Senator Bam Aquino is Barking at the Wrong Tree

Senator Bam Aquino is Barking

At the Wrong Tree

By Apolinario Villalobos

In his effort to show that he is heeding the call of the pope to eradicate graft and corruption in the country, immediately, senator Bam Aquino calls on the Filipinos. He is obviously barking at the wrong tree. The tree of graft and corruption is the government which is deeply- rooted. The tree of graft and corruption has hideously developed robust branches, twigs, leaves and fruits. The Filipinos are the victims. Through his message, the pope knows this when he called on the government to stop diverting the resources from the poor Filipinos. Aquino should stop tweeting out of tune rather than pretend that he does not know from where corruption is overflowing.

This early, the neophyte senator should know that Filipinos of today are no longer the foolish kind. If he wants to maintain a seemingly clean image, he should instead, open his eyes to what are happening right around where he works – the Senate. He should tell his staff to research on the causes of unpopularity of lawmakers and make them as his basis for his moves to avoid being further engulfed in the mire of corruption. He need not look beyond the walls of the Senate and point an accusing finger at the Filipino populace, as if the latter is the cause of corruption in the country.

He should deliver a privilege speech in the Senate and call on his colleagues, and in so doing, use the pronoun “we” while quoting the pope in his call for the government to make a stop to graft and corruption by not diverting the resources from the poor. It is that simple – a call with a tinge of regret, and without washing of hands.

The Filipinos have enough of one Aquino at the helm of the government who seemed naïve to their sufferings. Bam Aquino has ears and eyes for him to know that his cousin president is not popular, and he should be very careful about this matter. If he wants to further his political career, he should tread the road of politics with much care, unless he will join the bandwagon of graft and corruption by mumbling nonsensical and hypocritical face-saving statements just like his colleagues in the Senate.

He should not wait for the day when his name will be changed by political observers from “Bam Aquino” to “Ban Aquino”. He should change his tactics. He should remember the pedestrian saying “less talk, less mistake”.