The Weakness of Democracy

The Weakness of Democracy
By Apolinario Villalobos

Democracy supposedly, safeguards the rights of citizens, but it also gives them an opportunity to look for loopholes in its system to be used as tools for exploitation and oppression.

Democracy is hypocrisy. The principle purports to uphold freedom, but the same freedom is also given to those who have the penchant to oppress and exploit others. The system merely encourages the squabble among the citizens…with the strong having the obvious better chance to survive.

Corruption and injustice are the unspoken essence of democracy. They are the alibis that whitewash its real image. Leaders are supposedly chosen freely by citizens through election. Their having been chosen has practically become their “legal authority” to manipulate those who chose them by coming up with self-serving laws.

Democracy is not an ideal foundation for a better life. It can crumble because of abuse by the opportunist. In other words, democracy does not guarantee a blissful life for the weak.