elderly man literally broke his back in carrying loads to earn an honest living for the growing youth in his care.

Never hate the senior citizens just because they break cups and plates due to their trembling hands. Never call them useless creatures just because you feed them. Remember that they have exhausted their savings to buy you nice clothes, gadgets and pay for your tuition. Never neglect their needs for medical attention, because you might be thinking that it is best that they finally rest if their deterioration is hastened. You, the youth, are treading the road that leads to where they are now.

The senior citizens should be esteemed. They deserve the same care that they once gave you as a growing child. They should not be caricatured because of their wrinkled skin, stooped posture, bowed legs, gummy smile and chinky eyes due to dimming sight. They should not be shunned because of a typical smell, as they can no longer take a bath on their own.

The senior citizens should be loved the way they loved you, the very minute you saw the first ray of light when you were born into this world. They need to feel the same warmth that they gave you when they hugged your frail body. They deserve love more than anything in this world.

You, the youth, will become like them…ripened by time and toughened by ordeals.  They are you, years from now…

The Importance of History…and the Educated Youth Today

The Importance of History

…and the Educated Youth of Today

by Apolinario Villalobos

Some educated youth of this generation do not seem to know or are familiar with the country’s history. Just imagine the consternation of a field TV reporter interviewing a student when asked, who the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth was. The student was obviously caught by surprised and could not utter a word. The reporter asked her another question about Tandang Sora to which she finally replied as “a place in Quezon City…in Commonwealth Avenue”. When asked about her school, she proudly mentioned a university along Espaῆa St. in Sampaloc. Her current school has got nothing to do with her ignorance, but her previous schools, those she went to as an elementary pupil and the one she attended as a high school student. Still, on her own, she could have, at least, exercised a little diligence in enriching her knowledge about her country. The danger here is that, she may transfer this ignorance to her offspring, a vicious cycle which is happening today.

That is the irony of the current educational system. Schools give attention to their need in developing with the time, with reference to the fast technological transformation of practically everything that influence life. So, schools are worried when their computer system is outdated or they do not have the latest modules for courses that they offer to be more competitive with other educational institutions, to entice more enrollees.  But sadly, many courses today, do not fit in any way to jobs that are available. This lackadaisical approach in the current educational system, also shows well in how institutions seem to have disregarded the importance of basic knowledge of our country’s history, shamefully manifesting in the ignorance of some students who thought that they have learned enough.

On the other hand, some students, themselves, may be blamed for their ignorance. At an early age they get fascinated with the games in the internet. Growing older, they get glued to its social webs….facebook, twitter, etc. They would rather browse for photos that they could share in their timelines or exchange messages about trending issues. They disregard sites that are just clicks away from the facebook or twitter pages. These are sites from which they can gain insights on what the Philippines was, years ago, and the people whose gallantry propelled the country towards democracy.

Worse is the discernible attitude of some students who are seem to be just proud about their ignorance of their country’s history, as if trying to give an impression that they belong to the modern hi-tech age.  That is why, they are no longer interested in what happened before. During the latest May 1 Labor Day protest rallies, one young student was asked why he joined the march. Without any hesitation, he said, “there is no class anyway, and I am with my boardmates”. Obviously, he has no knowledge about the historical significance of the traditional May 1 celebration, and the historical issues behind the insufficient wage for which the different labor unions are fighting for. All he knew was that he was having fun, marching and shouting slogans with his boardmates.

College or university graduates whose parents pawn properties and spend lifetime savings for their education, find it difficult to land a reputable job. They failed to check historical information about the course they have chosen, courses that become useless as they do not fit the requirements of available jobs. These are the young graduates who look forward to clerical jobs in the air-conditioned offices but, which come in trickles compared to the surge of good paying technical jobs, some of which require only two years of studies and on-the-job trainings.

A little looking back will not result to a stiff neck, but still, most of the youth, especially, the “highly” educated who believe they belong to a different realm, refuse to do it. They just refuse to learn some lessons from the failure of their predecessors in the past, lessons that could give them a push forward. For their failure to find a job, these ignorant youth blame the government for “not creating jobs”, insult the President for being a “slave” of America, blame employers for low wage, etc. They blame practically everybody, except themselves who waste precious time playing internet games in cafes or chat with friends about show business happenings.

Given a chance to rise from his grave and live again for even just a few minutes, I cannot imagine what Jose Rizal would say about the Filipino youth of today. Will he still say that “the youth are the hope of our nation”, when some of them may not even have an idea that it was he who uttered this hopeful statement? They who have no idea where Mt. Buntis is? They who do not know where Maragondon is? They who have not heard of Princess Tarhata? They who do not know how to pronounce the letter “R” properly when speaking in Filipino? They who shout obscenities in front of the US Embassy but toe the line for an American visa to be stamped on their passport?

For the youth who may happen to view this discourse, don’t lose heart if you honestly think that you do not belong to the “some” whom I mentioned. Instead, extend a helping hand by admonishing those whom you think are concerned.

Ang Panukala tungkol sa mga Kabataan…kinopyang ideya, kaya sobrang palpak!

Ang Panukala tungkol sa mga Kabataan
…kinopyang ideya, kaya sobrang palpak!
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Sa kakokopya ng mga mambabatas ng mga batas na umiiral sa Amerika, lalo na ang mga tungkol sa kabataan, nakalimutan nilang iba ang kultura ng Pilipino sa Amerikano.

