As Expected, the Binay Camp has started its Smear Campaign against Grace Poe

As Expected, the Binay Camp
has Started its Smear Campaign Against Grace Poe
ni Apolinario Villalobos

This early, the color of VP Binay as a “trapo” (traditional politician) can be clearly discerned. He is gravely disappointed due to the signing of Grace Poe in the recommendation, that plunder be filed against him and his son, Junjun, the current mayor of Makati City. His feelings are aggravated by Poe’s plan to run for president.

The camp of the Binays erred in using against Grace, the issues on her being an adopted, dual citizenship, and lack of residency. All the accusations are practically ineffectual. Ever since she was a student, Grace already that knew that she is not a biological daughter of Susan Roces and Fernando Poe, Jr. She is even sharing with much pleasure, the story on how she was adopted. The issue on her dual citizenship has long been resolved, as her American citizenship has already been revoked. And her lack of residency has, likewise, been answered.

The camp of Binay has been committing blunders in its strategies, the reason why it failed in its effort to cover up the piling of cases resulting to the plunder case filed against him and his son, Junjun.

Good thing that Grace boldly issued a statement that she does not mind the accusations against her, unlike the plunder case being filed against “somebody”. Many are saying that in the issue of presidency, Grace is an “underdog”, unlike the other party who is definitely a “dog”. The penchant of the Filipinos for melodrama made them love underdogs.