Social Security System (SSS) is trying its best, except in one policy



By Apolinario Villalobos


The one policy of the SSS that applicants abhor is on the release of membership ID cards. For one thing, it takes a very long time before an applicant receives his or her membership ID card. Another thing is the rule about sending them to the address of the applicant by mail. Now, that’s where the problem lies because due to poverty, many applicants cannot afford a decent boarding house with postal address. Many of them live in slums where hovels are makeshift and unregistered, hence, not numbered for postal reference. Some even live under bridges and beside creeks. So what address does the SSS expect from these impoverished applicants who join long queues to get an SSS membership number that they need, being required by all employers?


SSS should assign a dedicated desk for the release of cards or integrate the function with that of their Help Desk if they have any. If the applicants have been patient in toeing the line to apply for the membership number, they surely has time to go back to pick up the card at the same office where they filed their application. The agency can also post a list of cards ready for pick up, at a designated area within the lobby or the reception area or anywhere the agency wishes, within their premises. The list may also be published in their website, to avoid unnecessary personal query on the part of the members.