Ryan Natividad: 14 years old Pa Lang, Factory Worker Na, Ngayon ay may Sariling Negosyo

Ryan Natividad: 14 years old Pa Lang,

Factory Worker Na, Ngayon ay may sariling Negosyo

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Noon pa man ay interesado na akong magsulat tungkol sa mga naglalako ng mga gamit na naglilibot saan mang lugar dahil nagustuhan ko ang kanilang pagtitiyaga na magandang halimbawa sa iba na ang gusto ay kumita agad ng milyon-milyon sa negosyo.


Nang makita ko ang isang grupo na kumakain noon sa karinderya malapit sa amin, nagulat ako nang tawagin ng isa sa kanila na “boss” ang kasama nila na sa tingin ko ay parang college student lang. Nakita ko rin ang mga nilalako nilang power tools tulad ng barena. Sa kahihintay ko ng tamang panahon upang makausap ng masinsinan ang tinawag na “boss” ay saka naman sila umalis sa dating tinitirhan. Mabuti na lang at makalipas ang ilang buwan ay natiyempuhan ko ang taong gusto kong kausapin sa isang karinderya na nadaanan ko.


Siya si Ryan Natividad, 26 taong gulang at may isang anak na 8 taong gulang, kasal kay Sienna Javier, at sila ay taga-Bulacan. Sa katitinda ng mga power tolls ay napadako ang grupo niya sa Cavite.


Galing siya sa isang broken family dahil grade six pa lang daw siya ay naghiwalay na ang kanyang mga magulang at siya ay napapunta sa kalinga ng kanyang nanay. Dahil sa kahirapan ng buhay, 14 taong gulang pa lang daw siya ay napasabak na siya ng trabaho sa iba’t ibang pagawaan o factory. Hindi rin siya nakatapos ng high school, kaya nang nagkaroon ng pagkakataon kalaunan ay pinasukan na rin niya ang negosyong kalye o ambulant vending sa gulang na 19 taon. Noon niya natutunan ang pagbenta ng mga power tools at kahit papaano ay nakakapag-ipon pa siya.


Sa gulang na 23 taon, naisipan niyang mamuhunan upang lumaki ang kayang kita kaya humiram siya ng 30 libong piso sa kanyang nanay upang maipandagdag sa naipon na niya. Nang lumago ng kaunti ang kanyang negosyo ay kumuha na siya ng ilang tauhan. Sa loob ng tatlong taon ay nadagdagan pa ang kanyang mga kalakal kaya ngayon, ay may apat na siyang tauhan. Nakatira sila sa isang studio type na apartment sa Bacoor City at sinusuyod nila ang mga kalapit na lunsod at bayan sa paglako ng power tools.


Sa gulang na 26 taon, nakakabilib si Ryan dahil may sarili na siyang negosyo na nagsimula sa mahigit lang sa halagang 30 libong piso. Paano na lang kaya kung ang puhunan niya ay mahigit 100 libong piso na sa tingin ng ibag tao ay “barya lang”? Sa uri ng kanyang pagsisikap, baka hindi lang apat na tao ang kanyang natulungan!


May mga seafarers at OFWs na tuwing magbabakasyon ay hindi bumababa sa 50 libong piso ang cash na nahahawakan at yong iba pa nga ay mahigit 100 libong piso. Subalit sa ilang araw pa lang nilang pagbabakasyon ay ubos na dahil sa walang pakundangang paggastos. At, kung wala nang madukot ay ang mga ipinundar na gamit naman ang binibenta, hanggang bandang huli ay uutang na. Madalas pa itong nagreresulta sa away-asawa lalo pa kung maluho ang misis. Karamihan sa mga ito ay hindi nakakaisip na mumuhunan sa isang negosyo upang maaasahan kung sakaling may mangyaring hindi maganda tulad ng pagkatanggal sa trabaho, o di kaya ay upang may “mapaglibangan” man lang para sa karagdagang kita ng mister, ang misis na naiiwan sa Pilipinas.


Kaylan kaya mag-uugaling Ryan ang mga uri ng taong nabanggit ko?


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Rene Pastrana: Grocery Store Manager Who Can Melt the Anger of an Irate Customer

Rene Pastrana: Grocery Store Manager Who

Can Melt the Anger of an Irate Customer

By Apolinario Villalobos


One morning, when I purchased some goods at Isetan grocery store along Recto Avenue in Quiapo, I had an unfortunate experience that almost spoiled my day. Rather than talk to any of the rank-and-file staff, I looked for the store manager, whom I found to be Rene Pastrana. Before I could blurt out my complaint, he broke the ice by asking with a smile, what he can do to make my shopping comfortable. His stance immediately pacified me. After relating to him my dissatisfaction, he gave me an assurance that he will do his best to patch up the “loophole” in their operation.


