Sabotage as Part of the Demolition Scheme Against the Duterte Administration

Sabotage as Part of the Demolition Scheme

Against the Duterte Administration

By Apolinario Villalobos


I have consistently emphasized that despite the seemingly indestructible image of Duterte due to his machismo, his detractors are bent on doing possible ways to shake his administration. The best way to do this is make use of the untouchable civil service eligibles left in practically all agencies loyal to them. Newly-appointed chiefs of agencies cannot even bring along their trusted staff due to delicadeza, thereby, helplessly leaving them at the mercy of the holdover corrupts in the office.


Who would be expected to feed detractors with inside information about the weaknesses of the new appointees but the insiders? Who would be expected to discreetly muddle the decision of the new appointees but the insiders?  If this is not sabotage committed by the corrupt holdovers and who are protected by the Civil Service eligibility, I do not know what else to call it.


Sabotage is a universal destructive act of “mercenaries” in an organization, entity, and nation. These saboteurs are sometimes called “spies” to give them an exciting color. These devils of sort can throw into trash bins or burn documents, make equipment bog down, block the flow of information, feed wrong information to the media, etc., with the end view of destroying the credibility of the agency and the appointed chief.


The case of the Bureau of Customs is one classic example. Since time immemorial, the agency always alleges the lack of facilities, especially, x-ray machines for their inability to detect contraband items. How can such an agency whose main responsibility is to “check” items lack this basic equipment? Accordingly, the agency has x-ray machines but they have been purposely made to malfunction!


Sabotage will definitely pull Duterte down unless something drastic is done to the evils in the agencies – the incorrigible Civil Service eligibles!