The Enduring Love of Linda (Salvacion) and Gil Carolino…a lesson for Valentine’s Day

A Lesson for Valentine’s Day…


The Enduring Love

of Linda (Salvacion) and Gil Carolino

By Apolinario Villalobos


In marital companion ship, compatibility is crucial to make it enduring, in order for it to resist the threat of various temptations that could erode the relationship. Following the Chinese feng shui of relationships, both parties cannot be positive or negative. Either should be positive and the other, negative so that continuous motion is assured. The companionship should not be stagnant and this is is possible if the two “forces” are pushing or pulling each other. The forces are necessary for the couple to move on. But, it does not necessarily mean, that while one of them is good, the other one should be bad. What is meant here is the aspect of “giving way” to the other every time there is an uncalled for clash.


The test for the endurance of relationship also comes in times of needs – financially and physically. Some couples call it quits when they find difficulties in maintaining their affluent ways if one, or worst, both of them lost their job. There are also stories of abandonment when one of the parties got sick with incurable disease.


What happened to Linda and Gil is one for the record of marital relationship. Both seem to be on the right path as they reaped success after success since the time they started to build a home for their happy family. Gil began his career as a young CPA in Philippine Airlines, to become the youngest manager of the said airline. Linda was also a CPA but did not stop as such for she pursued her other love – Law. Despite their having three children, she endeavored to finish the course and being intelligent, passed the Bar with resounding success. Her feat gave her a a distinct mark when she worked for the Supreme Court where she was given an award, “Outstanding Award in the Practice of Law” for having won cases three in a row. A researched material that she completed was also used by the Philippine Senate against the former Chief Justice Renato Corona that led to the latter’s impeachment.


On the other hand, Gil was having a heyday with his smooth sailing along his airline career. From being a Manager of a Division that handled planning and marketing, and later product development, he moved up to become a Regional Vice-President, particularly, of Southeast Asia. It was at this point when Linda was already showing signs of weakness that was thought to be just an ordinary ailment. Meanwhile, their children grew to become successful in their own chosen career.


Millicent (Miyen), a successful CPA, married to Elmer Lobusta, and both blessed with children: John David, 15; Anna Therese, 13; Mary Catherine, 10. Miyen and Elmer are chapter Heads of Singapore Couples for Christ, while their children are members of Youth for Christ and Kids for Christ….the whole family serves during the Mass.


Kristine, married to Joseph Eric Mendiola, a computer technologist and team member of Japan’s hybrid car program, and blessed with children, Karmina, 16, who can read and write the Japanese Hiragana and Kanji alphabet; and, Jose Enzo, 12, an American citizen for being born in America.


April Ann, married to an Indonesian, Denny Han. April is a product of the Philippine Science High School and Ateneo from where she graduated with the course, Management Engineering and had an initial stint in Indonesia where she met her husband during one of the assemblies of the Singles for Christ. Their children are Tala Elizabeth, 5, considered a miracle baby being born prematurely at six months, thereby spending almost 3 months in the Neo Natal ICU…now a bubbly child, she attends nursery in Singapore with no trace of the harrowing experience as an infant. The youngest is Yumi Gabrielle, 17 months.


Despite her deteriorating health, Linda, did not show any trace of discouragement, especially, with the constant encouragement from the family. It came to a point, however, that she had to stay in bed more often, and during such crucial moments, Gil showed his resolve to stay by her side to attend to her needs. He finally resigned in 1998 as trips to the hospital had become frequent. In October 2009, Linda became totally bedridden after being diagnosed of degenerative nerve syndrome that affected her other organs.


Hospitalizations and medicines practically depleted the financial resources of the couple. Whatever savings they had were spent for the frantic desire to save Linda whose days were cheered by their children and their grandchildren. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Linda gave up her struggle on October 10. Despite her emaciated state, her face is still a picture of graceful beauty without any sign of pain. Both Linda and Gil endured the challenges by hurdling the obstacles that they encountered along the way, as witnessed by their children and their husbands…lessons that they have surely learned.


Worth quoting from Gil is his life’s guiding inspiration as it makes him believe that …”we draw strength from everyone…and what keeps us going is also our strong and unwavering faith in the Lord….that we keep the trust, knowing that HE knows best….that we might be beset with problems and trials almost endlessly, but we never should never despair because we know that God loves us…we should try our best to fend off anxieties…as, God is our shield”.


