Look Up to the Sky to Calm a Perturbed Mind

Look Up to the Sky

to Calm a Perturbed Mind

by Apolinario Villalobos

When our head is heavy with

somber thoughts,

and our heart flutters

with unrestrained trepidation,

we become fazed and seemed helpless,

with only one comfort left – the sky’s vastness.

Looking up to the sky so vast

makes us realize,

that we got limitations

a humbling truth we must accept,

though, for the proud may not be easy,

for his arrogant heart has no place for humility.

The vast sky can calm the mind

perturbed, it may be –

tranquil floating clouds

that change hues against the blue,

seem to tell us that serenity can be had,

if we trust no other one, but the all-knowing God!