St. Catherine of Siena

(Just like Pope Francis who persistently calls for changes in the Church in favor of the less privileged, St. Catherine during her time, questioned the wrong practices of the Church, but through her letters.)

St. Catherine of Siena

By Apolinario Villalobos

She could have been
Just another pretty face in the village,
But the call of the Lord
Came loud, strong and intense
That nothing could block the path
She chose that led to Him
Whose Heart bursts with blinding grace
And warmth that’s just so overwhelming.

Dedicating her life to the Lord
She lived with simplicity,
And despite the affluence of her family
She led a life filled with frugality;
She spent her time with the unfortunates
Who could barely make both ends meet
Making sacrifice stand for what it’s meant
As that was her cherished dream ever since.

Writing her way to prominence
She tried her best to be heard
For the sake of her countrymen;
Though the goings were tough
For favorable consequence,
She was not deterred
For instead, her courage
Was prodded on by insistence.

As the Lord’s intellectual instrument
She did her best with the pen’s power
Patching up the rift that beleaguered the Church –
This she did while helping the destitute;
She lighted up gloomy nights with her radiance
For without even a single complaint
She made lost souls find their way
Back to the Lord – just like any other saint.

The world is lucky for her legacies –
Courage toughened by perseverance
Patience intensified by wisdom
Humility bolstered by endurance
Simplicity anchored on diligence;
Nobody has ever thought
Intercession of such a dainty girl –
Much later, by others, be sought.

St. Catherine …
She is all that women should emulate –
Pretty, yet modest and humble to the highest
Ever submissive to the Lord’s will
Never asking why she must suffer for others
Taking to heart every thing she did
In the hope that someday –
The Church would, at last, be united!