Asked how he would like to be remembered, he said, “I would like to be remembered as someone who will sacrifice my own comfort to be able to give happiness to others”. He further added, “… people see me as “kuripot” (tightwad), but they just don’t know that I try to save every centavo I can because I want to give something to anyone whenever they come to our house for help. I don’t want to see them unhappy – poor relatives, poor neighbors, poor parishioners, poor countrymen, who got struck with calamities year-round.  Had I not sacrificed my own comfort, I would not have had anything to give them. And, I could not have managed my beloved Linda’s monstrous medical needs – as I would not want our children sacrifice for us…for as long as I can still manage it.”




In the Name of Love (poem)

Happy Hearts Day!



In the name of Love…

By Apolinario Villalobos


In the name of love…

Kilometric lines of praise can be uttered

Mountains of words can be piled

Tsunamic throbs can be sighed

And stones can come to life.


In the name of love…

Chilling nights can simmer with warmth

Swaying leaves can turn to fairies

That dance with delightful grace

And undulate with the breeze.


In the name of love…

Even the scrawny twigs can bear flowers

Grass made brown by searing sun

Can turn into cool green, so calm –

Under the sky’s cerulean expanse.






Sa Pagsapit ng Valentine’s Day

Sa Pagsapit ng Valentine’s Day

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Marami ang excited sa pagsapit ng Valentine’s Day

May nagbabadyet na ng panggastos come what may

Pagdiriwang na halaw sa nakaugalian ng mga pagano

Na nagpaigting naman sa pagkakaisa ng mga Kristiyano.


Maraming alamat ang nakatha dahil sa araw ni Kupido

Na ang gamit sa pagbuklod ng two hearts ay isang palaso

May kapilyuhan pa mandin kung ito’y kanyang pakawalan

Tungo sa mga pakay na pusong, kung tusuki’y dalawahan.


Si lalaki, kalimitan ay bulaklak ang bigay kay gandang babae

Subali’t may iba namang can afford kaya ang bigay, tsokolate

Ang ibang kapos, wala mang maiabot ay nakakaisip ng gimik –

Ito’y pagsuyong may kasamang init ng yapos at tamis ng halik.


Isang beses isang taon kung itong inaasam na araw ay sumapit

Isang araw ng pag-ibig, ng mga puso at  yakap na napakahigpit

Pero tanong ng ilan, baki’t hindi gawing araw-araw na lang ito?

Upang ang magsing-irog hindi na pasulyap-sulyap sa kalendaryo!

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Lines for Valentine

Lines for  Valentine

By Apolinario Villalobos


Ah!, Valentine…

Yes, everyone can’t help but  feel and sniff  it –

For, not only does it give everyone excitement

But also makes the eyes see pink, red and gold –

A day of great love stories and legends of the old.


Ah!, Valentine…

Yes, everyone just gets buoyed by the great feeling

That on Cupid’s Day, the world shall burst with love

All hearts shall throb as one,  stun the dreaded hate

Fill lovers with sublime lust, a passion, just ultimate.




Tokens of Love for the Beloved

Tokens of Love for the Beloved

By Apolinario Villalobos


One need not be rich

to show the love that throbs in his heart.

Tokens are not measured

by the weight of gold and value of paper bills…

not even by the vastness of the land he owns,

or fleet of cars in his garage.

A sincere token of love can be felt by the beloved –

even a peck on the check,

a hug that need not be chokingly tight

but warm enough,

to send a tinge of assurance

that he is just around.



Tokens of love need not be

the oft-repeated promises

broken in a fleeting second by temptations.

A sweet smile that parts the lips

and a touch of one’s finger tips

are enough for tears

to roll down the beloved’s face

and a suppressed sob –

at last, that she lets out

as his love for her…

she can no longer doubt.



Walang Hangganan ang Taos na Pagmamahal (para kay Rodina Ballena-Marasigan)

Walang Hangganan

Ang Taos na Pagmamahal

(para kay Rodina Ballena-Marasigan)


Madaling sambitin ang “mahal kita”

Subalit ang itanim ito sa puso…kaya ba?

Kung manggaling ang pangako sa ating isip

Malamang bunga lang ito ng isang panaginip.


Mga pagsubok ang kailangang harapin

Upang maging taos ang isang damdamin

Nang ang pangako’y matupad, mapatunayan

Dapat manggaling ito sa puso… at sa kaibuturan.


Hindi dapat naniniwala sa mga paninira

Ang mga naiinggit, mahilig nitong gumawa

At hindi dapat pagdududahan ang minamahal

Upang samahang matamis, habang-buhay tatagal!

Rodina 1




kaibuturan – poetic meaning is “deepest corner” or “deepest part”



In the name of Love….

In the name of Love…

By Apolinario Villalobos


In the name of love…

Kilometric lines of praise can be uttered

Mountains of words can be piled

Tsunamic throbs can be sighed

And stones can come to life.


