Inconsistencies in this World

Inconsistencies in this World

By Apolinario Villalobos


Life is full of inconsistencies….


One day when I hitched a ride with a lawyer friend, he intentionally broke a traffic rule by beating the red light. When I asked him why he did it, he told me that there was no traffic enforcer anyway…and, he is a LAWyer!


When I visited another friend who I know is an advocate of alternative herbal medicine, I heard her remind the caregiver of her mother about her antibiotic that should be changed to another brand, obviously, a stronger one for an eighty-three year old. She learned about the strong antibiotic from her internet browsing. When I reminded her about her advocacy and mentioned garlic as a strong natural antibiotic, she told me that her mother MAY not like its taste. What worried me is that my friend is deciding on her own about the synthetic antibiotic as a “preventive” drug for her aging mother! This friend keeps several boxes of apple cider vinegar at home just in case the Bragg family of America stops making the expensive medicinal concoction from the apple juice. If my friend is in her charitable mood, she gives me a bottle or two to take home, and act which keeps my mouth shut, instead of arguing with her.


Another friend who is an advocate of family discipline sends his 12-year son out to buy his favorite local rhum at a corner store. He also sends the same son to the kitchen to light his cigarette in the gas range burner, thereby, making the poor boy make the necessary initial puffs to keep it lighted until he has handed it “safely” to his father. Ironically, my friend brags to his friends that no son of his would ever have a taste of alcohol or even just a single puff of cigarette while he is alive!


Then, another friend who tries to project a classy image by boasting about his vegetarian diet hates local vegetables, preferring only western ones such as spinach, lettuce, baby carrots, sweet onions, etc., while despising local vegetables such as, “saluyot”, “kangkong”, “alogbate”, “upo”, etc. He brags about his preference for “salads” with plenty of strips of bologna, spam, German sausages, or chicken, and sprinkled with his favorite Italian dressing!…and, he is a vegetarian!


Many years ago, when a big religious sect which is a breakaway from the Catholic fold, still held their prayer rallies at Luneta park, I was brought by a friend to their venue, to introduce me to their kind of music which I really enjoyed. On the other hand, I hated much  the corny preaching of the supposedly charismatic leader who would enthuse his flock to open and invert their umbrella to catch the blessings and grace from “heaven”. My friend was a Bible-quoting guy, definitely, very religious in his own way. When we left the area to take a jeepney at T.M. Kalaw St., we were approached along the way by an obviously hungry street child with an open upward palm. Without much thought, he shooed the boy away, as if shooing a pestering fly!


Then, there’s the greatest inconsistency of all…the advertisement aired over a popular radio station about the “ashitaba” herbal medicine which the endorsing woman who supposedly got cured said in Visayan, “ako si….. duna koy ALMORANAS nga maura ug kamatis ka daku, pero nawala ang akong ALMORANAS sukad nag-inom ko ug ashitaba…kinanlan gyud mag-inom ta ug ashitaba aron mawala ang atong ALMORANAS”, or to that effect, which as translated in English is, “ I am…..I have been suffering from a HEMORRHOID as big as tomato, but it was gone when I took ashitaba…we should take ashitaba so that our HEMORRHOID will be gone..” After the statement, came the disclaimer which said, “the ashitaba is not a drug and should not be taken as a medicine as it cannot cure any ailment”….What happened to the endorsement and the testimony of the woman who got cured? Why must the government agency concern approve the ad for airing if there is such a bullshit disclaimer? I think something is wrong with the Philippine government agency that approves ads like the one mentioned….for letting such mindless inconsistency be heard all over the country as it makes a fool of the listeners!


Today, every time I am alone and those mentioned above and many others would creep into my mind, I would just let out a deep sigh to lighten up my heavy chest while holding on to my sanity, so as not to cuss. But my big question is: does our world really throbs with much senselessness?


