Discourtesy and Indifference of Centauri Guards, Julie Renpillo and Emily Peralta



By Apolinario Villalobos


Courtesy is best defined by actions instead of words…actions that are substantiated by resourcefulness, “extra mile”, and compassion. On the other hand, indifference is the mild opposite of courtesy.


I had experience such indifference or to bluntly put it, discourteous behavior in the hands of two security guards of my former employer, Philippine Airlines, at the PNB Building. Specifically, the guards of Centauri Security Services whom I am referring to are Emily Peralta and Julie Renpillo. It happened in the morning of August 18, 2016 when I was about to pick up something from Chai, a PAL employee just a few minutes before the office opened.


I courteously told the guard, Julie Renpillo (PAL ticket office entrance) that I was expected by Chai as she had something for me, while showing to him my retired PAL employee ID. The guard did not even glance at the ID, and with a cold stare told me that it was not yet “office time”. I reiterated my statement that Chai was waiting for me upstairs and that she cannot come down as she was heavy with a baby (pregnant). Again, the guard told me that it was not yet “office time”. As I know that there was a phone where another guard, Emily Peralta (PAL boutique), was posted, just a few meters from us, I told them to call Chai….THEY REFUSED. For the fourth time, while holding on to my senses, I still calmly requested them to call Chai, BUT STILL THEY REFUSED. It was only when I flared up which is a normal reaction of a person being treated with utmost discourtesy and indifference  that guard Peralta finally called up their colleague at the entrance of the Marketing and Sales office.…..after they have successfully caused my blood pressure to soar!


At the lounge outside the Marketing and Sales office, Chai and the guard, Rolly Zinampan were both apologetic about the incident. I was further calmed down by the Security Commander Roderick Sim who was also profuse with his apologies.


The discourteous PAL guards, Emily Peralta and Julie Renpillo is far different from the very amenable attitude of guards Jeerose Solinap and Jimsey Paz who are assigned at the PAL entrance at the ground floor lobby of PNB building. Both Solinap and Paz as I have observed every time I use the entrance, are very polite to visitors. The same is true with Rolly Zinampan who is assigned at the entrance of the Marketing and Sales Office.


My question here is, what if somebody else was handled the same way, but who may have thought that the guards are organic employees of PAL?…surely, the bad impression would be heaped upon the company. Also, the two discourteous guards Peralta and Renpillo blatantly showed their lack of common sense, especially, the latter who robotically and coldly mumbled the “not yet office time”, despite the explanation that I repeated several times. My purpose for seeing Chai should have caused them to exercise resourcefulness to take an extra mile by calling her for the confirmation of what I told them.


I suggested to the A/S Commander Sim that the two robotic and discourteous guards Peralta and Renpillo be assigned somewhere else, but never in posts that entail direct customer contact as they can definitely besmear the image of the airline with their negative attitude. I just hope something can be done by Centauri Security Services if only to maintain the quality of service of their people that PAL deserves.