Just Like a Twinkling Star (Tribute to St. Teresa of Calcutta)

A reblogged poem for St. Teresa of Calcutta on the occasion of her canonization today…


Just Like a Twinkling Star

(Tribute to Mother Teresa)


By Apolinario B Villalobos


Like a tranquil smoothly flowing stream

that ripples at the gentle touch of a falling leaf

and nudge of a rock down its path

your silence so unpredictable

and fragile like a thin sheet of ice

cracks even at the feather’s touch.


But just like a twinkling star

your light constantly guides

the wayward souls that roam the earth,

they who need a helping hand to be there –

a place they have been longing for

but just hindered by unseen hands.


You untiringly

and unselfishly extend a hand

so that those who have fallen

may again stand.