A Fearful Prediction on the World’s Course

A Fearful Prediction

on the World’s Course

by Apolinario Villalobos

At the rate the pockets of unrest are scarring the face of the earth, horrendous sentiments have practically overcame the peoples of different nations. The overzealous races even think of the events as premonitions of the Biblical Armageddon.

The African continent has long been rocked with unrests, and so are parts of Europe. The Asian regions are not free from bickering among neighboring countries over disputed parcels of maritime territories, and even the country of Uncle Sam, long known as the cradle of democracy is not without its share of bombings.

European countries have come together to meld themselves into the European Union (EU). In Asia, there is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) over which hovers “big brother”, China. In the Middle East, there is the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). Left out are the weak black African nations, the Judaic country of Israel, and Japan that still manifest unwavering faith in the United Nations.

With the emergence of China as an economic giant, and which wisely makes use of such reputation to its advantage, the US and other traditionally strong nations, wisely maintain their safe perch on the fence, as they gawk at events around them. The US lives up to its reputation as champion of democracy by meddling in the affairs of the exploited countries, and in so doing, drags along willing allies. China, on the other hand, stealthily and discreetly impresses its mark of economic hold throughout the world which is dangerously polarized between the haves and the haves not, while concentrating its focus in Asia – an open land of opportunities where labor can be had for a pittance, where natural resources are ready for the taking, and worse, where lives wallow in poverty.

It will not be long, for the earth to be finally sliced like a cake into portions that represent blocks of the African countries, Islamic countries, European countries, north and south American countries, mainland Asian countries, and Southeast Asian countries….with the weak coming under control of the strong. If Israel fails to choose which group to join, it may again suffer the wrath that caused the dispersal and persecution of its people, although, the US has proved to be a dependable protector, but for how long?

The world is undergoing a cleansing. Aside from the man-made calamities – wars that systematically wipe out helpless populations, it is also periodically ravaged by natural catastrophes such as, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and plagues. Lethal bombs that can zero-in to their targets, thousands of miles away can be launched by countries that are driven by maniacal desire to rule the world. Technology has made another world war that may ensue, sophisticated, sweeping and short-lived, as warring countries can pelt each other with remote-controlled bombs that can practically wipe out cities in minutes.

It seems, the world is taking a course fated with man’s self-destruction elicited by his greed.