In the name of love…

Chilling nights can simmer with warmth

Swaying leaves can turn to fairies

That dance with delightful grace

And undulate with the breeze.


In the name of love…

Even the scrawny twigs can bear flowers

Grass made brown by searing sun

Can turn into cool green, so calm –

Under the sky’s cerulean expanse.

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Ang Kadakilaan ng Pag-ibig (para kay Emma Tronco)

Ang Kadakilaan ng Pag-ibig

(para kay Emma Tronco)

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Sa kaibuturan ng puso’y bumabalong ang pag-ibig

Mahiwagang damdamin, minsa’y hindi maunawaan

Nag-udyok sa Diyos upang buhayin ang sangkatauhan

Nagpaubaya na Kanyang palampasin, unang Kasalanan.


Ang kadakilaan ng pag-ibig ay hindi kayang sukatin

Ng mga pagsubok dahil sa pagduda’t pag-alinlangan

Hindi ito saklaw ng mga pasubaling minsa’y nabibitiwan

Na sa mga labi ay namumutawi, dala ng magulong isipan.


Sa mundong ibabaw, habang buhay ang magsing-irog

Na sa harap ng altar nagsumpaan, taimtim na nagdasal

Saksi ang pari, magulang,  iba pang sa buhay nila’y mahal –

Tiwala’y pairalin hanggang huling sandali sa kanila’y daratal.


Tanikala ng pagmamahal ang nagbuklod sa magsing-irog

May bendisyon ng Diyos, nagpapatibay, nagpapalakas nito

Di dapat makalas o maputol sa pagkatali ng dalawang puso –

Anumang panahon o kalagayan, umaaapaw man ng siphayo!


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Ano Ba Talaga ang Pag-ibig?

Ano Ba Talaga Ang Pag-ibig?

By Apolinario B Villalobos



Mula pa noong panahong nauna

Ang pag-ibig ay sinisimbolo na ni kupido

Isang  anghel na laging tangan ay pana

Nakaumang sa magsing-irog

At handang magpakawala ng palaso

Na siyang tutusok sa mga puso

Magpapatibok sa mga ito ng mabilis

Hudyat na nabaon na ang pag-ibig

At handang bigkasin ng kanilang bibig.


Marami na ang namatay dahil sa pag-ibig

Marami na rin ang nasiraan ng bait

Marami  rin ang napariwara

Kaya  sa murang gulang ay nagsama

Nagpadami ng supling sa mundong ibabaw

Naging  palamunin at sa kalye’y pakalat-kalat

Walang direksyon ang buhay nguni’t

Kung umasta sila akala mo’y sikat –

Mga katawang nanlilimahid sa gulanit na damit.


Masarap ang umibig kung isip ang magpapanaig

At hindi damdamin na malayo sa utak

Na siyang dahilan ng masakit ng pagbagsak

Kapag natauhan sa bulag na dikta ng damadamin

Na kung umiral ay animo ulap sa kalawakan –

Natatangay ng hangin at hininigop ng init

Patungo sa mga palanas na tigang

Naghihintay na kahi’t ambon ay mabiyayaan

O di kaya’y hamog sa magdamag o kinaumagahan.


Di dapat umasa ng kung anu-ano na dala ng pag-ibig

Dapat hintaying kusang ialay ng taong nakakadama nito

Dahil pagkasiphayo lamang ang idudulot sa umaasa

Kung hindi dumating ang minimithi
Na nakikimkim ng damdaming kimi;

Dapat ding likas na maipakita sa mga kilos

Ang marubdob na nadarama ng isang umiibig

Huwag hintaying hingan ng kanyang irog

Ng mga bagay na sa harap niya ay dapat idulog.


Banal ang tunay na pag-ibig

Ito ay hindi libog na sa isang saglit

Kakawala sa katawang nag-iinit;

Kaakibat nito’y pagtatanging di nagdududa

At turingang may respeto sa isa’t isa,

Ang  bawa’t tibok ng puso para sa iniirog

Dapat ay laging dumadaan  sa utak

Nang sa gayon, lahat ng naipapakita sa kilos

At nasasambit ng bibig ay napag-iisipang lubos.


Loving lines for a dear one…

Loving lines for a dear one…
By Celso Dapo

There’s that familiar song on the radio
With lines that used to make us merry
Along the tune that I could carry
Lovingly, come every February.
And now, will heaven let it be,
That you may listen to this plea?
With melody, my heart aching to say
Words you want to hear every February.
The lines are now a prayer
The song, a hymn
The flowers’ petals browning
The candle still burning
Though in anguish, the mind persists
Preserving what the heart resists.
To step forward with much to bear
Because it is February, my dear.