Ode to Mother Earth

Ode to Mother Earth

by Apolinario Villalobos


Looking back when time began

God said the words

Giving life to all

That He desired,

The endless expanse of the void

Was filled with motley specks

That moved with harmony –

A prodigious task

Of the Almighty.


A tiny dot in the universe

Mother Earth throbbed with life

As God made her a living sphere

Covered with green and blue

All part of God’s grandiose plan

Done in a few days of divine toil,

Though, He rested finally,

Being satisfied at last

On the seventh day.


Out of a handful dust from her womb

God made Adam, by such name he was called

And with God’s breathe of life

What was once a lump with limbs

Has become like Him in image

And let to roam the Garden of Eden.

But then, loneliness soon had its toll

Which when God has perceived –

From Adam’s rib, He made Eve.


Alas! Mother Earth now nurtured

Not only lesser creatures

But the pair that God made

In His own image;

A paradise, Eden was supposed to be

But to it, a serpent found its way

Tempting Eve to have a taste of ecstasy

And, no sooner than she did have a bite

She made Adam commit the same apostasy!


The blunder made by Adam and Eve

Instigated the misery of Mother Earth

As they opened the floodgate of afflictions

That soon blemished her once pristine face;

Greed and selfishness, for long led lives –

Cain putting to death his own brother Abel

And many others whose names are written

On the sacred pages of the age-old Book

And all it needs is for us is to take a serious look.


And it is so sad,

As warnings that Mother Earth belched

In her effort to wake man up with a jolt

Did not budge him even just a bit…



Our Unsafe World

Our Unsafe World

By Apolinario Villalobos


Our world is so unsafe today that even billionaires are not secure behind the thick and high walls of their home. Their palatial abode may not be burglarized due to tight security but they may have acquired diseases from excessive vices that can certainly shorten their life…vices that involve “creations” of man such as alcoholic drinks and synthetic foods.


The atmosphere is so poisoned that the rainwater is no longer safe to drink. The air is permeated with heavy carbon dioxide that even the so-called organic vegetables that are not raised with fertilizer are still not safe to eat. Chicken in poultries are fattened with growth-enhancing feeds and so are pigs and cattle.


Fruits are sprayed or swabbed with chemicals so that their shelf-life can be extended. Marine fishes are soaked in formalin to make them look fresh and so are vegetables such as okra, tomatoes, eggplants, slices of young jackfruit (langka), and many others. Fishes filleted and dried (daing), as well as, sardines are also soaked in formalin to make their scales shiny and enticing.


The government that is supposed to protect us can no longer be trusted with confidential information due to careless and corrupt “public servants”. The most important link between diverse humanities, the internet system is also prone to hacking which jeopardizes the security of users. Even the guy sitting next to you in a bus, could be a mugger.


The eroding cultures of peoples result to the overall weakening of human character and his virtual self-annihilation.


The World is a Maze of Confusion and Conflict

The World is a Maze of Confusion

And Conflict

By Apolinario Villalobos


Here are some of my personal observations:


  1. The only “order” that can be felt and experienced in the world is the 24-hour cycle divided into night and day that further accumulates into seven days in a week, further accumulating into the 28/30/31 days in a month and finally into 12 months in a year – according to the Roman Catholic calendar, however, the Chinese, the Jews, and the Muslims have their own calendar in this regard.


  1. The long-respected Bible is now being touted as a source of various confusions, especially, because many religions have allegedly thwarted the original contents written in the original language, to serve their own purpose which is to prove their having the “true religion”. So, today, instead of being enlightened, many people become confused that they have gone to the extent of leaving the religion of their birth to become Atheist, Agnostic, or Satanic. They should not be blamed because they followed their own judgment, and nobody can rightly say that they are wrong, after having gone through the harrowing confusion.


  1. Due to survival instinct, countries have become hypocrites. Openly, leaders deal amiably with each other despite differences in ideology, and proof to this are photos splashed on the different social media where they are shown smiling at each other and shaking hands, but days after, the same leaders make pronouncements that run counter to their friendly stance shown earlier to the world. Citizens are confused which of the two “expressions” should be believed.


