Noon pa man, sinabi ko nang Masaker ang nangyari sa Mamasapano…hindi incident o encounter

Noon pa man, sinabi ko nang Masaker
ang nangyari sa Mamasapano…hindi incident o encounter
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Maliban sa hindi incident o encounter ang nangyari sa Mamasapano, kundi masaker, at ang 44 na SAF commandos ay hindi “fallen”, kundi “victims”. Sa salitang “fallen”, maaaring ipakahalugan itong hindi sinasadya, pero sa salitang “victims”, ito ay nangangahulugang sinadya.

Tungkol naman sa MILF, hindi binigyang pansin ang bali-balitang Malaysian citizen si Iqbal. Ano ang ginagawa ng isang banyaga sa pinag-uusapang isyu na may kinalaman sa soberinya ng Pilipinas? Ito ba ang dahilan kung bakit pinilit nila na dapat ay observer ang Malaysia sa usapan? Ano ang interes ng Malaysia sa Mindanao? Ang alam ng mga Pilipino ay may “kinalimutan” ang mga kinatawan ng gobyerno na sina Deles at Ferrer sa usapan – ang tungkol sa sa claim ng Pilipinas sa Sabah, na ayaw namang bitiwan ng Malaysia.

Tungkol naman sa Bangsamoro Basic Law, hindi mawawala ang lambong ng pagdududa dito, hangga’t hindi pinapalitan ang mga kinatawan ng Pilipinas sa negotiating panel na sina Deles at Ferrer, pati na ang Malaysia bilang observer.

At sa kaso naman ni Pnoy, mahihirapan na siyang makabangon sa kanyang matinding pagkalagapak dahil sa PRIDE!

The “Extraordinary” Resolute Stance of Sacked SAF Chief Getulio Napenas

The “Extraordinary” Resolute Stance of
Sacked SAF Chief Getulio Napeῆas
By Apolinario Villalobos

Ever since the sacked SAF Chief Getulio Napeῆas gave interviews, until the first day of the Senate Hearing on February 9, 2015 about the Mamasapano massacre, the guy sounded resolute and sure of his statements. His body language implies that he is leaning on “something” strong or formidable. Is that “something” a promise that everything will be alright for as long as he takes responsibility of the SAF’s intrusion into the MILF’s “territory”? Who gave him that assured “something”?

Although, he mentioned the name of Purisima during the hearing, all that he attributed to him were the “suggestions”, which for him were not “orders”. But why take such suggestions to the point of following them to the last letter from a suspended boss? Why did he disregard the Secretary of a Presidential cabinet, DILG, and who is after all, higher than Purisima? And, worst, why did he disregard the OIC of PNP? It should be noted that during his early interviews he clearly stated that he was coordinating with Purisima and Ochoa, with the latter, he believes to be confiding with the president. By having knowledge of what are afoot, puts the parties involved in a questionable position, short of saying that they are in collusion with the active party who, in this situation is Napeῆas.

Again, was Napeῆas given assurance that there will be no investigation? Or, is he hoping that if ever there will be one, and which unfortunately there are several going on, the expected results are expected to be conflicting, and eventually will be just be junked as had happened to the rest of investigations? Obviously, during the Senate hearing, he got rattled and struggled with his replies when bombarded with questions by unbelieving senators. But he did not waver in blaming the Armed Forces for not immediately giving assistance….at least he has some party to blame for the casualties that the SAF suffered, aside for course from the MILF and the BIFF.

It is very observable in the country’s justice system, that unless the ones tried are political foes, the cases are not given much attention. One glaring example is the Maguindanao massacre which up to now has no convicted party yet, despite the strong evidences. But for the corruption cases tagged to Napoles that involve the political foes of the administration, the action is very swift, resulting to the detention of Enrile, Estrada and Revilla. The same is true with the Binays who are drenched to the bone with graft cases, to make sure that the elder Binay will not have a chance during the Presidential race in 2016.

The senators are smelling something fishy and just like the rest of the Filipinos who are patiently following this latest case of irresponsibility, they cannot accept the alibis of the sacked SAF chief.