Sa kultura ng Amerikano, kapantay, kung ituring ng mga kabataan ang matatanda kahit pa ang mga ito ay magulang nila. Mayroon pang tumatawag sa magulang ng first name nito. Ang ugaling ito ay lalo pang pinalala ng mga batas nila na may kinalaman sa pagdisiplina ng kabataan, kaya kung sawayin ang mga kabataan nila, kahit ang mga walang muwang ay dapat sa salita lang. Hindi sila pwedeng saktan kahit bahagya, dahil sa kulungan ang bagsak ng nanakit na magulang. Nagagawa tuloy ng mga kabataan doon na sumagot ng pabalang-balang sa kanilang mga magulang at may pananakot pang magsusumbong sila sa pamahalaan o tatawag sa 911 kung sila ay sasaktan, kahit malinaw namang may kasalanan sila.

Sa Pilipinas, maganda na sana ang paraan sa pagdisiplina ng mga kabataan dahil kung lumabis naman sa pananakit ang magulang ay maaari silang isumbong ng kapitbahay o maski sino, sa Barangay, at pwedeng ideretso din sa pulisya dahil may naka-assign namang desk upang mag-asikaso sa ganitong problem na itinuturing na hindi pangkaraniwan. Mula’t sapul, ang ganitong paraan ay katanggap-tanggap na, subalit may gustong magpa-istaring na mambatatas, kaya naisipan niyang gumawa ng panukala, kinopya naman…hindi original.

Sa pagdisiplina, hindi maiwasang saktan ng magulang ang anak lalo na ang mga paslit na hindi pa alam kung ano ang tama at mali. Hindi rin nila masyadong nauunawaan ang mga paliwanag kung sabihin sa kanila, kaya ang paraan lamang upang ipaalam sa kanila na mali ang kanilang ginagawa ay saktan ng bahagya.

Mahalagang matanim sa isip ng mga paslit o madanasan nila ang “katumbas” ng bawa’t maling gagawin nila. Halimbawa, malalaman lamang ng isang paslit na nakakapaso ang apoy sa sandaling hahawakan niya – isang karanasan na hindi na niya uulitin. Kailangan ding saktan ng bahagya ng magulang ang pasaway na paslit sa pamamagitan ng palo sa puwit upang ipabatid, halimbawa, na mali ang ang pagdumi kung saan-saan lang sa loob ng bahay, na susundan pa minsan ng pagsubo nito ng kanyang dumi.

Hindi maganda ang magiging resulta ng bagong batas dahil lalo lamang nitong palalalain ang nasisira nang disiplina ng mga kabataang Pilipino na nalulublob na sa masamang impluwensiya ng makabagong teknolohiya, mga bisyo tulad ng droga, sigarilyo, alak, at barkada.

Kahit kaylan, walang mabuting nagawa ang ibang mga mambabatas. Hindi nila pinag-iisipan ang mga ginagawang panukala, masabi lang na may nagawa sila – pantakip sa kanilang korapsyon!

Ang Pagtanggal ng Pambansang Wika mula sa mga Aralin dahil lamang sa K to 12 program ng CHED

Ang Pagtanggal ng Pambansang Wika mula sa mga aralin
dahil lamang sa K to 12 program ng CHED
ni Apolinario Villalobos

Umaabot na sa sukdulan ang pagkasira ng sistema ng edukasyon ng Pilipinas dahil sa balak ng CHED na pagtanggal ng Pambansang Wika mula sa mga aralin ng mga estudyante dahil lamang sa pagpapatupad ng K to 12 program na tinututulan ng mga magulang, kabataan, at pati na ng maraming titser.

Nakakagulat ito dahil nawawala na yata sa porma ang mga namumuno ng ahensiyang dapat ay naghuhubog ng kaisipan ng mga kabataang Pilipino. Bakit isasakripisyo ang Pambansang Wika na dapat ay ituring na pinakadiwa ng ating kultura? Kung papansinin, marami pa ngang dapat matutunan ang mga estudyante na sa katigasan ng ulo ay ni hindi mabigkas nang tama ang letrang “R” kung magsalita sa Pilipino, dahil pinipilit ng mga ito ang bigkas-Amerikano, kaya pilit na pinapalambot ang nabanggit na letra.

Dapat ay tutukan din ng CHED ang kahinaan sa pagtuturo ng mga paaralan na hindi man lang matawag ang pansin ng mga estudyanteng lumilihis sa kagandahang asal dahil din sa hindi na nila pagturo ng tradisyonal na “Good Manners and Right Conduct”.

Ang elementarya ay napakakritikal na yugto sa paglinang ng pagkatao ng isang estudyante. Ang yugtong ito ay dapat matatag dahil dito itutuntong ang isa pang yugto na kinapapalooban ng mga dapat matutunan sa kolehiyo upang mabuo ang kaalaman tungo sa napiling propesyon. At, ang lubos na kaalaman sa Pambansang Wika ay magpapatibay sa pagkatao ng isang estudyante bilang Pilipino.

Ang nakakabahala pa sa inaasal ng CHED ay ang matunog na kawalan ng kahandaan ng mga paaralan upang maipatupad ng maayos ang pinipilit na K to 12 program. Dahil lang sa panggagaya sa ibang bansa, asahan na ang malaking bulilyaso ng CHED – gagastos ng malaki sa isang programang walang kahihinatnan.