There is no Permanent Status in the World

There is no Permanent Status in this World

By Apolinario Villalobos

Good or bad fortune is not the same for all men. Some are born rich, while some are born poor. In some cases, some who were born rich become poor due to extravagance and negative circumstances beyond their control. On the other hand, some who were born poor have become rich by dint of hard work and frugality, still some, by virtue of “resourcefulness”, especially, those who entered politics.

Nobody wants to suffer from poverty. It is just that some people have a very low level of satisfaction that what appears to some people as poverty, is to the former, already a satisfactory life. Meanwhile, other aspects of life such as poverty and satisfaction have different degrees and rungs.

There is one thing, however, that most of us already know, as an important factor that can affect life – exploitation of the weak by the strong. Since time immemorial, this has been going on. For the lesser creatures, it is just for mere survival, as in the case of the animals in the jungle that kill for food. But for the civilized man, the ultimate reason is subjugation of the weak.

Nevertheless, as man by nature, is a struggling creature, along the way, there could be a reversal of fortune. Along the corridor of time, the vanquished sometimes become the victor and vice versa. There are also cases wherein dominating rich families encounter financial catastrophe and find themselves without a single centavo. Also, countries that used to be prosperous suddenly become impoverished due to badly managed national coffer and topsy-turvy financial system resulting from corruption.

Back to man, there are stories about rags-to-riches success. One is about Nora Aunor, touted as the “Filipina with a Golden Voice”, who as a teen-age girl, sold cold drinking water in a train station in Naga City. Another successful show business personality is German Moreno, the comedian turned broadcaster who used to be a cigarette vendor and janitor at Grand Opera House. There is also the story of Vice-President Binay who used to augment their family income by raising hogs in their backyard…but, now – just looking great with “hard and wisely-earned” money! Another story is about a guy, a former neighbor, who was the janitor-messenger of their office, but due to his business acumen and right connections, amassed millions from his real estate ventures. I am not saying here, that all ventures to earn riches are done the “right way”.

As for the downfall of the once great men, there are a lot of stories that can be told. One is that of the former Shah of Iran, who although, not very impoverished, is said to have no permanent residence today. A former Filipino world champion boxer, suddenly found himself without friends and money after squandering painfully- earned dollars. He is said to be begging in the wet market of General Santos City today. Many Filipino movie actors and actresses who used to be famous, failed to invest their talent fee and died paupers, while some are languishing with terminal diseases, surviving on daily financial dole-out from friends for their medicine.

The world is replete with success and downfall stories, giving substance to the adage: “what goes up, must come down”. These are lessons that should be learned as they are written in books or told, but only few are taking note, for as what a line in the song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” says: “when will we ever learn?…yes, when will we ever learn?”.

The very positive-minded have the answer: “que sera sera…whatever will be, will be”…which may be okay, for as long as no regret will be felt at the end!…and for as long as they do not blame others and God!

We should not forget that “regrets always come at the end”….