What touched me was his unabashed confiding that he knows what to do because he started his career as a “merchandiser”, which actually, was the focus of my complaint. Instead of anger, what I felt was sympathy while listening to his story. It could be a ploy on his part to divert my focus, with which he was successful. On the other hand, I selfishly thought, that his story could be another blog material that could inspire aspiring Filipinos.


According to Rene, he left his island-province of Marinduque after graduating from high school. When he arrived in Manila, he immediately looked for a job, with a plan to proceed with his college studies by all means. He fortunately found a job as a “merchandiser”, which sustained his studies, until he finished Computer Science.


His diligence in job, pushed him along his career path with unusual expediency until he became manager of Isetan’s grocery store, charged with its overall operation. He has been in the job for the past twenty years, his earnings from which have also helped his family back home, in Marinduque.


Rene could well be considered as a self-appointed “ambassador” of his province in his own way because he does not hesitate to promote it as a veritable tourist destination every time he gets the chance. This he did to me, when he shared touristic information about the island. His effort proved helpful to me, as what I knew about the island have all been updated, especially, about the islets with resorts.


In appreciation of all his effort to pacify me and giving me updates on Marinduque, I told Rene to count me as among the convinced patrons of Isetan grocery from then on. He practically “captured” another patron for their grocery because of his amiable and brilliant sales technique not found in sales training manuals…I know that, because, I have also been a “sales person”, myself.





“Work Hard in Your Youth”…a Wise Reminder from Manny Relova, PAL’s Hardworking “Salesman”

“Work Hard in Your Youth”…a Wise Reminder

From Manny Relova, PAL’s Hardworking “Salesman”

By Apolinario Villalobos

This blog is about a guy who propelled his way to success by working hard since his younger days. The name may not be familiar with other viewers, especially, those who were not connected with Philippine Airlines. What I would like to impart here, however, is his philosophy in life which is worthy of emulation, in the face of the prevailing attitude of today’s youth.

Manny Relova worked his way up the corporate ladder of Philippine Airlines which he joined after leaving his job at the Elizalde Publications, as Circulation Manager. The said company was known for their Evening News and Bulaklak Magazine. The job honed his expertise in operation and handling of people, a responsibility that he held as a young man and which became useful when he joined the country’s flag carrier.

In 1970, he joined the Marketing and Sales- International Department of Philippine Airlines which brought him to Sydney where he had a stint for two years, followed by a three-year assignment in Honululu, and one year in Bangkok. He was later recalled back to Manila to head the Sales Force, located at the S and L Building Extension Office, along Roxas Boulevard, which was considered as the “flagship” for sales of Philippine Airlines. The “S&L”, as what travel agents, corporate accounts and government offices, referred to, was so strategically located, being within the tourist belt, as well as the community of travel agents.

When Manny Relova set foot on “S&L”, he could have felt the opportunity offered by such location that he immediately embarked on the enhancement of the various services of the PAL offices at the said site. In the process, special desks were set up to serve the specific needs of the various segments of PAL’s clientele, through its “retailers” – the travel agents, as well as, the government agencies.

Aside from the regular domestic and international ticketing offices, other service outlets were Government Travel Ticket Office (GTTO), the desk for Middle East market, and, Special Services Unit (SSU) which was tasked with the computation of special fares that involved connecting flights with other international airlines. These “special sales desks” were the important sinew or muscle that made the Sales Force formidable, in the face of cutthroat competition from other foreign airlines that had the temerity of offering “bargain fares”, to undermine the effort of Philippine Airlines.

Discipline was instilled in the mind of the Sales Force, composed of young Account Officers who were trained to persuade even the most inflexible travel agents to allow their clients to savor the PAL hospitality, this despite the almost give-away fares offered by other airlines.  The exquisite PAL service that speaks of Filipino hospitality has always been the selling point of the “flagship” at S&L, and which stiff competitors and trying times failed to erode.

During the incumbency of Manny Relova, PAL enjoyed the “golden years” of international sales and marketing, such that, many thought that the office along Roxas Boulevard where the Sales Office was located, was the entire PAL itself. Those years brought to fore personalities who became synonymous with “PAL sales”, such as Rene Ocampo, Archie Lacson, Dave Lim, Danny Lim, Harry Inoferio, Elsie Enriquez, Noel Abad, Millie Braganza, Dichay Gonzales, Ruby Precila, Tesi Ona, Ginny Gotamco, Ging Ledesma, Lou Bengzon, Mona Pecson, and Jaime Lucas.

The legacy of hard work was passed on to Rene Ocampo when Manny Relova was assigned to San Francisco and London. The tradition of discipline was so instilled among the young Account Officers that it strengthened their salesmanship in the airline industry. A few years later, most of them have been promoted to higher positions such as managers and vice-presidents.

Hard work tempered with discipline can really do wonders, especially, if they are instilled at a young age….as it can steer dreams towards reality. This, however, is possible on the “leader of the pack”, whose diligence is beyond question, if one belongs to a group.