  1. Drugs are invented to prevent the onset of diseases and cure people of ailments but most of these drugs have contra-indications when used at the same time due to simultaneous inceptions of disorders. Even the long-traditionally used drugs, one of which is aspirin, are deemed to have negative effects on some organs. Most antibiotics today are also declared as ineffective and can harm many organs if used unabatedly, especially, without prescription. This confusion resulted to the loss of confidence to physicians by skeptic patients who have resorted to herbals, instead.


  1. Confusion did not spare the foods, as many of them are not just fit for anybody. Some people get sick when they drink milk, eat seafood, beans, and even peanut. Some people vomit when they eat any fibrous vegetable or get a sniff of banana. The list of foods that are not supposed to be eaten by some people is still getting longer by the day. This deprivation is confusing, for how can sources of nutrients for the body become poison to others? Explanations are offered by experts, but the question still remains because life is supposed to be viewed as full of promises, including health and happiness. But how can it be possible if one is deprived of things needed to live happily and glow with health?


  1. Universities and colleges are supposed to breed intelligent graduates who are expected to be part of the effort in the development of their nation and betterment of society. But why are there corrupt government officials and even leaders who are supposed to have even earned Masters and Doctorates from these institutions of learning? Why are there evil-minded scientists, whose intellect and moral values have been bred in these institutions where only what’s good for mankind is supposed to be taught?


The confusion is compounded by greed that has muddled man’s mind making the upshots of his intellect become tools for his self-annihilation!


Ang Buhay at ang Karapatang Mabuhay


Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Sa ibabaw ng mundo lahat ng nilalang ay may karapatang mabuhay, subalit hindi lahat ng kabuluhan nila ay naangkop sa pangangailangan ng iba.  May kanya-kanya din silang talino at lakas upang magamit sa pagtanggol ng sarili. Ang prolema lang ay ang mga taong sadyang gahaman o makasarili, kaya hindi nila isinasaalang-alang ang karapatan ng iba.


Ang mga makasariling tao ay nanggaling sa mga pamilya na bahagi ng lipunan. Sa isang pamilya, hindi maiwasang magkaroon ng sutil o “black sheep”. Marami sila kapag naipon na, at ang dami ay depende rin sa laki ng lipunan na kinabibilangan ng mga pamilya. Sila ay mga problema na kung hindi masawata ay aalagwa o lalabas sa tahanan at mamiminsala na rin sa kabuuhan ng lipunan, kaya madadamay ang ibang miyembro. Ang katalinuhan ng tao ay nagdikta sa kanya upang gumawa ng mga kaparaanan upang mabigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga sutil sa lipunan- isang pagbabakasakaling sila ay magbago dahil sila ay may karapatan din sa buhay. At, ito ang ginagawa ng pamahalaan.


Samantala, ang karapatan ng isang tao sa isang bagay ay may hangganan at dapat na ginagamit sa mga makabuluhang bagay na nakakatulong sa lipunan sa halip na makapanira. Kung ipipilit na gamitin ng isang tao ang karapatang yan upang makapaminsala ng buhay ng kanyang kapwa o makapanira sa lipunan, lalabas na sinaklawan niya ang karapatan ng ibang taong may karapatang mabuhay ng matiwasay. Sa madaling sabi, ang karapatan ng isang tao ay nagwawakas sa hangganan kung saan ay nagsisimula ang karapatan ng iba.


Ang simpleng nakikitaan ng kalagayan tungkol sa usaping ito ay ang taniman ng gulay, kung saan ay may tumubong mga damo. At dahil damo, itinuturing silang salot na magdudulot ng pinsala sa mga itinanim na gulay. At dahil sila ay salot….dapat silang puksain upang hindi na makapanira pa…at ang katumbas nila sa lipunan ng tao ay mga kriminal!


