Hazing….an eye-opener


…an eye-opener with the onset of school year

By Apolinario Villalobos


Now and then, front pages of newspapers scream expositions on deaths that result from hazing. Investigations are conducted. Parents and concerned organizations hold rallies to put an end to the fatal ritual…and most often, they bark at the wrong tree.


There is already a law against it. Some schools ban fraternities. The police is doing its part. Meanwhile, concerned parents and organizations forgot to call the attention of other parents, especially, the students, themselves. The fact is that, most students who join fraternities to have a feeling of security and belongingness, are already of age, and know what they are doing, yet they do it.  They read news about death resulting from hazing, yet, they take the risk by still joining.


With all those mentioned circumstances, why should parents blame the school?…and the police who cannot solve the crime immediately? Some parents blame the world, but themselves and their sons and daughters who upon entering the portal of colleges and universities become ambitious and arrogant. These sons and daughters thought that they can have a share of prominence in the campus by joining fraternities, and have their fingers or knuckles bear the mark of affiliation.


Some parents of hazing victims, on the other hand, insist that they did their part by warning their sons about joining such kind of organization. Really?… It has been found out that parents of some students who died from hazing belong to the fraternity that the departed tried to be part of! Some parents are even known to remind their sons and daughters to see to it that the fraternity that they will join, also has government officials as members, so that the latter can be approached for help in times of need. The price of selfishness is too expensive, indeed!


Some schools are doing the right thing by letting their students sign a release waiver, so that they will not be blamed if the latter would insist on joining a fraternity. The police is not in the position to pass on the blame, in view of the existing law, because it is their duty to solve a crime. Besides, passing on the blame will not solve the problems on hazing that is pestering the campuses. Many cases of hazing that result to the death of neophytes are left unsolved, hence, relegated to the sidelines, with their folders turning yellow and accumulating dust in filing cabinets of courts.


Doubts are floating if hazing can be possibly put to a stop, as officers of the fraternities involved are entrenched in the different nooks and corners of the government, with some even staff of schools, and who just remain silent every time a new case hits the pages of newspapers and aired over TVs and radios. Helplessness and futility of the effort is very evident.


The hazing victims have been given the opportunity to enjoy a much coveted, but expensive education, but they wasted it because of their arrogant social climbing attitude and desire to be part of the elite crowd in the campus. And, most unfortunately, many students who were known to be shy, have learned to smoke and imbibe alcoholic drinks after joining fraternities.


Before viewers who are members of fraternities will misjudge me, I would like to make it clear that I am not referring to all students as being arrogant with social climbing attitudes that push them to join fraternities. Most, especially, I am not contending that all parents are selfish enough as to encourage their children to join fraternities known for their members who are government officials. I know that there are still many students who are sane enough to make use of the hard-earned money of their benefactors – parents, elder brothers or sisters, by focusing their mind to their studies.


A student need not join a fraternity to shine in the school campus. The school is intended for learning and not for negative socializing.

Man’s Inhumanity to Man

Man’s Inhumanity to Man

By Apolinario Villalobos

In the Old Testament, it says that despite Moses’ plea, the king of Edom refused passage to the band of Israelites through Kadesh in the course of their wandering in the desert (Numbers, Chapter 20). History is repeating itself, as lately, some European countries refuse passage to refugees/immigrants on their way to countries that are willing to give them refuge. Some parties are even questioning their status whether refugees or immigrants. Will that matter, especially, as lives are at stake? The two mentioned cases are just classic example of man’s inhumanity to man today!

No question about it…greed is the root cause of all the inhumanities that have taken place in the days of the old and still are happening on earth at this very moment. Such desire is what can be found beyond the line of satisfaction. Survival should have been enough to spell satisfaction, but the hideous side of man most often brings out greed which is oftentimes masked with compassion.

When Spain embarked on a spree of colonization, in which the Philippines was not spared, she brought forth “religion” as the reason – to spread Christianity, in particular, Catholicism. As soon as the cross was firmly planted, the sword followed. In the course of their “spiritual effort”, centuries-old cultures of natives have been replaced with Catholicism which even during that time was already facing insurmountable questions that resulted to schism or division. Opposing natives who refused to give in were systematically eradicated in the name of “God”, when what the missionaries presented to the natives were also paganistic rituals, only using statues with different faces.

When the Americans took over the stranglehold of the Philippines, the same fervor of masked compassion was shown, but this time, democracy was used followed by evangelization of Protestant missionaries. The “assimilation” had a high price as what happened during the time of the Spaniards – death to the defiant natives.

Practically, the whole face of the planet is not only pockmarked with inhumanity, but is practically, denuded by its many forms foremost of which are exploitation and corruption. It has come to a point that survival of the fittest has become the norm of life again, despite his having been “civilized”.

In the African continent, the prevailing force, ISIS, are razing down archaeological landmarks that have been painstakingly preserved as manifestations of man’s intellectual superiority. Villages of the weak suffer the same fate as human occupants and fragile homes are devastated without mercy. Refugees who trek over mountains or brave the ocean squalls are refused passage to friendly countries. And, in Asia, greed of a once dormant country, China, has systematically jumbled the once tranquil setting with its garrulous territorial claims.

For all these injustices, who will pass the judgment? On earth, the man-made United Nations seems helpless and inutile. Man is then, left with nothing else, but the Ultimate Judge whose verdict may, yet to come…