The Best Ways to Show Gratitude

The Best Ways to Show Gratitude

By Apolinario Villalobos

Benefactors may be generally classified into two: individual and institution. The individual may be classified further into two: discreet and obviously selfish. There is no problem with the institutions which may be government agencies or non-government organizations (NGO), because their projects need to be publicized so that people, especially, their donors will know where the donated money and commodities go.

The obviously selfish individual benefactors could be politicians, attention-hungry career and show business personalities, or any attention-hungry person who does selfies every time he or she extends a helping hand. On the other hand, the discreet benefactors are those who would rather keep their identity confidential because of their limited resources, hence, the consistency of their projects are dependent on the availability of funds. The latter do not even give their real name to their beneficiaries.

While receiving help gives much relief to the needy, it is important to know how gratitude should be properly expressed. Those who received help from institutions should not despise what have been given to them, if they are not what they have expected, except when they are spoiled food items from government agencies that should be reported immediately. In fairness to the NGOs, they have no habit of giving spoiled food items to the victims of calamities, that the Department of Social Welfare is wont to do, based on reports. If there is an opportunity available to share the information through the social media, such as, facebook, by all means, it should be done. The same should also be made for sincerely given unspoiled foods.

Individuals who are given financial assistance should put the money to proper use as originally intended. If the help is for reviving a losing business, so be it….and, should not be used in buying a tour package to Boracay. If the money is intended for the tuition fee, it should not be used to buy a new cellphone. If the money is intended for medicine, it should not be used to buy groceries, etc. Using the financial assistance in some other ways, other than its original intention is tantamount to fooling the benefactor.

Discreet benefactors always tell their beneficiaries to pass on the help to others, and this should be respected. The beneficiary will only irritate the benefactor of this kind, if he insists on returning the favor to the latter. If there is an added request to keep the act of charity a secret, then, this should be respected, too.

But the greatest and the best way to show gratitude for the help received from any of the abovementioned benefactors, is by praying for them, be their intention is sincere or selfish.