No Virtuous Leader of a Nation can Stand Against a Corrupted Democracy

No Virtuous Leader of a Nation Can Stand

Against a Corrupted Democracy

By Apolinario Villalobos


Democracy was conceived with a noble purpose of providing a comfortable life for its adherents, and was given substance by freedom, free will, liberty, equality, and many other principles that stand for anything “free”. It is unfortunate, however, that the looseness brought forth by freedom has caused its decadence today. The systems of all democratic nations are practically loop-holed with omissions and defects giving corrupt government officials the chance to commit frauds at will. Democracy has been so abused lately, that its image has been deformed beyond recognition.


America which is considered by other nations as the cradle of world democracy is showing signs of decadence as abusive acts have practically become part of its citizens’ daily life. Guns can be easily purchased and even youngsters can carry them around. Muggings are prevalent making stringent laws seem useless. Parents are humbled by their children who talk back at them every time their attention is called for committed faults, and the former cannot do anything, as they will be reported to the police. These undisciplined children later grow up to become young single moms, muggers, gun-toting students, rapists, etc. It is true that similar crimes are committed in any democratic nation, but the degree of incidence in America is beyond expectation.


Nations that are internationally-acknowledged as strictly disciplined like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are not free from the abuse committed by their supposedly, equally well-disciplined constituents, at the first sign of opportunity. Corruption in their government is also a ubiquitous happening just like in other countries of their level. Along this line, the onslaught of corruption is such that not even a spiritual nation like Vatican is free from it. No less than the new pope himself, Francis, has called the attention of the erring clerics to mend their ways. In other words, no amount of discipline and spirituality can match the evil of corruption that has become deeply-rooted in the midst of humanity.


It must be noted, however, that the uncontrollability of corruption even by a virtuous leader does not free him from the liability for any commission by his officials. On the contrary, as a leader, he is expected to exhaust all means and exert an extra effort in preventing the fraudulent acts, or make necessary corrective moves, and not just look the other way every time they are committed. Tolerance on his part makes him liable or a party to the act.  Not even his assertion of purported ignorance makes him innocent. Somehow, the preventive or corrective effort of the virtuous leader, though how futile they may seem, can at least, minimize the incidence or effect of corruption…a consolation that can appease the victims.


As for the seemingly “unblemished” constituents of the corrupted democratic nations, perhaps, they can exert an extra effort in persisting to be consistent in acting as expected of them… law-abiding citizens, whose collective effort can somehow resuscitate the ailing Democracy.

The Worldly Differences and their Compromise


By Apolinario Villalobos


In this world, there are only differences that may not be right or wrong, as there is no “ultimate judge” who can decide, not even the respective Supreme Courts of nations, and not even the guiding book of whatever religion. For those who believe in God, to them I may come out blasphemous if I say based on my observation, that not even He is the ultimate judge as being preached by religions that cling to Him, for how can they say that He is the One when others do not believe in Him?


Islamic rules are different from those of Christian religions’ that sprouted even later than others, and which also have their own norms. There is a popular belief that traditional religions have been deceiving people in their effort to expand their respective following. In this regard, those who have been enlightened came up with their own Ministries that eventually attracted hordes of adherents that, fortunately, did not totally turn their back on the teachings of their former churches, such that, there are Catholics who trek to the temple of El Shaddai in Paraἧaque, as well as, there are New Christians who still attend Catholic service. The mushrooming, however, all over the world of these new Ministries is proof that something is wrong with the Catholic Church from which newly-enlightened Christians came from. But then, nobody has the right to condemn Catholicism because of the erring few priests…as again, in this world, nothing is perfect. On the other hand, the “Balik-Islam” in the Philippines is, likewise, gaining ground. In its totality, the movement of modern-day conversions should be viewed with fairness on the part of the converts. What is important is the change in their spirituality that made them better persons, and most especially, they worship the same God, anyway. We should worry about former God-fearing brothers who became heretics, instead!


