The Impressive Staff of Jollibee Buendia/LRT Branch

The Impressive Staff of Jollibee Buendia/LRT Branch

By Apolinario Villalobos


I will never tire of writing about inspiring people out there whose diligence in their job is just remarkable, as I keep on encountering them. One of them was MS. JHENNY AVILA, cashier of the Jollibee Buendia/LRT Branch. I was impressed by how she was able to convince me to take breakfast despite my intention to just have a cup of coffee on the morning I dropped by the said burger outlet. Smiling her sweetest, she practically, insisted that I try any of their breakfast offerings, so I opted for the double pancake and coffee. She just showed how an aggressive sales talk can win over a hesitant customer.


I was further surprised by the presence of MR. VINCENT MACHADO behind me who was waiting for my move to proceed to my chosen seat…and, without much ado, he asked that he carry my tray for me. Again, another trademark of Jollibee surfaced. His act was followed by the efficiently smooth move of MS. MAYLENE ORONGAN to clear the table to give way to my tray. I knew that what they did were routine and also being done by the crew of any burger joint, especially, their competitor. But there was something in how they smiled to customers that made the difference.


My good impression about the Jollibee service did not end there, as I had an opportunity to talk to one of the duty supervisors for the shift, MR. AYZON HERNANDEZ, working in tandem with MS. JENNICA TOLEDO, another supervisor. Both were a standout in their distinct striped light blue uniform. Mr. Hernandez, confided that he, too, worked his way up since he joined Jollibee as a struggling crew and who had to attend classes after his duty, that is why he felt so much for the new generation of working students Today, the branch according to him has five “scholars”, with Maylene as one of them. Jollibee accordingly, is known for this education-bound advocacy, one of the reasons perhaps, why the joint is so blessed!


Practically, the whole staff of Jollibee seemed to be well-rounded in their job as I observed that everybody knew how to handle the job of a colleague, so that the whole operation looked well-orchestrated. For instance, Mr. Machado and Ms. Orongan opened the door for customers if they were not busy carrying trays and cleaning tables. Both supervisors, Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Toledo also did cashiering, and even the guard pitched in …it was a show of a smooth spontaneous cooperation that ensued as if on unspoken cue. If only other service-oriented outlets could be like Jollibee, I don’t think that there would be an unsatisfied customer, at all!