Similarities Between Pope Francis and Jesus

Similarities Between
Pope Francis And Jesus
By Apolinario Villalobos

Aside from Islam, there are other religions and even Christian sects that regard Jesus as a prophet, and not as the Son of God which the Universal Catholic Church professes. Nevertheless, be Jesus is the Son of God or a plain prophet, the fact is, he preached only goodness for mankind. During his time, he was misunderstood and even ridiculed for what his protagonists declared were against the traditional Law of the Jews. He was practically surrounded by his detractors who watched his every move.

Today, the people’s pope, Francis is going through the same harrowing experience. He is practically surrounded by his critics who believe that his views and ways are in contrary to the established rules of the Roman Catholic Church. If Jesus had his Pharisees, Saducees, etc. as detractors, today, Francis has hypocrite Catholic clerics and fanatics that surround him as his critics. Jesus tried to reach out to as many Jews as he could, in the same way that Francis today is doing, even using the social media as one of the means.

Jesus chose people who, others during the time viewed as sinners, to be his disciples, and Francis did the same by appointing the latest young cardinals whom his critics thought will give him headache. Despite the loyalty of affluent followers, Jesus opted to preach in the simplest manner. Today, Francis reaches out to the Catholic flock without much pomposity, even putting his life at risk by doing away with bullet-proof protections.

Jesus came out into the open when the time was rife with political upheaval due to corruption, hunger, hypocrisy and dissent. When Francis was chosen as the new pope, the world is tingling with violence, many countries are infected with corruption, and even the Vatican is overflowing with hypocrisy.

Both Jesus and Francis are like voices in the wilderness drowned in the cacophony of human chaos. And, both calls for mercy and compassion.

Blogging is About Life

 Blogging     is    About    Life

By    Apolinario    Villalobos


A    fellow    blogger    once    asked    me   if   he    should   go   on   blogging   or   not    because    he    noticed    the    sparse    likes    that     his    posted    photos    are    getting.      I   told    him    that    he   should   go    on    and    just     forget    about    the   likes.    I   reminded   him   that    his    primary    reason   for   blogging    is   to   share    with    utmost    sincerity   what   he   has    as   a   person,    which   is    skill    in   photography.    I   told    him   that   somehow,   he   has   his   own   space    where    he   can   showcase    his   talent  –   practically for    free,    and   can   reach    out    to    those    in   other   parts    of    the   world.    Capping    my    advice,    I   told    him   about    a  blogger,    Tedd    Navarro,      who   interprets    his    views    uniquely,    by    way    of    illustrated     electrical   installations,   being      an    electrical     engineer.    Another   blogger   I  mentioned   is   Ross  Capili,   renowned   Filipino   artist   whose   paintings    are   admired   even   abroad   and   which   he   shares   with   viewers.  I   finally   forced    a    nod    from   him    when   I   said    that    it   is   God’s   desire    for   us    to   share    whatever    talent    He   gave   us,   as   it  is   a  blessing,   and  meant   not   only   to   be  appreciated    but  also   to be  “learned”.   


I    am    appreciative    of   bloggers    who,   in   their   own   simple   way,    exert    effort   in   sharing   with   others    how   they    enjoy    life    by   posting    even    their    modest   breakfast    fare    of   fried    dried    fish,   rice,    tomato   and    onion    salad,    and    coffee.    Those    who    share    the    lighter    side    of    life    by   posting    photos    of    families,    beloved    pets,    newly-polished     fingernails,    pouting    children    and    even    stolen    shots    of    sleeping    friends    with   open   mouth,    and    many    other    hilarious    moments    should    be    commended,   as   well    for    their    humble    appreciation    of    life.     For   me,   blogging    is    an   expression   of   one’s    appreciation    of   life.


We    should    be    thankful    to    those     who    find    time    in    posting    photos    that    visually    describe    their    culture.    Blogs     let    us    know    about    the   happenings    in   other   parts    of    the   world    such   as   calamities    brought    about   by   the   forces    of   nature,     unrests    brought    about   by     differences    in   political    and   religious   views,    places     that    we    need    not    personally    visit    to   appreciate,    foods    that    we   can   also    cook    in   our    own   homes    to    be   enjoyed    without    going    to    first   class   restaurants,    and  other   extensive     information    that   can   only    be    had    by   flipping    the   pages    of    expensive    printed    books.  


No    less    than    the   current    pope    himself,   Francis,    made   use    of    the   blogging    tool    for   its     vast    outreach    to   interact    with   Roman   Catholics    throughout    the   world    to   put    a    check    on    their    dwindling    number.    We    are    living    within    the   cycle    that    God,    himself    designed.    We    just    cannot    oppose    the   force    of    momentum,    and    part   of    it     is     the    complicated     high   technology.   

The    blogging    arena    called    internet    provides    a    web    that      serves    as   an    intricate    system    of   electronic    highways    that   eventually    unify    mankind.    We    should   thank    those    who   bred    this    technology   to   once    more    bring    the   different    races    together     after    they     were    “dispersed”     as    told    in    the    legend    of   the    Tower   of    Babel.



Francis and Jesus

Francis and Jesus
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is no better choice to head the Vatican of today than Francis in view of his radical effort in reforming the papacy. His refusal to live in the posh papal quarters more than symbolized his humility. In his simple ways, he sheds off the royal trapping that for him sets the pope apart from the people. His actions are always with implied reminder that in the eyes of God, everybody is equal. His stubbornness to project simplicity irritates some Roman Catholics, but for the rest, he is Jesus personified.

During the time of Jesus, the community he lived in was also beset with hypocrites who regard themselves as authorities on the Jewish traditions and the proper worship of God. This kind of “faithfuls” are still very much around, cloaked in different colorful uniforms of religiosities to distinguish them from the “sinners” . That is why, just like Jesus who practically resorted to almost any way possible to carry out his mission, Francis today, even mingle with the people in the Vatican’s square and “invaded” the social media to be able to reach out to those who decided to join other flocks, in an effort to bring them back to the fold of Universal faith.

Francis and Jesus did not promise anything with monetary value. Both just showed their real selves and dwell on the doable expectations of God from us. Just like Jesus who was pestered by his detractors who patiently waited for his missteps, Francis is being watched keenly not by those belonging to other denominations, but by Roman Catholics themselves who abhor reform. Criticisms about Francis are already coming out in the social media.

Those who belong to this generation should feel lucky for witnessing a radical religious reformation, the tableau being completed by different assemblages of fanatics who profess to be the real messiah. Aside from proving the truth in the adage, “history repeats itself”, those who read the Bible will also realize that the prophesy about the coming of false prophets is already happening.