What is happening to the fate of religions is happening among nations with differences that lie in their ideologies polarized by democracy and socialism. The same competitive expansion brought forth hideous annihilation of races which is the essence of the effort in such desire. And, to top it all, to date, many nations are subtly disregarding the authority of the United Nations. In the case of the West Philippine Sea for instance, it made pronouncements that favored the Philippines but it cannot enforce what it has “summarized” based on proofs…while China consistently and loudly shows her defiance.


Somehow, the innate compromising characteristic of man came into the picture, resulting to the “ironing out of differences” among conflicting nations which does not necessarily declare which is right or wrong. In other words, there is no clear decision, just a compromise for some kind of a conditional understanding to avoid further conflicts between the victor and the vanquished.


Along this compromise, what each one can do to maintain relative peace is, perhaps, to be good based on the Golden Rule which is the essence of all religions, an adage that says, “Do Not Hurt Others if You Do Not Want Them to Hurt You”. It is a simple give and take principle that can apply to all peoples and nations.


Finally and most importantly, one should cling more tightly to whatever congregation he has chosen, be the spiritual bonding is done in cavernous basilicas or cathedrals, or a humble space that used to see good old days as an air-conditioner repair shop.


My humble belief is that, spirituality is not measured by an impressive concrete structure, but by sincerity that throbs in one’s heart! One can even venerate manifestations of God under a tree!…and, who can stop somebody from praying for the smooth expurgation of his guts while seated on a toilet bowl?



My dear, little ones…

My dear, little ones…

by Apolinario Villalobos


It pains me to see how the world

Crumbles under the weight of greed

How life buckles with the pain of despair

I am so sad that what will be left for all of you

Will be a world shrouded with the bleak sorrow.


Gone will all the birds that fly

Grass and flowers in the meadows

Fish in the oceans, rivers, and creeks

The butterflies and bees that seek nectar

And, so will the wind…stilled by the dire war.


All those are due to man’s greed

So ravenous are his appalling desires

But let’s not lose hope…pray, pray, pray

As the kindly Lord, to us, may again take pity

That tomorrow’s world, be blessed with His mercy!



The Desire to Survive

The Desire to Survive

By Apolinario Villalobos


All creatures have the innate instinct to survive, either in their sedentary state that do not involve others or in their struggle against their prey. In an urban setting, the ultimate struggle to survive is what scavengers do – live on what can be salvaged from the dump. The indolent on the other hand, live life the easiest way by resorting to evil acts as means to exploit others.


Some plants practically take root even in minute crevices of concrete walls and rock faces of cliffs. Still other plants excrete substance that coat their stem and leaves that some insects living around them use as food, thereby, providing their benefactor protection against their prey.


The classic manifestations of man’s struggle to survive are the wars; among the animals, are their deadly encounters with their kind; and for the plants, the effort to reach up higher skyward than others for the best exposure to the sun.


Without the desire for survival, the purpose of life is lost.



Ang Mundo, Tao, at Diyos


Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Babala:  Ang blog na ito ay para lamang sa mga naniniwalang may Diyos…


Ang mga bagay sa ating paligid, pati na ang tao, at ang maayos na pamumuhay ng lahat ang patunay na may Diyos….yan ang paniniwala ko na hindi pwedeng kontrahin ng iba. Hindi naging “aksidente” o basta na lang nagkaroon ng mga bagay, may buhay man o wala sa kalawakang ginagawalan ng mundo, na ginagalawan naman ng tao. Hindi aksidente ang pagkaroon ng kabuluhan ang lahat ng bagay na umangkop sa pangangailangan ng mga hayop, halaman, at taong nagkaroon ng mga ito.


