Everything Moves with Time


By Apolinario Villalobos


Nothing stays in its place permanently as Time carries everything along its current. However, beings with consciousness and with deciding ability may metamorphose into a higher or better state. Some may just be contented with what they already are…it is a choice. Along this line, ambition can push a person to strive.


While some are in a hurry to move on or up, others who have not learned their lesson take their time which they later regret because they realized, though, too late, that indeed, they cannot move back the hands of time. With regret and envy, they gawk at others who enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice and labor. In this particular situation, I am referring to people who need to struggle in order to survive, not those who were born with silver spoon in their mouth, and who could live more than comfortably even without lifting a finger…they are not concerned in this dissertation.


Some people thought that they can forever be strutting around with a pretty face and physically fit body. They thought that they can invest those physical attributes in gaining friends, even if they will show abhorrent attitude. They forgot that in time, as leaves and flowers wilt, so do the face that gets crinkled with furrows and the body that gets to shrink become humped. Gluta treatments may help but only for as long the physical make up of a person can take them. Meanwhile, the face and some parts of the body have limited elasticity for stretching, and the Viagra can be of help only up to a certain level of ageing.


Finally, the tenacity of man is such that he practically makes use of science to virtually “perpetuate” life with the use of cloning. From a minute piece of man’s body, another of his kind is given life in a laboratory, and so are plants.  But, even if man and other creatures may live for thousands of years, the big question is, will Earth do?…considering the rate man is practically doing some kind of self-destruction due to pride, selfishness and wickedness?

On Acceptance of Truth and Admission of Hurting Truth

On Acceptance of Fault and Admission of Hurting Truth

By Apolinario Villalobos


In blogging about attitude, there are instances in which I have to expose the negative aspect of my person that relate to what I am sharing. This is the best way I know to make me credible in what I write. I can’t blog about Duterte being foul-mouthed because he cusses a lot, without mentioning that I do the same, without denying, however, that I am making extra effort to control myself from being provoked. On the other hand, I know that nobody is excused from this fault…not even those who say “Oh, my God” which I find blasphemous. What I find funny is the effort of others to look sanitized, by using “OMG!” which makes them moronic because they pretend that God is not “All Knowing”, as He is Omnipresent.


My need to shout out what are in my mind, are misconstrued by some friends as unbecoming because I am supposed to be “educated”, a reason why I should employ restraint. But I am a blogger and as such, I would be an outright hypocrite if I keep on writing about faults without admitting that I have made similar regrettable acts. In doing so, I become the “mirror” of others as I am letting them know that they may have similar awful attitude. At my expense, I hope to open their eyes to let them know that they need to change. If they find me disgusting and realize at the same time that they are no different from me in some ways, they might change. Their advantage is that, they have no reason and need to open themselves up unlike me who must do such a thing for credibility’s sake due to my blogging. All they need to do are allow themselves to realize and admit their fault. Some may counter by saying that there are many ways to skin a cat, but I do not want to run around the bush. I want to get straight to the point that is why I prefer calling the spade a spade.


My being a “no holds barred” blogger has made many people uneasy…I know, because, while some are bold enough to make open comments about their feelings, others make use of the discreet email and facebook message outlets. I am grateful for their concern, but a sympathizing friend went further by echoing what I have been asking that those who do not want to read my “dreadful” and “unethical” blogs may just skip them as they will know by the title alone. That is the reason why I make the titles of sensitive issues long, as if they are the summary of the whole.


At this point, while I am thankful for many who have come to understand me, some have unfortunately become overly cautious in making comments. In this regard, I have already explained many times that comments about some of my blogs could be necessary for the benefit of viewers as what I share are only my own opinion, hence, presentation of other opinions, as long as they are relevant, could greatly enhance what I have initiated on various issues.


Finally, I find being too honest as some kind of an effort to unburden me of hypocrisy, but I do not want to set a trend, as I must admit that being brutally frank is not good to some extent.

The Hurting Truth in the Message of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court about the BBL

The Hurting Truth in the Message
of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
about the BBL
By Apolinario Villalobos

Now that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has spoken about the blatant disrespect of the Constitution by some parties, those guilty without even being told, should better pack up their things and get out of the comfortable offices which they were told to occupy, by the President.

In particular, the hurting truth in the message of the Chief Justice concerns the “bright” government representatives to the peace panel that framed the BBL. How can a UP professor and a lawyer fail to know that what they were doing were against the Constitution? Worst, they do not have the heart to accept their fault, despite enlightening criticisms. Obviously, it seems that no counter-proposals from them were laid on the table, every time the MILF group presented theirs that resulted to the humiliating failure of their effort.

With the softening of the MILF’s stand, it is obvious that its leadership seem to have realized the truth in what the Chief Justice said. The representatives of the government, Deles and Ferrer on the other hand, are still naïve and numb to the insinuated message. With all the overpowering criticisms, I cannot imagine how the lady professor, Ferrer, can still lecture on her students the same principles that she believes in. She should ask herself this time, if she can still be an effective professor who has the responsibility to teach what is true. The big question is: will UP still retain her now that her integrity has been questioned?

Truth Cannot be Forced on Others

Truth Cannot be Forced on Others
By Apolinario Villalobos

Yes, truth cannot be forced on others. What is true for one guy is not necessarily true for the other who does not think the same way as the former. And, this is how trouble develops among the peoples of the world who precisely do not think in the same way. When one firmly holds on to his principles and beliefs, differences are developed, and they create gaps in the relationship with others who think otherwise.

One sensitive area that easily breeds differences is religion. In this arena of differing beliefs, some groups even go to the extent of killing to assert their religion. One particular group, the Islamic, even makes use of a traditional belief, such as jihad, to purportedly save souls. In the past, those who constitute the leadership of the Catholic Church even resort to torture to force the truth into the minds of the supposedly unbelievers.

Another area is ideology in which the major players are communists and adherents of democracy. Pages of history in many countries that became victim to this struggle show gruesome results of the efforts exerted by both parties. This struggle continues until today, although got mellowed by co-operation for the sake of progress hinged on interdependent economies of the world.

Truth can only become what it should be if the targeted recipient will open his mind as a gesture of acceptance. Unfortunately, it does not always happen. While others can go to the extent of killing to force the truth he believes in, the latter on the other hand, would rather die than have his own truth be overruled by the one being forced into him.

The world practically floats on all kinds of “truths” as each earthling believes he is right. HOWEVER, this general belief does not give the “true and righteous” result, as shown by pockets of war that pockmark the earth. At the end, I can then say, that TRUTH IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!…that’s as far as I am concerned.