The “Statement” in Today’s World

The “STATEMENT” in Today’s World

By Apolinario Villalobos


The “statement” in today’s world is not necessarily uttered but “made”, “shown”, or “manifested”. A guy with a mohawk haircut is making a statement. A girl wearing a black lipstick is making a statement. An old woman wearing a pair of short shorts is making a statement, etc.


The “statement” in today’s world is an effort of a person to make him/her unique, a standout in a crowd…but the end motive is to be satisfied…and nobody should question that. For as long as the person who makes a “statement” does not hurt anybody, he/she should be left alone. A STATEMENT CAN SPELL HAPPINESS.


On the other hand, these guys are considered trendsetters that make the world consistently on the go and dynamic, instead of stagnating in a pool of monotony. Without uttering a world, they make manufacturers of goods realize what are needed by a certain segment of consumers….great for economy. They are also great advocates of recycling as most of what they wear are pre-loved outfit, albeit, originals and worn by well-known personalities….garments that somehow found their way to ukay-ukay outlets….great for the environment.


These guys should also be admired for their courage to be different. Imagine a 70-year old lady wearing a mini-skirt as her intention is to move around comfortably, never mind the pair of legs. Imagine, too, the courage of a macho body builder who wears pink gym shirt, as by wearing such color, he helps calm down the snooty people around him. And, imagine, too, a 4-foot woman with a big bag slung over her shoulder…her shoulder bag that contains a small make-up kit, a piece of Skyflakes cracker, and a bottle of mineral water.


If we want harmony, we should try to be tolerant and appreciative of things that others are doing but we failed to do. If being amused can make our day…then, let it be that way.