Ang Matamis na Ngiti…para kay Rosita Segala

Ang Matamis na Ngiti…

(para kay Rosita Segala)

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Ngiti ang nagpapaaliwalas ng paligid

Lalo’t sa mga sandaling lungkot ay nakalukob

Kahit mga labi ay tila parang pintong nakasara

Sapat na, basta’t magkabilang dulo’y ‘di nakababa.


Kalooban ay napapagaan ng isang ngiti

Napapawi nito, lungkot na sa puso’y ramdam

Sigla ay dulot sa mga nalulungkot at nanlulumo

Nagpapalakas sa mga taong nanlata dahil sa siphayo.


Walang katumbas na halaga ang ngiti

Libre ito’t hindi nabibili, lalong ‘di rin inuutang

Mula sa kaibuturan ng puso, galing ang pagkukusa

Kaya para kay Rose,  pagngiti ay ‘di kailangan ipilit pa!

Rosita Segala

For My Dear Mother…

Tribute to the greatest woman on earth, our mother, for this International Women’s March, March 2015…

By Apolinario Villalobos

Just like the rays of the sun that burst forth
To flood the earth with warmth and light
Stringing the world with threads of life
You, with that warm smile and twinkling eyes
Makes me feel like there’s no darkness
And gloomy twilight
That dims the sight.

That radiant face just glow
Thanks to the womb that nurtured you.

You once told me:
“In this world, roads are strewn with rocks and thorns
Clear skies may suddenly turn dark
To let go of torrential downpour
That could wash down your enthusiasm desire
Leaving you, chilling in the mire.

But if you will just set your eyes
Beyond the horizon
Where there are clearer skies
Your hopes won’t go to waste my child
Especially, if you just let God
Be your guide.”

Now I know….I love you mother!

A Sweet Smile Spells a Difference in the Conduct of Business Transaction…Philippine Airlines employees still do it

A Sweet Smile Spells a Difference
In the Conduct of Business Transaction
…Philippine Airlines employees still do it
By Apolinario Villalobos

An adage says that one needs only to flex a few muscles to form a smile, unlike a frown that requires almost a thousand. Additionally, while the smile gives radiance to the face, a frown only casts a forlorn aura. And for any business, while a smile, especially, one that is sweet serves as a magnet that attracts good luck and customers, a frown drives them away.

It is a fact that some people are not in the habit of smiling, as if ill- feeling is their shadow. But this can be developed even just for the sake of business transaction. Employers spend big sum to “develop” the habit of smiling for their staff as part of their training in Values, Attitude, and Personality development.

But some people are lucky to be born with the smile habit. These are the people who others say are with the “smiling voice”, too. I have encountered these smiley gals when I visited PAL Head Office at the PNB Building. The first was Galilee “Gal” Gavino, an International Ticketing Representative who at the time was attending to a couple’s travel requirements. I got engrossed on how she graciously went through the transaction, complete with a sweet smile, emphasized by her dimples. I was practically entertained by the way she handled her customers. There was no hurry in the way she explained everything that went with the tickets being transacted, from restrictions to their limitations.

After a considerable time spent at the ticket office for my own requirement, I went back to the Benefits Office for another transaction for which I had to go to the Cashier’s Section for certain payments that had to be made. On the way, I received a call through my cellphone about a not- so-encouraging news which affected my mood. When I entered the Cashier’s Section I was greeted with a very warmly said, “good morning, sir”…”may I help you?”. It came from a lady who was all smiles. She practically vanished my anxieties! Her PAL ID says she was Geraldine Anavie Domingo. Her supervisor, Ms. Evangeline Cueto was likewise smiling, as she stood behind the cashiers, ready to offer help in case of any problem. In less than five minutes, our transaction was concluded!

Experiencing the sweet smile of the two ladies, Ms. Gavino and Ms. Domingo, made me recall the smile campaign many years back, of Philippine Airlines along with its Total Passenger Care Program. They really boosted the sales campaign of the country’s flag carrier. The airline had no domestic competitor due to the “one airline” policy at the time and the Philippine skies was so protected by the government, yet, Philippine Airlines felt the need to steadily improve its image. Such energetic attitude put the Philippine Airlines on the top echelon of the airline industry during those years….to which the pioneer employees always look back every time they reminisce how they spent some of the best years of their life.

Sa Pagngiti…para kay Lorie Gonzaga-Cantimbuhan

Sa Pagngiti…

(para kay Lorie Gonzaga-Cantimbuhan)

Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Ang mga mata ay bintana ng ating pagkatao

Ngiti naman ang nagpapahiwatig ng ating damdamin –

Kung bukal ba sa loob ang pakikipagharap sa ating kapwa

Dahil kung ganoon naman, ay mababakas sa ating mukha.

May mga ngiting matipid kung ipakita sa iba

Kaya halos ayaw ibukang mga labing tiim sa pagkalapat

Meron ding mga ngiting nagpapagaan ng loob sa kausap

Kaya, pagkapalagayang loob ay nangyayari sa isang iglap.

Sa mukha ni Lorie, na nababanaagan ng ganda

Ang matamis na ngiti’y naging bahagi na at nakaukit din

Nagpapahiwatig ng kanyang kaloobang ubod ng dalisay

Puhunan niya sa pagtahak sa landas ng magulong buhay.

Matamis na ngiti’y nagpapaaliwalas ng mukha

At pati na rin paligid ay naaambunan din nito ng liwanag

Ang patunay ay si Lorie, kahit unang beses lang na kausap

Nakakagaan ng loob, nakakapanatag, kung siya’y kaharap!