Halimbawa sa tao: ang buhok sa ulo ay pangharang sa init ng araw; ang kilay ay pangharang sa tutulong pawis upang hindi dumiretso sa mata; ang ilong ay para sa paghinga at ang mga balahibo sa loob nito ay pangharang sa dumi upang hindi pumasok habang humihinga ang tao; ang labi ay pangtakip ng bunganga upang hindi pasukin ng langaw o lamok at iba pang kulisap; ang ngipin ay pang-nguya ng kakainin; ang palaypay ng tenga ay pang-ipon ng tunog upang dumiretso sa butas, kaya para itong “bulsa”; ang mga kamay ay panghawak at panuntok, samantalang ang mga paa ay panglakad naman at pangsipa; ang buhok sa kili-kili ay proteksyon upang hindi magkaroon ng friction at magdikit ang balat ng braso at tagiliran sa bahaging yon, etc.


Ang iba’t ibang lahi at uri ng mga hayop at halaman ay may kanya-kanyang magkakaparehong katangian, at hindi pwedeng sabihing nagkataon lang ang pagkakapareho nila. Kung sasabihing “nagkataon” lang, pwedeng may ipapanganak na Amerikano ang isang nanay na Pilipino (pwera dito ang “albino” na naging puti lang ang balat)…o di kaya ay maaaring magkaanak ang elepante ng tigre.


Noong panahon ni Noah, nagkaroon ng malawakang baha na ayon sa Bibliya ay paraan upang mawala ang masasamang lahi sa mundo. Ang hindi lang naitala sa Bibliya ay ang iba pang mga kalamidad na tumama sa mundo upang mabawasan ang dami ng mga may buhay, at tuloy ay magkaroon ng balanse ang dami ng may buhay at pagkaing makukuha o available nang panahong yon. Kung nagawa ng Diyos na magpabaha, ay kaya rin niyang gumamit ng iba pang paraan upang mamintina ang kaayusan at balanse sa mundo.


Sa palagay ko, kaya binigyan ng Diyos ng “free will” ang tao, ay upang ito na ang gumawa ng paraan sa pagkontrol ng balanse sa mundo, nang lingid sa kanyang kaalaman. Dahil sa “free will”, ang tao ay nagkaroon ng ugaling pagkagahaman, kriminal, kabaitan, pagiging maka-Diyos, at iba pa. Dinagdag sa “free will” ang dunong o karunungan dahil ito ang ginamit ng tao upang gumawa ng mga kagamitang pamuksa sa kapwa-tao sa pamamagitan ng digmaan, terorismo at iba pa, na ang resulta ay paghihirap at kagutuman. Ang mga patayang nangyayari sa mundo ay nakatulong upang mabawasan ang dami ng tao, dahil kung hindi nagkaroon ng mga digmaan at kung asahan lang ang mga kalamidad, noon pa lang ay maaaring umapaw na ang sangkatauhan sa mundo!


Lahat ng tao at hayop, pati mga halaman ay may mga sakit na nananalaytay sa kanilang mga ugat (tao at hayop) at hibla (halaman). Ang dunong na ibinigay sa tao ang siyang gumagawa ng paraan kung paanong mapigilan ang “paglabas” ng mga sakit, sa pamamagitan ng pag-imbento ng mga gamot at ibang kaalaman tulad ng pag-opera. Subalit dahil sa kapabayaan ng tao, hindi niya nakontrol ang sarili upang magpakasasa sa pagkain at bisyo. Dahil diyan naglabasan ang mga sakit na ulcer, kanser, diabetes, high blood, high cholesterol, etc. Hindi nagamit ng maayos ang “free will” kaya naghihirap ngayon ang sangkatauhan dahil sa iba’t ibang sakit….masarap kasing humitit ng sigarilyo at marijuana, suminghot ng cocaine at shabu, lumaklak nang walang patumangga ng alak, lumamon ng maski pagkaing sinabi nang bawal, pagpuyat, etc.


Ang mga kalamidad tulad ng bagyo at baha ay resulta ng pagkagahaman ng tao na sumira sa kalikasan, kaya hindi dapat isisi sa Diyos kung bakit madalas na nagkakaroon ng mga ito.  Samantala, ang pagsisisi naman ng tao ay palaging nasa huli na….